Obvious Outcome To Laurinaitis vs. Cena, Why I Feel Hogan Is Most Influential, Interest In John Morrison, GM Position & Johnny's Authority

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Given Vince McMahon's paranoia, were you surprised that Big Show actually turned heel as expected and helped John Laurinaitis beat John Cena?

The scenario of Big Show "helping" John Laurinaitis after getting "fired" on last Monday's Raw Supershow was so obvious I looked for a swerve to take place to avoid it. The fact of the matter is WWE booked themselves into a corner and if they wanted Show to be any sort of surprise, they shouldn't have announced the stipulation they announced for the match. While the stip read, If Laurinaitis loses, he will be "fired." No WWE Superstar or Diva allowed at ringside, if a Superstar or Diva interferes, he/she will be "fired." When it should have read, Big Show is going to make sure Johnny goes over. I would have had a big problem with last night's show had it not been for a very good undercard.  Be sure and check out Richard Reacts to WWE Over the Limit which will be available on Richard's Backstage Blog later today.

Who was the bigger draw - Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan?

These types of questions are nearly impossible to answer because strong cases can be made for both Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan. Given the fact Hogan played a key role in the pro wrestling boom in the 80s as well as the boom of the 90s, I label Hogan as the most influential person in the history of the wrestling business. While we can all question Hogan's sanity today (and probably then too), he legitimized pro wrestling more than anyone before. Steve Austin flourished at a different time when programming was very edgy, however, had it not been for Hogan who knows if there would have been a platform for Austin. Both were tremendous draws and made a ton of money not only for themselves but for everyone around them.

Do you have any news on the current status of John Morrison ? Is there any chance he'll be coming back to WWE soon?

There seems to be plenty of interest in John Morrison as TNA reportedly still wants him and Melina and it's not entirely out of the question that he returns to WWE some time down the road. I heard Morrison recently said he could see himself returning to WWE in another year although there are a lot of things that would need to happen for that to become a reality.

Does John Laurinaitis have any authority as the General Manager?

The General Manager role is a storyline position that possesses no backstage authority. Laurinaitis is the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations in real life so he does have considerable influence and stroke in the company. I guarantee a lot of the boys were enjoying his beatdown from John Cena last night as he's never been very popular.

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  • Whilst I hated the main event lastnight the Commentary from Booker, Cole and King did help make it funnier than Cena just acting goofy. Personally I would have gone with Cena going backstage to chase Laurinaitis and by the time camera's caught up with him he was laid out cold with Laurinaitis stood over him.

    They could have at least then dragged out the old "who done it" with it ending up being Show.

    • search4theyeti

      Should have just dropped the "no dq" part and had show knock out Laurinatius and give him the win at the same time.

    • Nick

      Not a bad idea to be honest. You should definitely give WWE a call. You'd be better than any writer there I bet.

      • I would never fit in Nick… I use too much logic.

  • Brandon

    It was pretty obvious that Big Show will cost Cena the match at Over The Limit because of the stipulations. Anyhow, it's really enjoying to watch John Laryngitis got his a** beat last night. Not a Cena fan but Over The Limit I'm giving myself a break. Let's go Cena!

  • Lou Cypher

    I canot believe the writers and booker did such a lousy job on Cena vs Laurinautis it was plain as the nose on your face Big show would interfear.Wwe is getting so bad noone want too watch it any more.Bryan Daniels runnng around yelling yes Coty Rhodes as a champion no real talent anymore with triple H Shawn Micheal Higginbottom Steve AAustin gone no more talent. Thanks Lou Cypher.

    • BOB

      Rhodes isnt the champion anymore

    • AceV

      That whole comment structure was just horrible.

  • AJ

    Anyone see a Christian face turn after his match at over the limit

  • neweramaze

    I was saying last night that I wish Johnny Ace would have gotten more offense in. He was very good in his day and would have been good to just see a drop kick or a suplex or something.

    • search4theyeti

      Very good? not really. Adequate yes but you have a point atleast some sort of move would have made sense.

  • Matt

    I agree, the commentary last night made it shine!!!

  • Dave

    Was all worth it for Johnny on commentary and BIG SHOW YELLOW SHIRT SWAG

  • The Breaker

    The "main event" last night was full of lazy, uninspired booking. And the match itself played out very similarly to a comedy act. Oh well. I bet the kids liked it.

    And please do something about those autoplay video ads, if possible. They can't be muted without turning the speakers off.

  • lOUIS

    Well i personally love TNA as of late i think they have improve, but (yes there's a but) if TNA don't take the advantage of James Storm/ Kurt Angle fued for the AMERICAN title, don't mix in back to back week of good storylines, and move typing to wenesday nite and start making wrestler more tv friendly with spike shows. why would MORRISON WANT TO COME he can stay secound rate with more money at the WWE.

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Really hate last night's PPV. Over The Limit is so predictable. Big Show interfered costs Cena the match. No WWE for awhile for me. The only good thing in Pro-Wrestling right now is Kevin Steen is the current ROH World Champion. And Brooke Hogan is going to TNA; that's a good thing. Can't wait for her to debut.

    • Toby Tyler

      No one likes a HATER .. good riddance.

      • Daniel Lim'ass

        Thanks. No one likes you too. Smarks

    • Dave the Jobber

      Brooke Hogan in TNA. Only due to daddy's stroke in the company. What does she bring to the organization, NOTHING, as far as I'm concerned. All I have to say, PROVE ME WRONG.

  • KingJamsie

    The highlight of the match was Big Johnny acting as booker-t "5 time…5 time…"

  • TheDave

    Watched are you serious this week, puppet h making reference to John morrisons rap is surely a point he’s left on good terms with wwe.

  • H.M.

    Cole's commentary at OTL was hilarious to be honest.

  • In all honestly John Laurinaitis's tv personna has grown on me. He's a total ass; that bully boss that you want to kick in nuts. John Laurinaitis is doing a good job is making you hate him.