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With The Miz hosting SummerSlam, do you see a possible swerve finish in the WWE championship match where he costs either Daniel Bryan or John Cena the gold?

While I'm sure there are a lot of Miz fans that would love to see this scenario take place, I think if anyone interferes in the WWE title match at SummerSlam it will be Randy Orton. However, it's at least worth mentioning that anything is possible. The fact WWE has announced The Miz as the "host" of SummerSlam rules him out in my eyes for any type of "surprise" interference.

Is it true WWE was looking to bring back former Divas?

WWE was looking to bring back former Divas earlier this year and ultimately decided to bring back Nikki and Brie Bella. This has resulted in Maria Kanellis accusing the Bellas of blocking her WWE return, as she was also contacted. We heard WWE was interested in bringing Stacy Keibler back for Total Divas but who knows if that was ever even a realistic possibility.

Can you explain the WWE Performance Center to the casual fan?

The WWE Performance Center is a gigantic 26,000 square-feet facility in Orlando, Florida that is used to train developmental workers and give injured workers a place to rehab their injuries. In addition to a full-time training staff, WWE's doctors keep office hours where they can treat talent. The facility itself features seven wrestling rings, a promo room and more. The WWE Performance Center is seen as the lifeblood of the company as it is where new stars are literally created.

Is there anything that can be done to keep other websites from stealing content posted at

We keep a close eye on our content and contact website owners if we feel our content is published on other websites without permission. As with any business, it's impossible to stop thieves completely but I feel we do a very adequate job in controlling it. The reason people visit WNW outside of the many other websites is our content is 100% exclusive and I feel we offer a level of quality above any other website or application.

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  • Alain Alfred Corpuz

    Miz is the most irrelevant superstar on the roster right now. WWE won’t risk someone like Miz to make a big interference. It’s either Vince or Randy Orton

  • James

    Has anyone ever given anybody a Birmingham Booty Call.

  • Winnipeg

    What about unifying the world titles?

    • Charlie

      Read one of the Ask WNWs from last week and that question will be answered.

      • Winnipeg

        LoL. I know bro. I was being Sarcastic

        • Charlie

          Hey you know how it is these days. Can never be too

  • Nostaljack

    Am I the only one who seriously doubts anyone actually asked that last question? LOL!

    • Yep, Dustyn asked it for the Premium mailbag but we were short today on questions so I put it in Ask WNW. The former will be updated as well today.

      • Nostaljack

        Okay, I sit corrected…;)

      • Robert Olley

        Haha well done richard put him in his place

      • Hercules Rockerfeller

        I think the reason you were short on questions is because ppl like me just gave up on always asking and never getting our questions featured.

  • David

    The thing that I think makes WNW stand out over the others is the people who write for you. I always enjoys reading Jesse, Kendra and Guy’s articles.

    • Yep, we have a myriad of opinions and personalities… And I actually think the people that comment provide interesting perspectives as well. See, this isn’t the “Richard Gray show,” it’s a website for fans by fans. We all have one goal and it’s to come together collectively and put something together that’s a “level above” everything else.

    • -|AZ|-

      Precisely my point Sir…


    • Guy Landau

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    • Jesse Sherwood

      Thank you David. It is an honor to write for the fans here!

  • Matt

    Miz out of the picture to get involved? Please that is just the kinda swerve that Vince would love. Place Miz as host then have him ruin it for Bryan and Cena and Orton, then on Raw its brought to light Vince put him there for that reason as Miz is more the kind of “Corporate” champion he is looking for.

  • Ben

    I’m thinking Triple H interferes in the WWE Championship match to setup an easy cash-in for Orton (accompanied by Vince). Very few would see it coming and it makes sense given the McMahon family focus as of late.

  • Robert Olley

    Ive seen stuff posted on lordsofpain that has been posted in the premium section on here or atleast judging by the article titles on here

    • If you see a story that you feel has been ripped off feel free to drop us a line.