The Rock Buys New Multimillion Dollar Mansion In Florida

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The Rock just purchased a new $3.45 million mansion in Southwest Ranches, Florida. The house is 13,153 square feet and features 5-bedrooms, 7 bathrooms with a swimming pool and a home theater with its own ticket booth.

TMZ is reporting that Rock bought the home from Miami Dolphins lineman Vernon Carey around Valentine's Day.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending the TMZ link.

  • H.M.

    Meanwhile in Africa

    • Da KiDD

      What's goin on in Africa has nothing to do with the Rock's purchase of his house. The Rock purchasing a multi-million dollar house isn't any act of negligent social responsibility towards Africa. Sarcasm isn't necessary here. Are you going to deny a raise on your job because of what's going on in Africa?

      • Victor

        O dude shut up it is a joke meanwhile learn to have a sense of humor

  • Dave the Jobber

    Richard, why is this noteworthy. I feel most people who come to this sight really don't care about The Rock and his latest purchase. Other than these meaningless tidbits of information;like who bought what., all in all you are doing a magnificent job with this sight. Just feel there is no need for this info. Please stick to the wrestling.

    • Daniel Robertson.


    • XKonn247

      Here’s a plan. If you dont like a story first don’t read it, second don’t comment.

  • Papa Shango

    I want picture!

  • gpturbo81

    what a waste. the way these people through money around, it's like they wipe their ass with it. could of bought 20 new houses around here for that price.

  • @RatedMKD

    A home theatre with its own ticket booth?! Wonder if he's hiring…

  • thatguy

    slow news day

    • Da KiDD

      Actually it's not. Richard has already posted 13 articles for the day thus far, and it's only 2:23pm Eastern time. Must be a slow work day for you (assuming that you work) if you were able to click on an article that you didn't find newsworthy, and go the extra mile and comment on the fact that it's not newsworthy to you.

  • wnwdotcom2

    Dave the Jobber & thatguy… your comments are almost like the people that comment by saying "who cares?"

    You question why it's newsworthy yet you clicked the post and took the time to write a comment. If it wasn't newsworthy to you, you wouldn't have read the post. Our new design even provides an excerpt on the main page so you don't have to click an article if it does not interest you.

    • wnwdotcom2


    • christopher525

      Yes, but they can't come off as "compassionate" online, since they are probably dirtbags in the real world. On the other hand, as an alum of U of M I bet he got a discount from Mr. Carey for the house.

      • thatguy

        yet when you posted about vince getting a new car and it was filled with "slow news day/who cares" everyone had pretty much agreed. You got your click, twice now. Which also it isn't newsworthy at all. If so, then i hope we get more post on what cars wrestlers rent, which new pair of shoes natty buys or the next car Yoshi Tatsu buys. JUST maybe, even the gel ryder uses.

  • Kleck

    If you’ve got it, flaunt it

  • Sure this may not be the biggest wrestling news, but being in relation to a wrestler who is currently heavily involved in a wrestlemania story line, there are going to be people, like my self who click the link and read the story because I'm generally curious about what kinda crap he's spending his millions (and millions! sorry had to) on.

    Personally I'd love to see the place, sounds like it'd be nice

  • Bertie

    If he needs someone to go round at intervals with popcorn then no probs! I’m in!! Rock deserves it he is a f’in legend and hasn’t done drugs or p#ssed his money against the wall like some “superstars”

  • Yanman

    I wonder who’s mansion is nicer, Cena’s or Rock’s? We’ll find out the answer to this and many more Rock/Cena at (Old School Vinnie Mac announcer voice) WRESTLEMANIA!!!

    • Logan_Walker

      i dont think cena has a mansion

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