The New Age Outlaws, Fandango's Future, Rock Over Cena, Hogan Returning To The Ring

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With the return of The New Age Outlaws at non-televised events, is it safe to say they will be booked on TVs and PPVs to work/feud with the young talent in the tag division?

The New Age Outlaws were used as a special draw on holiday live events. This is similar to the use of Jerry Lawler in years past. Both Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are employed by WWE in "office" positions, as Road Dogg is a producer and Gunn works as a developmental trainer. I haven't heard of any plan to bring them back on a regular basis to work TVs and PPVs as they have other roles and responsibilities in the company.

With Fandango (Johnny Curtis) defeating Jamie Noble at WWE live events, could this be a test to see if Fandango is ready for the main roster? Is Fandango expected to debut soon?

WWE gave Fandango more work on holiday live events where he worked Ted DiBiase then Jamie Noble after injury [to DiBiase]. This was done to give him some work and gauge crowd reactions to the character. WWE shelved the vignettes on television, as the end of the year around the holidays isn't the optimal time to debut a new character. As far as I know he'll be brought to TV when deemed ready.

You recently said, “ I want it on record if I were booking, I would put Rock over Punk for the title at Royal Rumble, have him successfully defend it at Elimination Chamber and drop it in a “passing of the torch” at Wrestlemania 29.” With that being said, don’t you think the "torch" should have been passed to John Cena last year seeing how he’s the face of the company?

I wasn't a fan of The Rock going over John Cena at Wrestlemania because I didn't like the message of a part-time talent going over the face of the company. While Rock teased working again after the pay-per-view, for all we knew at the time, this was his final bout. Now that we know Rock is coming back for a few months this year, it was probably best Rock went over so he would have value when he returned. The booking of part-time talent is very tricky and given the fact no one (except for maybe Vince McMahon) knows the future of these stars, it's hard to analyze. One of the biggest creative mistakes made last year was putting Brock Lesnar under to John Cena at Extreme Rules because they killed a lot momentum out of the gate.

If Hulk Hogan were to wrestle another match do you see it being with the WWE at Wrestlemania 30 or some random TNA PPV?

Hulk Hogan is not only under contract with TNA Wrestling but he's an executive in the company. I'm 100% against Hogan returning to the ring as not only would it jeopardize his long-term health with his back issues, it creates a match no one wants to see. There is no use to speculate about anything in WWE while Hogan is under contract with TNA.

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  • channesson

    If hogan was at wrestlemania 30 That would be awesome.. Only if it was to announce his retirement for good..

  • wdr31

    No argument concerning a Hogan return but I will say this, an aged Hogan would outdraw almost anyone on either company's roster. Like him or not Hogan as "it".

    • Richard Gray

      Would he? TNA thought so but so far I have seen little to no movement in ratings or PPV buyrates.

      • The Cowboy

        I think we need to disaggregate Hogan in WWE from Hogan in TNA. Richard’s right in that TNA’s numbers haven’t moved with Hogan in whatever capacity but, to my mind, that’s an indication that TNA’s problems run deeper than that and Hogan’s not a/the solution.

        However, I think wdr31’s point is more that WWE has known (and presumably still knows) how to get the most out of Hogan. Hogan in WWE is a totally different proposition from Hogan in TNA and I”m sure that that’s still true. So I think the more relevant comparative proposition would be whether WWE would make more money with Hogan than without.

      • Jason

        I remember seeing their rates go up a little bit, from about 0.8 to a peak of 1.2, when Hogan was brought in, as well as Hardy and other WWE talent. But their welcome has staled and they are back to 0.8-0.9 ratings again.

      • diddy

        The only way Hogan could draw in wcw or wwe was in the ring nobody cares about a gm hogan and ratings and buy tastes prove it

      • Joey

        Hogan wrestled on TNA PPV and they didn’t produce a number that rivaled any of WWE PPV. I don’t even think it even got TNA many more PPV buys than they normally get. I would like to meet hogan in person, get an autograph etc, but watch him wrestle at his age and his physical condition…NO THANKS

      • Anand

        TNA has become Total Non-Stop Hogan of late. The amount of camera and TV time Hogan picks up in every show can be used to elevate up and coming talents…

        They need to concentrate on becoming Total Nonstop Action if they even want a fair chance of increasing their viewership…

    • Outkazt09

      Lol!!!! Sorry wdr31 this isn't the 80s or 90s anymore. The guy cannot draw anymore. The numbers do not lie.

      • Miles

        Wwe Hogan would draw in wwe. Big stars need the big stages to shine. Sting, Hogan and Flair don’t draw in tna because its not the a league and they loose their appeal

    • Ken

      The only way Hogan's outdrawing anybody these days is on Pictionary in the old folks' home on a lazy Sunday afternoon once the meds have been passed around.

    • Kevin M

      Hogan on a WWE roster would raise the ratings, no doubt about it. Cena Hogan? Come on richy richy lighten the idea. Good old hulkster can pull a leg drop off still brother.

      • Ken

        I suppose that would be one match where Cena has the larger move set to draw on.

        • Pluto

          Who gives a ISH about movesets. Last I checked Austin, Rock & HHH didn't have huge movesets either but they still draw more then guys like Mysterio, Guerrero, Benoit, Malenko, Hart, Backland. Having a larger move doesn't mean ish if your still not entertaining or can't tell a story inside the ring. And Cena is very good at both. so who cares.

          • Ken

            *Your head*

            Notice that one is way over the other.

        • Rayner Chee-bai

          Cena would've looked like Bret Hart if he was put in a match against Hogan.

    • Victor

      That is false, he can't draw anything in TNA and as I seem to recall while he was in WCW, they had to give away tickets to their shows, which TNA has also done I believe, and if he was such a big draw, none of that would have happened then or now.

    • Robert

      Hogan hasnt helped tna in any way except getting flair onboard and them 2 helping the younger talent. No buy or rating increases except the odd time like his debut,him vs sting etc

  • Adam “Swipe”

    Lmao. I’m pretty sure Hogan can’t even do a leg drop any more.

  • Adam “Swipe”

    Hogan has kinda watered down his drawing power. Today’s generation really only knows him as semi retired Hogan, they don’t know 80-90s Hogan.

  • Jbreed

    The way it should be booked is for CM Punk to retain at RR and defend the title against somebody like Daniel Bryan. Punk and Bryan were the top guys over the past year and should headline WM. at least it's the way it used to be. Nowadays all the WWE cares about are former stars and dream matches. Well sooner or later the WWE is gonna run out of ideas for dream matches and when it does the spoiled fan is not gonna care about WM anymore.

    • Austin 3:16

      Punk healining WM is a joke. Punk can't DRAW at the top of card and ratings this year have proved that he can't carry the torch. Punk is a upper midcard guy at best and would of been a curtain jerker during the attitude era.

      • Snap

        Nobody on the roster is singlehandedly responsible for the ratings any given week. If they were, then Cena not only drew the abysmal ratings with the NBC Tribute to the Troops broadcast, but he also headlined the Christmas Eve RAW which had the lowest ratings in 15 years.

        Just like I won't single out CM Punk for any ratings slide, I won't single out Cena either. If the product being offered is mediocre then of course the ratings are going to suffer. So, if you want to blame anyone, blame WWE for not giving a damn unless it is the lead up to WrestleMania season. Furthermore, Punk has had the unenviable position of being the WWE champion during the insipid three hour RAW era.

        It's not entirely fair to say Punk CAN'T draw while headlining a PPV because he hasn't really been given the chance. It would be like saying that Cena didn't have any affect on the WrestleMania buys and attribute it all to The Rock. Cena, himself, is a glorified upper midcarder who just happened to hit a home run at some point and has dominated the picture the same way people blame Triple H for doing in his time.

        But all of that doesn't mean anything as long as the writing is bland and lifeless and simply rehashing the worst elements of the past over and over again. I mean, only the lowest of the lowest common denominator would have found Dolph Ziggler and AJ being covered in fecal matter to be entertaining and it wasn't even entertaining when DX did it years ago to the McMahons and the Spirit Squad.

        Let's hope 2013 is the year for improvement in that area.

      • Victor

        Obviously nobody else here agrees with you and you can't blame Punk for crappy booking and besides Cena headlined almost EVERY pay per view last year, so blame him not Punk.

  • jambo masai from kenya

    Hogan should from retire tna and run his restraunts. It factor ended 10 years!

  • Regular Jordan

    Not in TNA but the whole nostalgia factor would make a difference in WWE, just look at how Flair was viewed as soon as he returned to WWE recently. In TNA Flair didn't really improve ratings either but back in the WWE machine it makes a difference. I'm not a TNA hater either, both company's have pros and cons but that's just the way it seems to be from what i've seen

    • Victor

      Flair got a great reaction and unlike Hogan i'm sure he could still go, but I don't know if Flair would really increase ratings that much.

  • Outkazt09

    Jamie Noble still with the WWE?

    • Fernando

      He retired from active wrestling in 2009 and is working as a producer.

  • The Big Organ

    Bottom line, when you hear the name “Hulk Hogan” and “back in the ring”you think back 20-30 years when he was at the prime of his career. Somehow ppl think he can still go. Lets go back to Bound for Glory 2011. Sting who was like 52 years old at the time carried the entire match and made Hogan look good despite Hogan’s incredibly horrible in-ring shape. Like it or not, Hogans days are long gone, there’s just too many injuries on that old body. Think of Hogan as a classic car totally restored on the outside, paint job, new tires, tinted windows, nicely polished and ready to be sold, oh but you gotto take it for a test drive and once you do, the motor is dead, the exhaust pipes are bursting, the batteries are done. Any smart person, doesn’t matter if its a wrestling fan or a not if they know about Hofans physical shape and age they should know he’s damaged goods. Sorry it is what it is.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    I wonder if Cena lost to Lesnar at last year's Extreme Rules could've created a tweaked character of John Cena after losing two straight high profiled matches. Lesnar's lost to Cena just doesn't create wonder on Lesnar leading to his match against Triple H at SummerSlam. He already lost his comeback match, then who suppose to look at him as a threat?

    • Jimmy

      Lesnar losing to Cena was the worst decision ever. WWE could of used so many better angles if we won. It would of made more sense to have him win against Cena then go for Triple H because now it makes Triple H look weaker than Cena. and at the end of 2012 Cena could of looked back at the year realizing he lost nearly every key match and then change his ways and turn heel. I would love to see that

  • Dave L

    Hogan vs Undertaker Double retirement match!

    • William Shatner

      In Texas, on a Tuesday?

      • KingKongBrody

        lol nice

  • mark3man

    It would be nice to see N.A.O on tv for 3 months and then get a place in the HOF.

    • Victor

      Who the hell is N.A.O?

      • ifellforthatone

        N.A.O = New Age Outlaws.

  • Sujay

    There is no passing of torch regarding rock vs cena… Are u so naive to believe that cena needs a torch to be passed onto at this point of time in his career??? Rock going under cena is gonna do no good…

    I would have agreed if it was rock vs punk… That’s why I wanted rock to go over cena and win the wwe championship from him at rumble and then drop the title at wrestlemania to punk in what I truly would have called a passing of the torch… That would have elevated punk in a big way and would have firmly established him as a top star.. It would also small little step for him to go on and face a bigger opponent in Austin and WM 30…

    • Victor

      I agree, doesn't Cena technically already have the torch? Why would he needed it handed to him, he is the face of the WWE, whether anyone likes it or not, and doesn't need anything handed to him.

  • The Breaker

    Since WWE still labels Rock vs. Cena at last year's Mania as "Once in a Lifetime", I do not see them repeating it. I think it's more likely we see a Triple Threat for the WWE Championship this year.

  • The Legend

    Punk doesn't deserve the torch, he's not the top guy. Not as many people care about Punk as much as you think. Look at the ratings with Punk as champ. Punk isn't a top draw, never has and never will be. Cena has 10x the drawing power of Punk. Punk is a midcard guy at best if placed in the attitude era. It would be a joke for Rock too put over Punk over. He's title reign has been average at best. Every opponent rather it be Bryan, Cena, Ryback, Kane, Sheamus has been far more entertaining too watch.

    • Nick B

      Ratings don’t matter when the people who are watching are ENTERTAINED. It’s world wrestling entertainment and summer 2011 punk proved he could be the most entertaining guy on the roster. He is just so watered down now. but if WWE would just let him do what he does best and drop some pipebombs he would be a huge draw and everyone, love him or hate him, knows that is true!

      • Pluto

        The same could be said for Cena though

  • Jimmy

    I wish WWE and TNA could just co-operate for 1 PPV to have WWE vs TNA because honestly that would be a publicity and ratings explosion. brand warefare and brand invasion are the most exciting storylines in my opinion and it would also create some dream matches. Paul Heyman said it the best; if Vince wasn't so caught up in his ego of trying to make WWE the only wrestling show and helped other organisation to benefit them as well as his own and it would be successful for the fans and the companies.

  • partyjereme

    The only thing that "hurt" Lesnar's momentum was the contract he agreed to sign, him beating up Cena for 25 minutes only to lose because of his overconfidence did not hurt his momentum at all.