The Real Reason Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff Went To TNA

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Wrestling News World reader Brett Buchanan sent in the following:

You can now read all 26 chapters of former Barbaric Wrestling Radio host Brett Buchanan’s free TNA e-book The Genesis of TNA  The last four chapters on Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Mick Foley, Booker T, and Scott Steiner have been released.   Also check out free shoot interviews with Christian, DDP, AJ Styles, Vince Russo, R-Truth, Rob Van Dam, Samoa Joe, Jay Lethal, Devon, and many more to come on Barbaric Wrestling Radio’s YouTube at .  Below is an excerpt fromThe Genesis of TNA’s final chapter about what really led to Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff coming to TNA, you can read the full version including the shocking ending on
Written By The Owner
Once upon a time a little boy walked to the door of a whore house near his home. When the madam answered the door and inquired what the boy wanted, the little boy responded that he had saved his money and had $2.00. He asked if he could buy two dollars worth of the clap. The madam, being amused, replied that he could purchase a dose of the clap, but first she had to know the reason. The little boy began his story. "Well, I can go home and give it to our maid. She will then pass it on to my dad. He will then give it to my mother. My mother will then give it to our milkman, and that is the SOB that ran over my bicycle."
Once upon a time a spoiled little rich girl talked her billionaire daddy into buying her an interest in a professional wrestling company. Once the little rich girl had a taste of the excitement, she decided that she wanted to be in front of the camera instead of behind the camera. The owner of the company was now in a difficult situation because rich daddy was a major investor. As time went on the pressure between the owner and the rich daddy and his little rich daughter became so tense that the owner decided life was too short to spend every day fighting with people who did not respect the business. The owner chose to leave the company he started. Honesty was not a trait of either the daddy or the little rich girl, so the owner was not treated fairly when he left. The little rich girl was now free to become a glamour girl on television and show the world that she could make big strong wrestlers bow to her every word.
The owner was so happy to be away from the little rich girl and her billionaire daddy, but he often marveled that the daddy would continue to spend millions and millions to allow his precious daughter to be a television star. He wondered if there was no end to the amount of money daddy would continue to spend. One day the owner heard the story of the little boy wanting to buy a dose of the clap and bingo, a great professional wrestling angle was hatched and the owner could determine just how much daddy would spend.
The owner had heard that a clever fellow with a terrible track record in the professional wrestling business, but a great gift for selling himself, was pitching the idea of starting his own wrestling company to potential investors. His pitch was that the fans would come in droves to see the old wrestling stars come out of retirement and become active (well somewhat active) again. The clever guy was touting the "Babe Ruth" of wrestling, Hulk Hogan as his main attraction. In spite of his old age and deteriorated physical condition, the Hulkster's need for money was making him eager to go again in the ring. The Hulkster had all of his old pals that were old, but still eager for another 15 minutes of glory.
The owner got a call that the investor was interested in the clever guy's plan and was willing to consider investing the 8 million projected start-up cost. The owner began to put his great wrestling angle in motion. He told his contact to tell the investor that he was willing to get back into the wrestling business and to check his track record against the clever guy's track record. The investor called back the next day excited about doing the deal. He flew the owner and his wife to Las Vegas and put them up in a grand suite at the Palms Casino. The investor had a soundstage on the Palms property. The meeting went well and the investor related the funny stories about the clever guy and how unprepared he was in their meetings.
Now the owner had checked out the investor and realized that he was perfect for the angle because of his track record. The owner called Hulk and told him that he was getting back into the business and wanted him the main attraction. The owner then contacted the Hulk's main gofer, Jimmy Hart, and also Hulk's buddies, Big and Bigger. He got word out everywhere that he was getting back into the business. Hulk and his buddies were excited because now they heard that the LA investor was going with the owner instead of the clever guy. The sting was set.
The little rich girl heard that the owner was getting back into the wrestling business and Hulk and all his buddies were joining him. She called daddy and pleaded for just a few more millions to buy Hulk and friends, which would propel her company and deal a fatal blow to the owner.


  • Amsterdam

    so hulk hogan came to TNA because he had the clap and somebody ran over his bike….right?

  • Dark

    at first I thought that this was true, but it's fan fiction right?

    the little rich girl went on camera in 2009. The owner left the company seven years before that.

    the owners track record is dead feds and one that never made money until he left. the clever guys track record is a dead fed that made more money when he was there. but the investor went with the owner. so is the investor supposed to be retarded?

  • H.M.

    Uh…sorry to ask but what's a clap?

  • Dangerous Lee

    The only reason I read that is because I am at jury duty. Sounds like whoever wrote that is extremely bitter or jealous

  • D-Bag

    He's got a bicycle!!

  • Kleck

    Did someone fix that darn bike?

  • rob

    the story abt the clap was lol. i even called someone to read that portion and is still lol'ing over the clap joke.

  • Phil

    This is complete garbage…