The Miz Posts Video From Backstage At Raw Supershow; Says He Will Main Event Wrestlemania

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The Miz just posted the following video on Twitter:

  • keagan

    if there is a money in the bank match i can see him winning it then cashing it in the same night on one of the champs. That way he would "main event" wrestlemania in his mind. but just my two cents.

  • H.M.

    I personally would love Miz/Foley in a hardcore match. Irrelevant but just my pipe dream. I do hope he gets a match on the card though. It'd be a shame if he didn't.

  • Pipebomb

    He will cost Cena his match or ruin the match all together cause that will be the main event and he wants part of it.

  • JasonGaza

    The only way Miz can get a “main event type match”(Since Cena and Rock will main event) if he can get in the ring with stars like Steve Austin or Join smackdowns title match with orton. A fatal 4 way wouldnt hurt.

  • bruno

    "youre not that good anymore"…you have never been good

  • I still believe in you Miz, you were part of what got me to start watching WWE back in 2011.

    You’ve still got it, just get yourself together