The Rock Claims He Suffered Internal Bleeding In His Lungs On Raw

After The Rock was attacked by The Shield on this week's WWE Raw, he was seen bleeding from the mouth. He addressed the injury on his Twitter account, claiming a serious injury:

As seen on dot com, The Rock got up during the commercial break and promised the crowd that he would beat CM Punk at the Royal Rumble.

  • H.M.

    Damn, I hope it wasn’t anything serious.

  • Adam “Swipe”

    If this is legit, would it keep him from RR? I personally hope so.

    • It’s one thing to be a troll but to hope someone is injured so they can’t perform? That’s pathetic and heartless

      • Adam “Swipe”

        I’m not a troll. Ha. I don’t just make derogatory remarks for no reason. I genuinely dislike “Rock”. I don’t want to see him in a WWE championship match, he doesn’t deserve it. And yes, I’m heartless.

        • Smithmiester

          Well in that case, I hope you drown in a pile of your own shit. Guess I’m just as heartless.

          • Adam “Swipe”

            Ah ha ha. That was funny, bruh. But no, not at all.

        • ah so your not a troll but just plain and simply ugly within yourself to hope ill health on somebody. maybe you need to see reality away from the tv and you sound sick mentally and warped not giving humility to another.

          • Adam “Swipe”

            At what point did I wish ill health? I simply asked if it would keep him off the ppv because he doesn’t deserve to headline it. You guys are acting like sheep and all jumping to his defense. He’s not the same Rock as he was. He’s terrible and washed up. He’s lame. “Cookie puss” really? And you guys just want to be his fans so bad you can’t see how bad he is and how bad he is for the company and the sport.

        • You can dislike someone all you want it’s still disgusting that you hoped his “injury” was serious enough to keep him from working RR. Maybe he doesn’t “deserve” it but did guys like Sheamus, ADR, Brock Lesnar, etc deserve to win the title so early in their careers when guys like Christian, Mark Henry or RVD had been there for years and never got anopportunity

    • Typical comment from someone that gives the IWC a bad reputation. You will find any reason to keep the WWE Title on your boy CM Punk. Comments like these will just drive Rock away from WWE.

      • Adam “Swipe”

        No, no. Don’t get it twisted. I’m one of the intelligent members of the IWC. I love the product. You people love the nostalgia. Rock is washed up. I hope we drive him away. Give the people who have been working their lives away for the WWE his spot.

        • Win

          An intelligent member of the IWC…LOL…That uniquely says everything and nothing at the same time for that small group of crazies…Vince took your top star and has made him a corporate man…He’s now a New York Yankee as well LOL!

          • Pluto

            Preach, I’ve been saying the same thing all of last year. I’m assuming your talking about Punk also?

          • Win

            100% I’m talking about Punk! He’s a Paul Heyman Guy…News flash…Paul Heyman would throw his mother from a train to be in the corporate offices of WWE and this is the guy who mentored the “Rebellious and forward thinking,” CM Punk. Ask Jim Cornette how badly WWE teased Heyman by placing him in Ohio Valley Wrestling, rather then their corporate offices in Connecticut way back when. By his own admission it was torture for him to be placed in Connecticut, since Cornette wanted to be around the developing stars, but also by his own admission, they did it to drive Heyman nuts!!! So yeah IWC. Your free thinking leader was given all of his ideas by his mentor, a corporate brown-nosing lackey. The Corporation wins again! LOL!

        • Razmos

          The Rock makes WWE more money than its current roster, so explained your washed up comment please?? Also stating he is bad for WWE explain that when hes the reason the PPV buyrates go up, intelligent? I think not pal, your more of a jealous hater, i would agree on troll as well, you give a guy stick for going out and trying something new, making a name for himself outside of wrestling, he cleaned up in WWE and in movies, the guy is a legend and more successful than you could ever hope to be!!

          • Adam “Swipe”

            Money doesn’t make talent, ask John Cena. I’m not a hater, I assure you. You don’t know me, so chill with that. Mark my words, in the near future, people will look back at this Rock stint and eventual title run as one of the biggest mistakes in recent WWE memory.

    • Pluto

      It’s legit, but this isn’t anything new, happens all the time in this business. He’ll be at the Rumble for sure

      • Adam “Swipe”

        Thanks for answering the actual point of the question, Pluto.

  • midwestrest

    Why don’t you just tweet him and ask him to go away? I don’t think hoping bad injuries on this comment board is the way to go.

  • Adam “Swipe”

    People, I don’t care about your opinions, as I’m sure yous don’t care about mine. I just want to know if there’s a possibility of Dwayne missing the Rumble and someone more deserving taking his spot.

  • MrSnaps

    I agree with Adam Swipe.

    And btw he isn’t “wishing an injury on the Rock”. The rock is already hurt. He just wants to know if it’ll keep him out of RR. Brain. Use it.

    • Adam “Swipe”

      Thank You!

    • Win

      Speaking of brains… At what point did you get the impression he was genuinely “wondering” if the Rock was out for the Royal Rumble; after he clearly stated he wanted the injury to be legit so he would miss the Royal Rumble. All while awkwardly boasting about being “heartless.” I’m just saying, if we’re going to encourage others to use their brain, let’s exercise the notion with a little complex thought of our own.

      • Adam “Swipe”

        I didn’t awkwardly boast about anything. Someone made a statement, I confirmed. From the first comment, I just wanted to know if he’d miss the ppv. You people blew it all out of proportion.

    • He wants Rock to be hurt enough that he can’t perform. Maybe you should take your own advice junior

  • Darkstalker

    Seriously people? It´s a work and the tweet just hypes the PPV. There´s no way – and I mean NO WAY – there was anything legit about the bleeding. Probably just bit his lip or used bite-down capsule of fake blood.

  • John

    Come on now.. People actually think this is real??? And there i was thinking wrestling fans were too smart to be fooled by WWE storylines nowadays .. Guess I was wrong.

    • I think one person thought this was real not all of us. We were debating about how heartless some people are in regards to Rock’s health if the injury was legit. Think about it!

  • Vince

    If this was legit, he would be in the hospital as we speak. Any kind of internal bleeding is serious.

  • He did injure himself. You can find it on other spots online. Is it that hard to believe? Impacts to the chest like the ones he takes? These guys get injured constantly. Its the main reason alot of them get hooked on pain killers and alcohol. Thankfully Rock isnt one of them, and it is the other reason why he retired from WWE in the first place.