The Rock Furthers Feud With CM Punk With Photo On Twitter; New WWE Signing

- If you had any doubt WWE was not going to go with The Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble, you can all but put them away. Rock posted the following on Twitter:

- WWE has signed Renee Paquette from "Aftermath" on The Score in Canada.

  • Charles

    Good lord! He could crush my head like a beer can!

    • Behind the scenes

      Did he wash his punk shirt with his red underwear. Colors with colors Rock!

  • _JIM_

    I always find it strange when athletes get bigger than they ever were late in their careers. Maybe the steroid scandals in baseball have made me question this more than I would have if those scandals never happened, but I will admit that I'm quite skeptical of how a guy gets that cut at that age. I wonder if Rock even gets tested under WWE's wellness policy due to his part time status. Either way the guy is jacked and looks to be even bigger than he was at Wrestlemania.

    • Dave Barton

      You echo my thoughts. I mean, it could just be that he has more time to work out when he's not filming, but I still wonder as well.

    • snuggle

      He stays in this type of shape because of the action movies that he does. In order to be taken seriously in action movies these days you have to be in shape. Gone are the days where only the stunt double did all the stunts. Now the big name actor does stunts as well. Steve Austin said that he does about 85% of his action in his movies.

      • Robert

        Sorry, but all the time in the world would not change what card he got dealt, the man had man boob removal in the past. There is no way in HELL he is no taking roids. It's the same thing with Vince, was a scrawny small guy in the 80's and early 90's then blew up. It's the juice, simple.

      • Don

        Yeah.. that makes a lot of sense snuggle, when he was active consistently in the WWF he couldn't get like this in his prime years. But he can do it now because his movie roles… wtf. These guys work out A LOT in wwf, and if he couldn't naturally even rid his man boobs in his prime there is NO possible way he could achieve this organically. Don't be so naive guys, it's common sense.

    • Professional athletes use steroids/testosterone….its a fact.

    • spooty

      Like everyone else said, it's easier to get big when you're not on the road. Ever wonder why superstars returning from injury are bigger than before they left?

      Also, this image is of him mid workout. He's going to look biggest while he's got his pump on.

    • Jamie

      He has got a film role to play a big muscle guy..

    • Don

      He's totally roiding it out, he has always been more pudgy than anything and that was in his prime years!

  • Donny

    Oh my that’s kind of gross

  • Sjenttivensventa

    I hope the Dwayne gets injured cause wwe does not need him with his old ass catch phrases and half ass wrestling

    • U ask, I give!

      Yes they do and you do too. If yaaaaaaaaaaa, FINALLY ssssssssssmell, what the millions and millions, lalalalalalalalalalala is cookin'!!!

    • Ben

      U mug have no idea why ur on about

  • Bigdaddychuck

    The rock vs punk I can see it now.. Punk loses the title when the ref gets knocked out and than you hear the glass break Austin runs down and stuns punk out of his boots.. Giving the rock the title and setting up Austin vs punk.. That’s how I would at least book it

    • British bulldog

      Love it, but too predictable

    • snap

      If it actually does lead to a match between Punk and Austin, that’s a great way to set it up. The only concern in my mind is, doesn’t the title continually being retained or won through questionable means do more to damage the title than allowing the former champion to retain his heat?

  • Bigdaddychuck

    The rock vs punk I can see it now.. Punk loses the title when the ref gets knocked out and than you hear the glass break Austin runs down and stuns punk out of his boots.. Giving the rock the title and setting up Austin vs punk.. That’s how I would at least book it .

    • Joe O.

      Keep those wet dreams to yourself. Lol that would first off be too good to be true. And second, when has Austin ever, and I mean EEEEEEEVER helped The Rock?

  • Sam The Man.

    Great for Renée. Do you know what her role gonna be?

    • dusty588

      Good for her is right. She did an awesome jon on Aftermath. I wonder if she will have an on-air role, or something else. I could see her doing a backstage interviewer role, similar to what Maria did before she started wrestling.

    • snap

      I’m going to miss seeing Renee on Aftermath TV and I hope WWE utilizes her talents to the fullest and she has a very prosperous future with WWE.

      Congratulations and good luck, Renee!

  • Robert olley

    He looks bigger in that pic because he’s in the middle of a rep with what looks like 160lb or do. His muscles will be bigger because they are tensed ready to finish the rep.

    • Dude. Its not the rep. Its the juice! If you or i did a bunch of reps and took a pic….we wouldnt look anywhere near that veiny or big. Steroids….im not against it. Just pointing out the obvious.

      • Reality Check

        That’s not true. I work out daily, and about 2 min. in, my veins start showing and by the end I start to look like The Rock (not nearly that big, but the veins part).

      • Robert olley

        Wrong I do weights do enuf of them you look like that I’m talking huge weights for years in a row not every now and again at the gym with 50lb

        • I lift 5 days a week and eat like a beast. I know what it takes to get big. The reason i think rock is juicing is because im taking into account his age. When he was younger he was nowhere near this big. Ive also noticed during survivor series that the bottom corner of his pec droops a little, which is a common side effect of steroids.

      • Don

        Dangerous Lee is completely correct when it comes to this, it's obvious.

  • Shawn

    Renee Paquette is so hot hope she is used to her full potential she was amazing on the score and the show aftermath maybe she’s gunna be used to create story lines

    • Miles

      You don’t need an iq to work out that’s not naturally acquired muscle

  • proud

    Glad I’m not asking his daughters hand in marriage!

  • Remi

    Got the lil beats by dre on xD lol

  • DoJo

    Of course dwayne looks bigger – he has time to recoup and that is what stimulates the growth NOT just the exercise!!! And I don’t mean to throw a spanner in the works but it IS possible to get big & lean JUST on diet & exercise……… The thing is you would need to eat a s**t load of protein/carb combination every 2hrs ish & make sure you rest to develop muscle growth!!! On the other hand I see the argument in the fact that BIG wrestlers have less time to recoup therefore need ‘juice’ but it is not always true………..

    • Don

      Fact also is that he simply did NOT normally have the genetic makeup to achieve this normally. You don't have a less athletic body in your prime then get older and all of a sudden become a big vein filled muscle machine lol It doesn't work that way. If you have the genetics it shows early (most cases) but it will definitely be there in the persons prime (not near their 40's) This is very obvious, if you cannot see this you are either ignorant or a total dwaynetard lol.

  • bruno

    Rock vs Ryback

  • Andrew


    Rock v Lesnar at Mania for the WWE title then?

  • dusty588

    The Aftermath page on facebook just posted about Renee getting signed to WWE. It says that she is going to be a broadcaster for RAW and/or Smackdown. Congrats again to Renee!

  • Teddy

    Hope the Rock gets his wellness check at WWE before his next match. I have a feeling me might fail!!

    • Razmos01

      He is not on steroids the guy works out, cena is pumped……he must be on steroids right??

      • Don

        uh…. yes. When asked he answered he won't confirm or deny.. Which means YES! DUH!! It's common sense. Rock could never get like that normallyeven at his prime, but now hes older and he can? B.S.

  • Josh

    I can see it like the rock losing but with some sort of Lesnar interference providing a storyline for Rock vs Brock at WM29. Then the next Raw Punk cuts a promo on how he has beat everyone on the roster and there is nobody left to face him. then Stone Cold comes out hits a stunner and says you haven’t faced me yet and then Punk vs Austin WM29 as well

    • naw! that senerio sucks!