The Rock Comments On His Relationship With CM Punk & Their Upcoming Match

The Rock has been answering fans questions yesterday and today on his official Twitter account. One question was in regards to his relationship with CM Punk. Rock's answer to that question is below:

Another fan asked him if he is ready to face CM Punk at the Royal Rumble. His tweet to answer that question is below:

Even though the match hasn't been made official by WWE yet, The Rock will fight for the WWE Title at the pay-per-view. CM Punk had surgery and is now written off of WWE TLC. Punk is scheduled to fully recovered by Royal Rumble, but there are plans in place if that is not the case. For those plans, click here.

  • Awww….Phillip is Dwayne's BFF.

  • Maz

    He just messed up

    The wh

  • Maz

    He just messed up the whole promo for that match

  • AnacondaVise

    I would never look at The Rock and think his name is Dwayne or look at CM Punk and think his name is Phillip.

    No offense to anyone with either name. 🙂

  • Anand

    I cant wait for this match. Rock vs Punk – Will be a Classic!!!

    Just hope WWE does not screw the pooch and strip punk of the title and make a mess of the title scenario. Let punk get his rest and face rock at royal rumble…

  • Matt

    Phillip and Dwayne should just hug it out, LOL

  • philg

    I would have been terribly confused on who this Phillip was if not for the awesome segments being punk and HHH when he gets in his face and says this aint punk talking to HHH but Phil Brooks talking to Paul Levesque.. has his real name been mentioned on tv any other times? I thought they usually liked to keep that kinda stuff hushed is this a vieled insult by the rock using Phillip instead of Punk??

  • Evon Reese

    I will be so glad when this is over but on the other hand we can listen to Punk cry for another year when he loses the title to The Rock.

  • Pashirt

    Here’s What Will Happen
    Ryback And THN Will Beat Shield At TLC
    Rock Will Beat Punk 4 WWE Title At RR
    Rock Will Retain In Elimination Chamber
    Stone Cold Returns And Challenges Punk To A Match At WM
    Rock Joins Making It A Triple Threat 4 The WWE Title
    Stone Cold Wins
    And That’s The Bottom Line Because Pashirt Said So!