The Miz's Wrestlemania Match, Daniel Bryan To Shave Beard?, New App, Charleston Presale

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- The Miz, who has been all over media outlets promoting the release of The Marine 3, told ESPN Playbook he's hoping for a match against Antonio Cesaro at Wrestlemania 29. You can read the interview at this link.

- Daniel Bryan and Josh Reddick are doing a "Beard-Off" challenge. The fans will vote and whoever loses will have to shave their beard. You can view Reddick's beard at this link.

- We're thrilled to announced the Apple release of our newest App called Dirt Sheet. You can download now for free at this link. After downloading, please post a review.

- A presale begins on Wednesday at 10 AM to obtain tickets to the 5/5 WWE Raw live event in Charleston, West Virginia. The password is SHEAMUS and tickets are available at this link.

  • Daniel Bryan should do some sort of beard vs beard challenge with Damien Sandow – which Bryan loses and obviously does his ‘no, no, no’ thing and is forced to have his beard shaved off in the middle of the ring… whilst Kane stands laughing. I think that’d be a good thing to do at RAW leading up to Wrestlemania but then let Daniel Bryan win a match at Wrestlemania before dropping the tag titles a few weeks later and then starting a programme with Kane.

  • Is that even a real beard on Josh Reddick?

  • Guest

    If you think about it, if they were to put overalls on Damien Sandow, he would fit right in with The Wyatts, or he could easily play a Henry Godwin type. So I think Damien Sandow should cut his hair, and go with hole beard and mustash

  • Guest

    Damien Sandow should keep his hair, and go with shave his hole beard and mastash

  • Arun

    Damien Sandow should keep his hair, and go shave his hole off beard and mustash
    Sideburns same hair style still

  • Arun

    Daniel Bryan become like new hulkamina but beardamania