The Miz Responds To CM Punk - "There's No One That's Worked Harder Than Me This Entire Year"

The Miz was recently a guest on The Sam Roberts Show where he was asked about CM Punk's comments towards him in the "Best in the World" DVD. In the DVD, Punk said one of the reasons he was fed up in WWE, one of the reasons he was talking about quitting, was because The Miz was in the main event of Wrestlemania 27 and it was unacceptable to him.

Below is Miz's response:

"My favorite part about that DVD is the entire time I'm just putting him [Punk] over, putting him over… then I watch that and I'm like… what?!? What?!?! But if you look at it this way and this is the way I look at it. Any superstar that's not in the main event of Wrestlemania should be pissed off, should want it more than anybody. And I think that's what CM Punk thought. I mean, I think he thought he deserved it more than anybody. And I think everyone should feel that way. Right now, I want to be in the main event of Wrestlemania 29. Do I feel like I deserve it? Absolutely. There's no one that's worked harder than me this entire year. That's done more media that's traveled all over the world, have done live events. Filmed a movie, I mean I'm non-stop all day everyday. I don't have days off nor do I ask for days off. Do I feel like I should be in the main event of Wrestlemania? Absolutely. Am I mad that I'm not in it? Absolutely. Now am I going to sit there and, ugh, complain about it. No, I'm going to build from it. I'm going to say, you know what, Wrestlemania 29, I may not be in the main event but I can still steal the show and have everyone talking about me after Wrestlemania."

This was just in the opening five minutes of the interview. He went on to talk about dealing with Vince McMahon, messing up on TV and getting kicked out of the locker room. You can watch the appearance in its entirety in the video below:

  • That’s why he is the Miz and he is AAWWWWESSSOMMEEEEE!

  • Casper

    Miz is a legend. He wants more than most.

  • Tony Jay

    Punk has it easy, everyone loves his squeaky clean drug free message. The miz fights for fans every damn day because he’s awesome.

  • Nostaljack

    Ryder should take notes. This is how you say your peace without whining.

  • Good for The Miz! He handled this well. CM Punk is such a prick for burying The Miz the way he did in his DVD. CM Punk and The Miz is a classic case of Envy vs. Awesomeness. I think CM Punk is a great talent, but personally I feel he’s a massive douchebag. Miz might be the best representative for the WWE as far as media/PR goes. I would never put CM Punk out there — he’s liable to say something stupid or offensive, kinda like when he told a fan to “drink bleach.”

    • Xavier

      Or when he decked a fan in the stands. Or when he started he beef with Chris Brown on twitter, or when he went on twitter bad mouthing Jon Jones. Punk is without a doubt a classless asshole. He doesn’t deserve to break the streak.

      • Snap

        Punk isn’t a saint and there are certainly things he’s said which he really shouldn’t, but continuing to blame him for the fan incident on RAW is ridiculous. He was pushed from behind and reacted. Yes, the wrong guy got hit and Punk apologized. Punk haters just need to learn to let some things go.

        However, I will agree that nobody really deserves to end the streak. Not Punk, not Cena, not Orton.

        • Xavier

          I’m not a Punk hater, I’m just calling it like it is. Wrestlers go into crowds all the time and takes shoves & bumps from fans all the time, that’s nothing new in this business but at no time should you turnaround and clock someone. That’s just a classic example of why he’ll never reach Hogan, Austin, Rock or Cena status. That among the way he treats fans. The way he buried Miz on his DVD is another example of why Punk will never reach that 1st tier level, he doesn’t show much respect/class to his peers. Punk has amazing talent and will without a doubt go down as an all time great but his attitude will always prevent him from taking it to the next level like most Punk fans clamor for.

          • Snap

            I haven’t seen the DVD so I can’t really comment on that but I what I do keep in mind is this is WWE, a company which absolutely NO problems putting together a DVD fore the sole purpose of burying a former talent. (“The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior” for example.)

            I’m not saying that makes any such comments in Punk’s set right, what I am saying is blaming that situation all on Punk isn’t right either. I mean, try to look at his from his perspective, he’s on the stairs in the arena and some assholes are talking about pushing him down the stairs and he gets shoved from behind and he turns around to see somebody with his elbows up by his head. The simple truth is it was the event security which screwed up, failing to be in position.

            So, what I’m trying to say is there’s nothing wrong with criticising him when he deserves to be criticised, but he has a right to defend himself when idiots are too stupid to separate the show from reality. It’s unfortunate that the wrong guy got smacked but Punk did apologize. It doesn’t matter whether people paid for a ticket to go to the show, that does NOT entitle them to assault any of the talent who enters the crowd as part of the program. If anything, I think wrestlers should shove and push back when encountering such idiots, send a message that crap like that will NOT be tolerated.

            What it all comes down to is wrestlers are human, we all have our flaws and sometimes we screw up. If Punk were to make a habit of hitting fans in the crowd then I could see backlash directed his way but, as far as I am aware, it was a single incident and he apologized, he admitted he was in error. People should just drop it instead of holding it against him. It’s exactly the same kind of thing as the people who continually hate on Cena for the “five moves of doom.”

          • Xavier

            Okay fair point, but here’s what your not taking into account. What happens if wrestlers start shoving fans back and things escalate? Remember the Artest/Detroit incident? When your put in a position like Punj was (being the WWE Champion) it comes with great responsibility. When your representing a billion dollar corporation with all eyes on you you have to be the bigger person in that situation and let security do their job. That could have gotten really bad really quick and could of become a PR nightmare for Vince/WWE. Thankfully it didn’t. So that’s my point with Punk, he’s failed on multiple occasions to be the bigger person and show the restraint while in the public eye. Rather it be bickering with fans on twitter or disrespecting his peers.

      • David

        Punk is actually a really great guy I have met him in person before and he did not sound or act like any of these slurs you people are saying about him and plus if he was a classless douche bag he would not have went to visit that guy that got shot int the eye you are the people that need to learn respect and respect is something that is earned granted and punk has earned it he just isn’t getting it back and you wonder why he comes off as an asshole or a classless douchebag as some of you people say

        • Xavier

          What do you mean he isn’t getting it back? Miz showed Punk nothing but love and sang his praises on the DVD only for Punk to turnaround and bash/disrespect/degrade Miz. If that’s not a douche move then I don’t know what is. That was classless on Punk’s part, a BITCH move by him if you ask me.

        • Depends on what kind of respect we’re talking about.
          Punk has earned respect as a wrestler, but he hasn’t earned respect as a person. For every great promo and match the man has, there are just as many incidents that show him being an ass behind the camera.
          This was HBK’s problem during the 1990s, and it took a career-stalling injury for him change.

  • For a kid that came from MTV, The Miz is more of a professional and workhorse in the business than CM Punk or any of his ROH buddies will ever be.

  • The funny thing is, CM Punk is never going to main-event WrestleMania.

    His career peaked in 2011, and if it was going to happen, it would’ve happened this year or last year. Karma is a bitch. WWE allowed him to run his mouth about Miz, but I wonder if it cost him the one accolade he wanted the most.

  • Michael

    Punk is ok but the best I say no. He said he didn’t want to face Taker for the streak at first because he doesn’t do well with big wrestlers however a guy like Shawn Michaels wrestled both small and bigs his entire career and did damn good. Jericho is another guy that did this along with Bret. If you’re the best it doesn’t matter the size of the wrestler you make it work.

  • Vanisha

    Punk doesn’t give two shits about Miz, yet here are all his fanboys putting him over as “Awesome” when he’s been anything but since 2010. You think he deserved to main event WM 27? Well then you all deserved that shitty mania that you ALL complained about. Keep kissing Miz’s ass. Just like you used to kiss Punk’s ass before he hit the big time.

  • The Miz is a class act and CM Punk is just garbage. When he eventually gets fired, Punk, he’ll be the one on twitter burning all his bridges

  • let punk whine that he isnt in the main event at WM me he isnt a main enter anyway,CM Chump sucks..the Miz,yes,i’m a fan…does not deserve to be either,least not this year..he hasnt really wrestled to much that i have seen,here and there is about it,but i know this..The Miz will headline again one day.but CM Chump is a mid card wrestler in my book,he is lame and he puts me to sleep when he gets the microphone in his hand…p.s. Best in the World DVD isnt great either Chump…stick to your lying,cheating and whining ways….Straight Edge My ass!