The Rock Begins Rehab For Injury Suffered At Wrestlemania 29

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The Rock noted on his Instagram account he will begin rehab for his abdominal/adductor injury suffered at Wrestlemania 29. As previously noted, Rock tore his tendons completely off his pelvis midway through his WWE title match against John Cena.

Rock had some fun with Instagram/Twitter followers by posting his "Hmm.. I think I just tore tendons off my pelvis" face:

Rock is scheduled to begin filming Hercules very soon.

  • Patrick

    Amazing he was able to finish the match.

  • D_gilbert88

    Rock just shouldn’t wrestle anymore…. Each match he’s had since he ‘came back’ he’s injured himself. Just retire with dignity rock!

    • well it not his fault Cena has injured him twice now

      • Kris Mystery

        Yup…Cena reached inside and tore those tendons clean off!!!! Get real !!!

        • Real

          if he don kno how too do a certain move right he could easily hurt the rock dumb fk… get real!!!

          • Don

            It’s the rocks LACK of effort that got him injured. Don’t show up and practice enough??? Injured… I’m not a fan of cena (besides the make a wish things that hes done) but he IS there and had done way more for wwe than rock can ever do.

          • GODSENT68

            LMMFAO Thanks for the laugh

          • Matt

            You genuinely think Cena has done more for the wwe than The Rock?

          • Matt

            Where did you learn English you ignoramus? Cena didn’t injure Rock. Rock just got injured. Shit happens in this industry.

  • Jim Evans

    It is ONLY a WORK.

  • Wolf

    Don’t care…hope he gets well very soon! If ya smeeeeeeeeeeell!!!

    • Smart Mark

      Get off the Rock’s stroodle

  • Rock is best

  • Rock vs undertaker