The Miz's Fall From Grace, Politics In Storyline, Part-Time Letdown, Embarrassing Moments

I am really upset that Wade Barrett vs. The Miz was bumped off the Wrestlemania lineup to the pre-show. What are your thoughts?

The Miz has worked very hard to "make it" in WWE. Given how hard it was for him as a reality TV star turned pro wrestler, I don't know if I was in his shoes if I would have been able to endure the constant ribbing all while trying to prove myself. Miz has overcome many hurdles that propelled him to the main event of Wrestlemania XXVII. Since then, it's been a fall from grace and now he finds himself not even on the Wrestlemania card. He's a hard worker, says all the right things yet he still finds himself in this position. This business isn't for the weak and Miz is proving that, however, I would be very frustrated.

Are the political statements that Jack Swagger says in-character the political views of Vince McMahon?

While conservative, Vince McMahon does not hold the Tea Party views that Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter spout off in character. The gimmick is a rib on Ann Coulter, who publicly trashed Linda McMahon a few years ago. Zeb Colter is also conservative and you can get a better feel for his political stance here on Facebook.

What happens after Wrestlemania is over and the part-time wrestlers don't tour? Won't this hurt the live gate as well as TV ratings due to the letdown of not seeing the part-timers from Wrestlemania?

You just mentioned the downside of part-time talent and this is exactly the reason why Vince McMahon was reluctant to use names on part-time schedules (for the most part, workers such as Shawn Michaels and Undertaker were exceptions). However, the position has changed because the feeling is they are good for business. Yes - there will be a letdown after Wrestlemania and it's absolutely crucial that WWE can create at least one more big name coming out of the pay-per-view. I penned an article here on where I look at seven workers I'll be watching closely at Wrestlemania 29.

Are there ever times when you are embarrassed to have dedicated your career to following wrestling, for example when Santino Marella asked Brad Maddox if he had "caca in his pants?" Is the target age for WWE now five?

I'm not embarrassed for following my dream in being able to impact a business I grew up loving, however, there are storylines that make me embarrassed to admit I am a wrestling fan. The work of Santino doesn't bother me as he's funny enough to pull it off, however, stuff like Mae Young giving birth to a hand or Kane and necrophilia were fairly detestable. Oddly enough, both of these were done in the Attitude Era. This is intentional, as I want the critics of "everything was better back then" to see there were bad storylines in the Attitude Era too.

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  • I don’t think going to the pre-show at 6pm is showing he is weak. WWE knows that having The Miz vs Wade Barrett in the pre-show will draw viewers onto both the YouTube channel and to download the WWE App and that is what they are pushing for right now. They need to have some sort of bigger name wrestle in the pre-show to draw fans to those elements and that is what they have done. The event that involves all of those not participating (Usually an over the top rope challenge) is not big enough and has not drawn a lot of people to the YouTube page in the past. I think the WWE is doing a decent thing here by showing that they are looking at him to draw a major audience to these venues.

    • That is a very logic explaination and I just hope this is the explaination they gave to the Miz. The guy is the hardest working man in the business and should have been on the main card.

      • coolkdd1

        Sadly that over the top rope challenge jason mentioned will happen. I believe this ic title match will turn into a lumberjack match and then into a battle royal like at wm 27.

    • Ihatepeople

      Its called a battle royal

  • chris

    The simple fact is, hard work or not, Miz can not draw.

    • Jeff Ono

      Relative to the biggest names, of course. But Miz is an excellent midcard worker and knows how to build a storyline. Wade Barrett is underperforming on the mic, and WWE Creative did a poor job of scripting their feud. Give Miz and decent story, and he’ll run with it. The fact that it will be an enticing match makes the Pre-Show on YouTube attractive to online viewers (who won’t pay for the PPV). Miz probably needs to return to heel status by the end of 2013, in order to regain some momentum (as his face character is clearly not picking up steam). Don’t count him out though.

    • Really? Who drew better ratings as WWE Champion going into their respective Wrestlemania’s? Both Miz and CM Punk won their WWE Championships in Novemeber of 2010 (Miz) and 2011 (Punk)

      • RAW ratings average from Nov. 2010 to end of December 2010: 3.13
      • RAW ratings average from Nov. 2011 to end of December 2011: 3.00

      • RAW ratings from January 2011 to Wrestlemania 27: 3.46
      • RAW ratings from January 2012 to Wrestlemania 28: 3.15

      • RAW ratings after WM 27 to Extreme Rules 11′: 3.46
      • RAW ratings after WM 28 to Extreme Rules 12′: 3.16

      Some of you will say that Rock returned to WWE in early 2011 to give a boost in ratings. That’s true. But Rock also returned in 2012 to set up his match with John Cena. This argument that Miz can’t draw is a lame ass argument. Miz drew better as WWE Champion than CM Punk did.

      *Let’s not also forget that with CM Punk as WWE Champion the RAW ratings in the fall of 2012 never hit a 3 rating, however in his defense RAW went to a three hour format. Still, staying under a 3 rating for the entire fall is bad.

      • Xavier

        You forgot to say “Checkmate” at the end. Valid points

        • I don’t want to say that, it might cause the Punk fans to tell me to “drink bleach…”

          • Jimmy

            Lets be real though, creative can choose any 1 midcarder, give them the ultimate push and they would obviously draw if they keep getting wins and air time. I blame creative not the stars. These are the same group of people that gave Khali the WH title, same people that put Santino in the EC match, same people that feuded Sheamus with Barrett for about 2 weeks only have them completely change story angles.

      • Xavier

        Oh and to add to your point, RAW didn’t go to the 3 hour format until mid summer of 2012 so people can’t use that as an excuse as to why Miz drew bigger numbers then Punk did from November thru April when he held the title.

        • shwo

          Punk drew more ppv buys…nothing else matters

          • Xavier

            TLC 2010 with Miz as champ – 195,000
            TLC 2011 with Punk as champ – 179,000

            Royal Rumble 2011 with Miz as champ – 446,000
            Royal Rumble 2012 with Punk as champ did – 443,000

            Elimination Chamber 2011 with Miz as champ – 199,000
            Elimination Chamber 2012 with Punk as champ – 178,000

            Wrestlemania 27 with Miz as champ – 1,059,000
            Wrestlemania 28 with Punk as champ – 1,217,000

            Extreme Rules 2011 with Miz as champ – 209,000
            Extreme Rules 2012 with Punk as champ – 263,000

            Miz drew more buyrates then Punk did in 3 of those 5 PPVs as champ. And the PPVs were Punk as champ drew more #s really didn’t have anything to do with Punk and had everything to do with the fact that Cena/Rock was the main event at WM28 with a returning Lesnar headlining Extreme Rules 2012 with Cena. Punk isn’t the draw that Richard or everybody else thinks he is.

          • Hannibal Lector

            Using TLC 2010 as a point attacking Punk when The Miz was also in the main event AGAINST Punk, and top draw John Cena wasn’t even on the card is ludicrous. Royal Rumble 2011 was always going to draw more with a historic 40 man format and barely did better than 2012 anyway. The 2012 Chamber fair enough but John Cena vs Kane main eventing in a match nobody wanted to see didn’t help and the fact Smackdown didn’t have Edge representing in a main event like he was in 2011, and Smackdown probably still lacks someone of that caliber today.
            Very anti-Punk subjective argument from Xavier as usual.

          • Xavier

            Tell me where I’m being Anti-Punk in any of the above statements. I presented facts, like I always do. Someone said that Punk drew more buyrates then Miz did on PPV so I used #s to show why that was in fact wrong. I don’t see you on here getting on shwo’s case about being anti-Miz or anyone else’s case, is that possibly because your a Punk homer?

          • Hannibal Lector

            You presented ‘skewed facts’, convenient ‘half truths’ and ‘unfair conclusions’. Thus why you don’t actually have a retort to the points I suggested to you above as to why the PPVs Punk was champion seemingly didn’t draw as well. Let me use your argument here – buyrates:

            EC 2011 (Sold Better). SD Main event – Edge Vs Mysterio Vs Kane Vs Big Show Vs Drew McIntyre Vs Wade Barrett.

            EC 2012. SD Main event – Daniel Bryan vs Big Show Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Wade Barrett Vs Santino (LOL) Vs Great Khali (-_-)

            This is just one match of course. But do you find it hard to believe the main event featuring Santino and The Great Khali, compared to the previous year without HUGE draws in Edge and Mysterio, was the worse seller? I certainly don’t.

            And no I like both Miz and Punk, but notice all you do is bash Punk like some super crazy obsessed ex girlfriend. It’s borderline paranoia as if Punk slept with your wife or something?

          • Xavier

            Nobody here’s bashing Punk, just b/c I don’t kiss Punk’s ass like you or everyone else does on this page doesn’t mean I’m hater.

            How are my facts “skewed” or “half truths”?

            And I don’t need retorts to the points you suggested b/c I already made my retorts earlier. And of course like a true Punk groupie that you are, your worship the ground he walks on and try to justify and try to twist the facts.

            Explain to me why Miz drew better TV ratings then Punk as champ from November 2010 thru April 2011?

          • Hannibal Lector

            There’s no point in debating with someone with a hate agenda. You sound like one of those anti mainstream freaks with your clear biased Punk hate.

          • Xavier


          • Jito

            I love both stars, and I think CM Pubk is definitely the superior star of the two. But the bottom line here is Xavier presented concise facts that show that Miz can indeed draw and has even drawn more than Punk on occasions. I don’t see how those are twisted or skewed facts…

          • Xavier

            Thank you, that was my point. Someone said Punk outdrew Miz in PPV buyrates which wasn’t an accurate statement so I challenged him and used the #s to present my argument. Not once did I bad mouth Punk or say Miz was better. And i agree, Punk is the better of the two, that’s not even a debate. My argument was merely based off who was a bigger draw as champion and nothing else.

          • Jimmy

            Jeff Hardy is better than Punk and Miz

          • Hannibal Lector

            He is asserting ONE person is the main benefactor of these PPV buys, which simply cannot be the case (Even when this ONE person didn’t main event irrespective of being champion).For example using the buyrates of a PPV in which John Cena didn’t even feature in compared to the year prior in which he did feature is a perfect example of his skewed logic. Because not having the face of the WWE on the card DEFNITELY didn’t lose PPV sales *Sarcasm*.

            The highest rated raw of all time was an 8.1 in 1999 and featured a main event of:

            Steve Austin, The Rock and Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon, Triple H and The Undertaker.

            By this ‘rating’, it conclusively proves under argument basises used above Vince Mcmahon is a bigger draw than Hulk Hogan *Sarcasm*

            See how anyone can throw around ratings and buyrates without looking at the bigger picture?

          • H.M.

            What I find ridiculous is you people attributing buyrates of PPV’s to ONE sole person while completely overlooking other factors. Simply because PPV X in 2011 had more buys than PPV X in 2012, you can’t make such a huge leap in concluding that the buyrates were due to one sole individuals drawing power or lack thereof. It ignores ALL of the other angles, the starpower and everything else going on. Quite a skewed way of presenting facts Xavier my boy.

          • Xavier

            Funny that you jump on my case when I showed factual numbers of Miz as champ proving that he has outdrawn Miz at times, but when Chris stated that Miz wasn’t a draw nobody said a thing to him or questioned him. Sounds like your a bit of a Punk homer/Miz hater yourself. And I didn’t ignore anything, I took star power into consideration as well. And none of the PPVs that featured Miz as champ featured Rock or Lesnar in actual matches. Did Rock guest hosting WM27 boost buyrates, of course they did. But you also have to admit that Cena/Rock & Cena/Lesnar boosting buyrates at WM28 & Extreme Rules. So where am I presenting facts in a skewed way?

          • chris

            They drew better because WWE had more talent. It had Nothing to do with Miz, Nothing.

          • Hannibal Lector

            But Chris everyone wanted to see Miz vs Jerry Lawler alright? The PPV buyrates conclusively proves that *Sarcasm*

          • Xavier

            And everyone bought WM28 & Extreme Rules to watch Punk/Jericho. Sarcasm x 1000

      • First, I agree that one superstar might have more drawing power than another. But to say that one wrestler CARRIES a TV rating, or that because they’re WWE Champion they are automatically the guy who owns that rating is inaccurate because in order for that to work, everyone would have to watch that WWE champion segment and then no one watches any other part of Raw. There is some who watch more segments than others but that depends on the storyline, characters, interest, timing, availability, etc.

        So I completely disagree that Miz drew more than Punk, but I also disagree with the idea that Punk outdrew Miz due to the many complicated factors involved. It’s impossible to figure it out who draws more and anyone who says otherwise need to look at the bigger picture.

      • chris

        Ofcourse a few numbers in ratings determine whether Miz drew or not. Get real. The ratings have been in a downward slump for about 5 years now due to the loss of key talent the WWE suffers every year. 2010 still had Batista, Edge and so many others. May i remind you that Punk is the only one Ever to beat Cena in Tshirt sales back in 2011 and i rarely see Miz shirts. That’s not kissing Punks ass but Fact. Guys like you wanna determine everything with rating numbers not even knowing what the hell people are watching for. Nobody wants to see the Miz, he’s not a valid maineventer, his persona sucks and i dont care how many media errands he runs for WWE to impress them, he doesn’t have what it takes!

      • Dale

        You made those numbers up

  • monty

    i don’t know maybe i am just old school but what i miss the most in Wrestling today is well the Wrestling. Yesterday Ziggler and Bryan had a awesome match, we need more of that

    part time workers are here to stay, next year most likely we will see steve austin

    richard what are the chances we see HBK ever wrestle again as a part timer only at wrestlemania?

    also do you see sting coming to wwe for one last run or even on part time bases?

    taker vs sting or HBK ve sting is my dream match up

    • Loren Goldstein

      As huge of a fan of HBK as I am, I hope we don’t see him come back. He truly seems happy with the life that he has now and he is one of the few that has actually managed to retire when he said he would. I think having him come back every so often like he has to help out HHH is the right way to utilize him.

  • 1molly23

    Maybe it’s just too bad for Miz that his “feud” is with Barrett. I don’t think it’s so much Miz as it is that the leader of the former Nexus, and most of his buddies. They just don’t seem to have the draw power, be it face or heel that “superstars” like Miz and/or Henry (just to name a couple) seem to have.

  • Joey

    I like the Miz and i’m not happy he was bumped off the main card they could have put the 8 man tag on the pre show cause i don’t care at all for that but i’m just one mans opinion

  • Fault has to be put on WWE booking for not doing Miz-Cesaro at WM for the US Title. This match was starring WWE in the face with Cesaro’s anti-US rhetoric and Miz’s Marine DVD coming out. WWE made a horrible error in starting this feud at the Royal Rumble. There wasn’t enough left in the tank to drag this to WM, however this feud should have never been in that position. Miz went under in that feud with Cesaro and that was justified since they wanted to keep Cesaro strong. However that is irrelevant now since they have constantly jobbed out Cesaro while putting Miz into a title feud with Barrett. If they had booked this properly without starting the feud Janury, Miz vs. Cesaro for the US Title would have been one of the bigger matches at WM.

    • Jimmy

      I agree and even this makes Miz look weak. It makes me think “Miz couldn’t beat Cesaro and win a secondary title so he gave up and moved on to another secondary title” remember the days when if you lost a title match i didn’t mean that you were rewarded with another one?

      • TheBigKing1

        Yeah I agree

  • Chris

    The Miz should be in Tripple H spots because he blows, and is washed up!

    • If anyone else should be fighting Brock it should be Undertaker to continue the line that began a few years back at UFC.

      • Jimmy

        That wasn’t a line thought, it was real.

  • shwo

    The tea party does not hold anything against legal immigration so stop saying Jack/Zebs views are tea party.

  • Braxton

    I feel that this is a HUGE slap in the face of Miz and Barrett. The secondary titles apparently dont mean anything anymore. i thought the match would’ve been a great show opener…

  • Dave L

    Rick Rude, Piper, and pretty much every light weight in WCW all had 1 role, and that was to be the guy to build up the new guy, If that’s MIZ’s role then he’s doing it well!

    • Jimmy

      Which new guy is he building up though? His feud with Cesaro had him ending up not even having a match at WM and a losing streak of sorts.

  • Stoney

    Mix was blamed for the poor buyrates at survivor series 2011, the main event was Cena/rock vs awesome truth. The episode of raw before SS it was cena vs miz and r-truth, but instead of making miz and truth look strong, wwe booked cena like superman and had him beat awesome truth on his own. So there was really no point to have that match at the ppv when cena beat both of them on his own.

    • Stoney

      * miz