The Opening Video For TNA Lockdown, Daniels On His Current Status; Monday Night Wars 2 Began

- TNA Wrestling released the opening video for TNA Lockdown. The pay-per-view is this Sunday at 8 PM EDT. Watch the video below:

- Christopher Daniels was interviewed by USA Today about his current status in TNA, his upcoming match at the PPV and talks about being a future World Champion. In response to the World Champion question, Daniels answered by saying:

I've been doing this for 20 years now and I feel like I'm closer now to being a world champion for our company then ever. It's just a matter of opportunity now, and being ready when that opportunity comes around.

You can read the full interview at this link.

- Does anyone remember March 8, 2010?  It was when TNA moved to Monday nights to compete with WWE every week.  Check out the article about that time right here.

  • Steve

    It was jan 2010 actually

    • January 2010 was only a one time deal. They went Monday week after week in March. States that in the article.

  • soulfool

    WTF is this MNW 2 began ???