The Miz Says If He Could Face Anyone At Wrestlemania, Past Or Present, Dead Or Alive, It Would Be LeBron James

Shares 0 has a new Q&A online with The Miz to promote tomorrow night's Royal Rumble pay-per-view. While Miz does the article in-character, below is a question and answer I found interesting:

If you had to face anyone at Wrestlemania, past or present, dead or alive, who would it be?
LeBron James. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. LeBron said he was going to bring an NBA Championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland suck at most sports, but finally we had this basketball savior, and what does he do? Backstabs us and goes to Miami Heat! Miami is where Wrestlemania will be, so I’d like to face him.

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While this match-up won't be possible this year, as LeBron James is unavailable, WWE officials were actually hoping to land James for the show if the NBA lockout canceled this year's season.  Obviously now because there is basketball, and LeBron plays on April 1st in Boston, it's not possible for him to be involved.

  • Van

    I bet giving LeBron James a Skull Crushing Finale would be a moment Miz would never forget

  • eurosario

    If he did fight him it would be impossible to have him heel in Cleveland ever again

    • eurosario

      Sorry I meant as a heel

  • Jg

    Was not a huge miz fan, but he just got a new fan!! Love that comment

  • Mark


    He'l be huge by the time he retires no matter what.

    He's a good heel but in a few years he'l be face and thats when we'l see the best of the MIZ

  • drhaase

    they would have to wait until after LeBron retires just like they had to do with LT and will be most likely doing with Shaq. no sports team would ever sign off on their star player risking injury taking a bad bump in the ring…especially with the NBA as that is right when the playoffs start and the Heat are undoubtedly a contender…unlike my Knicks who are just embarrassing to watch

    • Da KiDD

      Hell yeah, the Knicks are a piece of crap right now. Stoudemire can't get any shots, Melo takin to many shots…it's rendering the D'antoni offense useless.

  • Chris

    Backstabs them by going to Miami?? LeBron was at Cleveland for something like 7 years. Yes, there was no title in that time, but no single player is good enough to win a championship single handed. I think he fulfilled his obligation.