The Rock Encourages Jason Collins, Get Well Soon Justin Roberts

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The Rock Encourages Jason Collins

Monday's top story in sports is Washington Wizards center Jason Collins telling Sports Illustrated that he's gay. The Rock weighed in on Collins' decision to come out on Twitter:

Pro wrestling is not unaffected by homophobia and I hope that people in the business see this step forward and aren't afraid to follow suit.  It's time to tear down the lies and end discriminatory behavior for good.

Justin Roberts Under the Weather

WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts is currently battling the flu with a fever. We obviously don't consider this "ground-breaking news" but it does give us the opportunity to tell Justin we hope he feels better.

  • Live and let live

    It is a very strong rumor that the rock is gay. I am not saying this for any other reason that I thought other wrestling fans would find this interesting. I work in the media and have heard rumblings of this for many years. “Live and let live”. With all the hate and problems facing the world today someone’s sexuality should be the last thing we worry about.

    • Matt

      Sorry but who in the sweet hell cares? Why is it any of your business? Rock, who is divorced from his wife, has every right to keep secrets like you or me. The wrestling community gives no goddamn about homosexuality, nor does current society. If you’re finding joy out of posting things like this it’s about time you catch up and realise that it’s 2013 and grow up.

      • Matt

        That came out wrong after reading it back. I fully support homosexuality and also people’s rights to be as open or closed as they want. People saying “rumour has it” about such matters is, to me, wholly disrespectful and none of their damn business. Sorry if it came across wrong.

  • Live and let live

    I find no joy in posting that. This however is an open discussion for us wrestling fans to share information. I never implied Rock should come out if that is not something he cares to do now or ever. He is a very public figure and like any public figure information and speculation will come out. I meant no disrespect and was only sharing credible information that I thought fellow wrestling fans would find both interesting and discussion worthy. I have nothing but respect for The “Great One”.

    • Stifler

      Shut up both of you, twats

  • WNW Fan

    I don’t hate anyone. Lets get that straight first of all. But I get tired of society, gay or straight, shoving homosexuality down our throats. Like someone else said, ‘who cares’. I agree it’s nobody business. Someone’s sexuality shouldn’t matter. I just get tired of the gay’s throwing their lifestyle at the straights. Its nowadays getting to where its not politically correct to disagree with the gay lifestyle. If they have the freedom to try to force me to accept it then I should have the freedom to disagree with it. I don’t hate anyone who’s gay. I don’t judge anyone who’s gay. It’s God’s job to judge each and every one of us regardless of who or what we are or aren’t. I just think if I disagree with something I should be free to do so. We as a society should be able to have opinions on both sides of issues and agree or disagree respectfully. I’m proud to be straight. Kudo’s to anyone who’s gay. I just don’t shout from the roof tops about my sexuality. Even if I did no one would care anyway. If someone were to ask another if they are gay or straight in conversation and they admitted to being gay then why not just brush it off? That’s what I would do. I might disagree with them but it’s their life, not mine. Just my opinion. I respect others opinion.

    • Stifler

      “It’s god’s job..” Hahahahhahahahahhahahaahaha.