The Rock Even More Massive, WWE Week Wraps, Former Star Completes Rehab

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- WNW reader Dave L sent in the following photo of The Rock showing off his legs:

- Speaking of Rock, WWE Week will wrap up Friday night with WWE Champion CM Punk hosting "The Game Plan" starring The Rock on the USA Network. The movies airs at 8:30 PM EST.  Rock vs. Punk is planned to headline Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship.

- Justin Credible just recently returned home from WWE sponsored rehab.

  • #StillFindAWay

    • Dave Barton


      • #PrescriptionSteroidsAreStillSteroids

        • Dave Barton


          • Blazeking

            I won't. He's being a d***.

    • Don

      Definitely sterroids.He couldn't achieve that in his prime, how is it that he can now?

  • Dufus

    It seems to me the larger a man makes his legs the smaller his junk will look – lol

  • Loren_G

    I'm sorry but that picture looks fake to me

    • Michael

      In what universe does it look fake? Is it because he actually puts effort into his work?

      • Dave Barton

        Maybe Loren_G is referring to "fake" as just "not Dwayne"…can't see his face or any real identifying marks. Still, I take Dwayne at his word that its him.

      • Gary

        In what universe? The entire picture looks fake from his legs to the cartoonish surrounding.

  • Hitman310

    I bet Vince is all excited over that picture…

    • Justin

      You seem upset. What's wrong? Are you dreading the reign of CM Punk ending?

      • izblack

        I’m rejoicing the soon too be end of Punk’s boring title reign

      • Gary

        I'm dreading the longest title reign of the modern era losing to a guy who has wrestled twice in 8 years, yes. First he his put over the face of the company at the biggest event of the year and then he'll be used to defeat Punk for the title. Its ludicrous story telling. And this comes from a huge fan of The Rock.

  • Winnipeg

    Wow. Looks natural.

  • The Big Organ

    I couldn’t get like that if I ran 5 billion miles! Well I could if I had a little “help” if you know what I mean! Man I have a feeling when The Rock squares off against CM punk, he’s gonna make Punk look like a damn cruserweight!


    Not really more massive as much as just more defined. More reps with low weights can accomplish that without steroids

  • Yazz

    It doesn’t take scooby doo To solve this mystery. He’s on roids.

  • Wwe4L76


  • John

    It's pretty obvious that the picture has been 'doctored' so to speak. Same with the picture he had on twitter with the CM Punk shirt on. He is not on roids, nor are the pictures completely fake, however they have clearly been altered.

  • fuzzy lumpkins

    Why does it matter of he’s on roids?

  • philg

    you know.. there are some people out there that live and breathe working out.. this is possible without roids if the right time and effort are put in over an extended amount of time. Something the rock could easily do given his insane work ethic and natural physical talents. Ive known people to be this big in my own life.. they just had to work out 6 hours a day to do so!

    • Working out six hours a day is called overtraining. You WILL NOT get big that way. Putting yourself through that much hell will do more bad than good. Your muscles will be too stressed out to grow, and you’ll end up smaller. BUT, if you’re on steroids, a six hour workout will be fine.

  • I’m toning. I think big muscles are unnattractive. That right there is just…INSANE.

  • Me.

    Attitude Era? We've got steroids for that.