The Miz’s Wrestlemania Match, Daniel Bryan To Shave Beard?, New App, Charleston Presale

The Miz, who has been all over media outlets promoting the release of The Marine 3, told ESPN Playbook he’s hoping for a match against Antonio Cesaro at Wrestlemania 29. You can read the interview at this link.

Daniel Bryan and Josh Reddick are doing a “Beard-Off” challenge. The fans will vote and whoever loses will have to shave their beard. You can view Reddick’s beard at this link.

– We’re thrilled to announced the Apple release of our newest App called Dirt Sheet. You can download now for free at this link. After downloading, please post a review.

– A presale begins on Wednesday at 10 AM to obtain tickets to the 5/5 WWE Raw live event in Charleston, West Virginia. The password is SHEAMUS and tickets are available at this link.

  • Philip Thompson

    Daniel Bryan should do some sort of beard vs beard challenge with Damien Sandow – which Bryan loses and obviously does his ‘no, no, no’ thing and is forced to have his beard shaved off in the middle of the ring… whilst Kane stands laughing. I think that’d be a good thing to do at RAW leading up to Wrestlemania but then let Daniel Bryan win a match at Wrestlemania before dropping the tag titles a few weeks later and then starting a programme with Kane.

  • Nox Stephanos

    Is that even a real beard on Josh Reddick?

  • Guest

    If you think about it, if they were to put overalls on Damien Sandow, he would fit right in with The Wyatts, or he could easily play a Henry Godwin type. So I think Damien Sandow should cut his hair, and go with hole beard and mustash

  • Guest

    Damien Sandow should keep his hair, and go with shave his hole beard and mastash

  • Arun

    Damien Sandow should keep his hair, and go shave his hole off beard and mustash
    Sideburns same hair style still

  • Arun

    Daniel Bryan become like new hulkamina but beardamania