The Miz's "Injuries," Stip Confirmed For Battleground, Ryback In India, Possible WWE DVDs

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- WWE updated their kayfabe coverage on The Miz's "injuries" on Friday at this link.

- Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam for the World Heavyweight Championship will be under Battleground Hardcore Rules at the pay-per-view next month. The stipulation was officially announced on this week's episode of Smackdown.

- You can view footage of Ryback being surrounded by fans in Mumbai, India this week at this link.

- WWE is currently surveying fans about possible DVD releases on Macho Man Randy Savage, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, The Rhodes Family, Rob Van Dam, Batista, Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio and Best of WCW PPV matches.

  • BMGabe

    Jericho is the way to go, It’s WAY to early for a Bryan one. We’ve seen a Michales and Austin one. We don’t need ANOTHER dvd retelling the same story has most have done before.

    • Moe

      I thought there was already a Jericho DVD, or am I mistaken?

      If not, easily him, The Rhodes Brothers and of course Macho Man Randy Savage. Oooh yeah!

      • smark calloway

        mach is the way to go. there was already a dusty rhodes dvd released back in 06 or 07 which spoke about dustin and cody in it ..savage had a dvd of his best matches released in 09 but their hasnt been a proper wwe documentary dvd about would be cool to see. but i dont think they would be addressing the savage/stephanie mcmahon rumours in it ” cough cough “

    • smark calloway

      we only had a jericho one as recently as late 2010 ..he doesnt need a new one yet

  • Whammaster

    I love Bryan, but its very very early for him to have a DVD out. He needs more “moments” and have them pass into the back of our mind for WWE to even think about releasing a DVD on him.

    • yo its me

      there is a daniel bryan dvd out alreday fyi and it is awesome!

  • CJ Blaze

    They need to make something for Christian!

  • thepowerserge

    If there’s any justice in WWE, and VKM’s head for that matter, they make the Savage DVD and then indutct him posthumously into their Hall of Fame.