The New General Manager Of WWE Saturday Morning Slam Is...

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Mick Foley was unveiled as the new General Manager of WWE Saturday Morning Slam at this week's tapings in Oklahoma City. We have full taping results available at this link.

WWE tapes material for Saturday Morning Slam far in advance so don't expect to see Foley for a few more weeks.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Is this supposed to be a rib?

  • they have a GM? isnt it just taped matches…what do i know i guess.

  • poor show of all time….

  • Uh, hello, haters, the show is directed at kids exclusively. Remember Saturday morning cartoons? Don’t like it? Don’t watch it, you’re not missing anything storyline wise.

  • By saying don’t expect to see him for a few weeks you’re assuming I watch the show….. Haha I have much better things to do on a Saturday morning