Janice Carter Threatening To Pull The Plug On TNA Wrestling?; Backstage News On Her Shocking Threat That Has Jeff Jarrett Looking For A New Power Investor, Why Dixie Carter Is Against Selling The Company & What They Are Doing To Current Talent To Cut Costs

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The power struggle in TNA Wrestling continues and a potentially major story is developing behind-the-scenes. I'm told Dixie Carter's mother, Janice, continues to demand that costs be cut and has gone as far as threatening to shut down the entire company if it cannot be run more efficiently or if a buyer cannot be found.

One source, speaking to me under the condition of anonymity, says Jeff Jarrett has been actively trying to bring on new investors in hopes of keeping TNA afloat and regaining more control over the company operations.

Jarrett has found a Nashville-based restaurant chain that is owned by a large investment group and has been working feverishly on a deal that would see that group possibly buy part or all of TNA, with Jarrett wrestling away control of the company from the Carter family.

Dixie Carter is adamant she doesn't want to sell TNA but Janice is believed to feel otherwise so it's a very complicated situation. One of the ways TNA has been trying to reduce spending is by lowering the value of all performer's contracts in renegotiations. Not only is this being done to save money in the short-term but also to make the company look more attractive to potential investors.

I'm told "all of this" is being done against Dixie's wishes but things have gotten to the point where the Carter family is getting tired of "pouring money into a black hole."

  • Patrick Peralta

    "things have gotten to the point where the Carter family is getting tired of “pouring money into a black hole.” Except Dixie Carter.

    About dam time they get sick of pouring money into the company.. of course Jeff Jarrett getting back control of the company he and his dad started is not going to help.. he nearly lost it the last time he was in control if the Carter Family hadn't steped in. there would be no TNA.

  • Alex Barie

    I heard Jeff Jarrett say in an interview about a year or so (maybe more) that TNA is profitable. I know TNA gets most of their money from the UK as they are huge over there. They have been growing over there but also been growing their expenses. I just don’t think the company will completely die, but seeing new investors could mean bigger changes and that could be bad or good.

    • Richard Gray

      I don't believe TNA is profitable, regardless of what Jeff Jarrett says. Jeff told me to my face they were a recognizable brand then Bischoff comes out and proves they can change the name of the entire company (Impact Wrestling) with little to no effect on the ratings.

      It's not that I'm a TNA hater, their programming has been better and when they do good, WNW does good. However, the company is a cluster because it's ran by people who have no idea what they are doing. Dixie Carter, with no wrestling experience, has been manipulated by everyone imaginable to the point where she was spending so much, Janice, yanked the checkbook from her.

      They've spent and they've spent and they've spent but are still seeing stagnant growth in terms of TV ratings and live event attendance. To their credit, the economy hasn't done them any favors, and the WWE brass just got pummeled by their shareholders this morning for similar problems.

      The long-term outlook for TNA isn't good as it seems Panda is getting sick of spending and I just don't see an upside anywhere you look.

      • Alex Barie

        It really is a shame that TNA did so much to only stay where they are at. They bring in the top talent of the world, they produce great television and they yet to see rating ad buyrate growth. Without a huge investor backing them up with the money supply and without any management (which if Bischoff and Hogan couldn’t draw, no one can), then I don’t see TNA being around. Hopefully things will turn around. Otherwise, I won’t be able to write coverage anymore, haha.

    • Jagsman

      its because its on free to air tv i don't think it would be as big if you didnt need to pay a cable or sky subscription for wwe

  • havoc525

    They need a Ted Turner, someone who owns their own TV channels, to run things. Anyone know if Ted is really interested in a return to the business?

  • Bault16

    This would never happen to Mr. McMahon SMH. Minor leagues

    • Richard Gray

      I wouldn't say never. Vince McMahon was close to getting taken out by the WCW surge and if he doesn't get his act together with the WWE Network, he could get into trouble next. The McMahon family fortune has taken a significant hit due to the company's falling stock price and it doesn't help that Linda is out spending millions to try and buy a seat in the United States Senate. WWE investors are furious the company is allocating millions of dollars to the new network with no plan (or at least one they will talk about) in place.

      • Andre

        The WWE isn't going anywhere. And it's crazy too even suggest that it would. There is no other wrestling promotion that has the resources or the creative mind that McMahon has too evn cause McMahon too break a sweat. McMahon will be buying TNA here in the next year or two, it'll be interesting too see who decides too bring in once he does buy them out. I wonder if he'll go back too having a brand split and actually reinforcing it.

    • Jason

      Are you referring to the phrase "too big to fail?" As others have found out, never true!

  • Matt

    TNA's main problem is that Dixie Carter has no experience in the wrestling business and Hogan and Bischoff are two manipulative snakes

  • samantha_reichle

    Well pretty soon they will have no wrestlers to keep TNA running, because all of them will want hire pays and with the company cutting costs like they are, wrestlers will be looking elsewhere. Hopefully WWE. They need to think, less time on the road and less pay, or more money but more time on the road.

  • _JIM_

    Of course Dixie doesn’t want to stop putting money into TNA. That’s an easy thing for her to do since IT ISN’T HER MONEY! If her Mom decides to stop paying there’s nothing Dixie can do. Ask Bischoff how easy it is to spend somebody elses money, but I’m sure Ted Turner is a bit more financially secure than the Carter’s. Ol’ Double J just might end up in the driver’s seat if he can find the right investor. That might be the best thing to happen for TNA. Dixie’s just not getting it done.

  • SDD619

    Why not do like WWE does & invest partnerships with Macca's or Coke or Pepsi. All TNA would have to do is promote them on TV once or Twice every week. Money made in sponcership

    • Stephen

      Eaiser said then done. Coke or Pepsi would want the company to be profitable. Also what helps WWE out is that they are PG. Companys are more willing to do buisness with a family friendly company beacause its all about public appearnce. Plus WWE has such a huge audience, its worth it for those compainies.

  • Jamie

    Anyone else just had a thought of a WWE Vs TNA storyline… ?

  • havoc525

    Question is, how much bad blood is there between Vince and Shane?

  • Jamie

    I'm from the UK & I can tell you TNA isn't 'huge' in the UK WWE you have to pay a monthly fee for the channel/s that feature WWE programming whereas with TNA you don't so it's free so the ratings are slightly higher but not by much.