The Rock Discusses His Match At WrestleMania XXVIII, His Love Life, More

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson recently took part in an interview with MovieFone, in which he discusses topics such as his current acting roles and main eventing this year's WrestleMania. Below are some highlights:

Now with this incredibly busy slate of action movies, how are you finding time to train for a WrestleMania main event?

You fit it in, that's what you do. I make sure there's a ring on location with me, anywhere that I shoot. I had a ring down in New Orleans, when I was preparing for the Madison Square Garden event. I have a ring down in Florida, a ring down in Louisiana; there's always a ring close by. In order to prep for WrestleMania, it's a lengthy training camp that requires daily work inside the ring because you can't simulate the physicality of professional wrestling.

But is your opponent John Cena really going to be that much trouble?
The only trouble he's going to have is removing my size 15 boot from his ladyparts.

I think that's what a lot of people wanted to hear.
That's right -- I'm excited about all the projects you just mentioned. I'm excited about WrestleMania; to be able to go back, team up with Vince [McMahon] and make a big vision like that come to life and create the biggest match-up of all time is very special to me. There's countless matches that have moved me and inspired me, and we're going to do something very special down in Miami, my hometown, sold-out Sun Life Stadium. Boots to John Cena's ass.

In addition, The Rock took part in a short interview with CNN in which he discussed how to win his heart. Click here to read it.

  • Guest

    "The only trouble he’s going to have is removing my size 15 boot from his ladyparts."! Vintage Rock! Lol !

  • Bertie

    If cena wins we riot! Please don’t have the rock pass the torch to this guy! Cena doesn’t need a rock he’s already being portrayed as super cena! I like his new twist to the stale character but the fans will never fully love cena.

    • Bruno

      You peoria have been planning to riot for yrs now. Stupid and old news

  • jcud_theSaint

    Hell, I'm just glad he's doing at least some work in the WWE with that busy schedule he gots, and bringing some life to wreslemania. But I can't help to agree with Punk on some of the things he said about how Dwayne is full of himself sometimes, I really hope they do a Punk vs Rock fued next year.

  • Da KiDD

    Say what you want about the Rock "selling out" and "leaving us poor fans behind and forgetting about us for all these years"….yea..ok…whatever. With his extremely demanding schedule (From Fast Five last year, Journey 2 (this friday), G.I. Joe in the summer, and some straight to DVD movies in between (check Netflix)), it is extremely freaking impressive that he takes the time and shows the dedication to work on his wrestling craft throughout it all.

    The fact of the matter is this,….The Rock is now a Hollywood celebrity. That's it, just deal with it. I can accept it. I like it. I'm a fan of him. And I appreciate when he comes and makes appearances. The man has transcended, but is still giving back at the same time. And this d*mn sure ain't about money.

    So people need to stop being emotional midgets, and feeling like he has an obligation to them. How bout we spend more time rooting for people than tearing them down.

    • Razmos01

      Amen on that one!!!!

  • Laura

    Just one more reason for me to boycott WrestleMania. Cancel the match and get me back!!!

    • RawrIsLuv

      Yes because it’s all about you right?

      • Laura

        I didn't want the match to happen to begin with. Until WWE grows a brain cell and cancels the match, I will not have anything to do with it. In fact, I've been encouraging others to do the same. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THIS!

        • outkazt09

          WWE is are really gonna miss out on you by streaming the ppv. good luck with girlfriend.

  • Wwe4L76

    Cena wins= We All knew it. The pg is better the attitude.
    Rock wins= The Wrestling today are worse now Then in attitude.

    Loose loose situation

  • Bruno

    Rock will be surprised ar wrestlemania

  • Jg

    Hope the rock gets beat n stays away.. Loved rocky when he started but leave us n come back n say u will never leave n b home again.. Joke!!! Stick to bad Disney movies n even worse action drama. Sorry rock but cena is the better man!

  • jenny

    BOOTS TO ASSES the rock is awesome cena sucks cena sucks got 2 love it wish cena would go back to the way he was when he first started he was a bad ass then right know he just plan sucks the match that dont need to happen is undertaker vs. hhh been there done that repeat from least year with shawn michaels on raw next week match undertaker vs kane last man standing match

  • Andrew Ellis

    Yea deadman vs the game again cmon wwe thats weak whateva happen to creating great matches this is why we need another company that can compete with wwe to make them put out a better product

  • Joe

    Sorry rock I’m putting my money on cena just cause wwe sucks and I now they’ll put him over

  • Paul w

    Totally agree with da kidd, the people who are hopeing for cena to win and slateing the rock well it goes to show how little your brains are and know nothing about wwe, cena has done nothing since he has been im wwe, why support the most fake over the top super cena the man has 5 moves at best and is so dull, least when the rock was in it full time he mixed stuff up was and still is entertaining and had more than 5 moves. Boots to asses rock to kick that dull fake cena’s ass

  • BigMike

    why are all the marks hating on Cena the man not Cena the persona?: it sickens me that you marks do this Cena gets paid TRUCKLOADS of money to play a specific cheesy persona and all you marks would gladly do the exact same thing if given the opportunity Cena the man is a humble good guy who has filled more Makeawish than most every other WWF/E star combined he is selfless with his time. Yes his persona is stale and I like how they are making him a bit darker Giving him this darker side should make him more entertaining. Basically make sure you are talking for the right reasons U dont like Cena and his persona? Fine good for u U hate on him as a man as a human being WHY?: it shows YOUR ignorance