Exclusive Details On The Internal Reaction From WWE Regarding TNA's Contract Tampering Lawsuit Against Them; List Of Top TNA Stars That WWE Has Inquired About Acquiring

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For those wondering the internal reaction from WWE regarding TNA's recent litigation against them, I'm told WWE is laughing it off. The feeling is WWE can outspend TNA several times over and they could tie the suit up in court for years if they wanted too.

One observer commented how WWE really did get caught with their hand in the cookie jar by hiring a former TNA employee, getting confidential contract information on hired talent then firing the person. WWE is playing the "good-guy" card here that they were trying to do a "good deed" by telling TNA about the leaks but TNA isn't buying it.

My source pointed out how not only has WWE been interested in Ric Flair (as named in the lawsuit and broke by here by WrestlingNewsWorld.com) but also Matt Morgan and more recently Alex Shelley.

  • SC89

    If TNA treated and used their talent properly maybe then they wouldn’t want to jump ship to greener pastures

    • Nostaljack

      There's no way that has anything to do with anything. People jump to WWE because of one thing: money. Why not go for it if it's offered? WWE can afford to pay their talent far more than TNA can even think of paying theirs.

  • gibbons08

    I think it’s funny as well! TNA had all the tools to be a close second to WWE but they’ll never be contenders with the people try got in charge!

  • Miles

    Employee contracts and not independent contractor contracts

  • JG2078

    Hey, TNA has to blame someone for their poor excuse of a wrestling company. So why not blame the WWE, I’m sure Hogan and Dixie are sitting in the office carrying on like, “it’s not fair that the WWE is selling out PPVs and we can’t crack 10,000 buys!” Hahaha, but they now have a new executive to help them out, what was her name again? of yeah, Brooke Hogan! Lol

    • Philip Thompson

      Yeah, I'm sure with her knowledge, experience and intelligence – not to mention love of the wrestling business that she'll be the answer and solve all of TNA's problems – and they can have a simple management structure where she's the boss! It was either that or this old drunk guy that goes around shouting 'woooooo' all of the time.