The Real Reason Randy Orton Was Written Off WWE TV, Are His Days As A Top Star Over?

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Randy Orton was written off WWE television due to a separated shoulder.  At this point we are unclear whether or not this is in addition to the hand/wrist injury he suffered at  last Sunday's WWE Tribute to the Troops taping or what happened at the taping.  However, we can confirm he has a legitimate separated shoulder.

In most cases a separated shoulder is not very long term, however, in Orton's case it is a major concern. Orton has previously injured the same shoulder before and has had problems with it. While in the short term this may not be a huge loss for him, it could have major long term repercussions. We're told Vince McMahon already feels Orton is a "China doll" and unreliable.

Vince was already looking at Orton like this prior to this injury with his past Wellness problems not helping. Some are questioning whether or not Orton's days as a top guy are over.

  • BigNorthMxO

    Wish the guy the best. but really I could never get into him. just never grabbed me.

  • outkazt09

    His robotic and monotonous promos is what kills me about him.

  • Nostaljack

    Ken Anderson has to be somewhere (like uninjured, btw) laughing his face off.

    • Guy Landau

      Where, though? He hasn't appeared on Impact I believe since A&8 attacked him before BFG. But yeah, the same thought went through my mind as well when I read this.

  • Lin

    He could always be used to put new guys over.

  • Scott

    I'm gonna give Randy a break as i am a fan of his. He has done some stupid things, but who is perfect. Mr Perfect is widely respected, but forget he died of a drug overdose. Eddie Guerrero died of heart disease due to drugs. Now i like both Eddie & Mr Perfect. Everyone & you Richard jump on him like he did the worst thing in the Wrestling business, Well he didn't he failed a drug test. Like a lot of WWE has & i think John Cena is no saint. So i'm gonna say i hope Randy gets better soon.

  • amaanakter

    I disgaree I think Orton is a huge draw and is hugely talented performer he excels the best when he is heel. His feuds with Triple H and the McMahon family I believe to the best of his work so far and he is facing problems and difficulties at the minute but Orton will get back to the top he has too much talent not too

  • Robert

    never liked him couldn't happen to a bigger douche,.

  • Bryz13

    I don’t think they will step him down. He has such a huge following that it would start to ruin some of their fan base for sure. I mean I’m sure it’s incredibly hard to have faith in him but he is a top guy and they can throw him down the ladder but so they will also throw his fans down too.

  • Nails

    I thought his days as a top guy where already over. He hasn't been booked in a relevant feud since before WM28 which was almost a year ago and before that even. It seems ages ago since he was last in the title picture.

  • ceedot

    I actually feel like Randy is more stale than John Cena. At least John tries to bring new things to the table every week. I don’t feel like Randy not being top guy is a bad thing.

  • Patrick Peralta

    hmm lets seee Vince….you work the men and women nearly 365 days hardly time off to rest, they have to fight to get time off…why? because you want them to think , eat , and breath wrestling 24/7 like you do. the nightl;y matches is bound to have wear and tear on anyones body… and you have nerve to think Orton is a China Doll"?

    with that hard schedule nightly it's amazing more half the Roster is not out with injurys. It's been said before you need to let them rest more then once in a blue moon….fans think Orton has robotic promos ….( I think he's fine and like how he comes across )…..any wrestler in WWE would have to be a robot just to survive their schedule.