The Rock Gives Survivor Series A Boost; Preliminary Buyrate Numbers Are In

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WWE has updated their key performance indicators for 2011, revealing the preliminary Survivor Series buyrate.

The show did between 280,000 and 300,000 total buys. This number is up from the 244,000 buys the show did last year and 235,000 buys the show did in 2009.

Survivor Series 2011 featured The Rock's first match since his in-ring retirement in 2004. Rock teamed with John Cena to beat The Miz & R-Truth.

  • jonathon212

    this is really poor considering this is the rock first match back in 7 years. their numbers are barely up from last years survivor series

    • Krim

      We need big dady v

    • Whammaster

      whos gonna argue a nearly 2.5 million dollar added income from last year? Only a lunatic thats who.

      • @RatedMKD

        Depends on how much they paid Rock to do it, I suppose. I'm not saying he got a 2.5 mil pay-off for Survivor Series or anything, but it's potentially not as big a profit as it seems on paper.

  • Ilyas

    Of course their would be more people tuning in at Survivor Series,because the Rock came back to wrestle in the WWE for 7 loooooooooooooooong yrs.And he's the only people's champion!All kids watched it,because John Cena was there teaming with the Rock.The adults wanted to watch Survivor Series,because the Rock was going to be there.And John Cena and the Rock are a good team for people to watch.This is good that it happened at Survivor Series,because if it happened on Raw or SmackDown,the WWE Universe would say okay,I'll watch Raw or SmackDown,because the Rock came back to WWE for 7 yrs.I have a good idea that the general managers,and Vince McMahon to have,and that is to never get Cena,and the Rock on the same brand,so when they have a WWE PPV,more people would watch the WWE PPV''s!

    • XKonn247

      A) What? B) PPVs aren’t split by brands any more. They haven’t been in years. C) Since when is Dwayne “back for 7 years”? D) 300,000 isn’t much considering Mania with Rock did 1,000,000. E) Mark.

  • spikewestphal

    up 15 thousand buys thats bad considering it was the rock's first wrestling match in 7 years

    • jonathon212

      thats what i said but there are stupid ppl who want to give me negative rep because they cant see that im just stating facts. all the experts said it was a poor buyrate yet when i say it im being negative or something.

      i guarantee you wwe was not happy with these numbers.

      • Lee McAndrew

        I've noticed people on here get very defensive if you criticise the WWE or one of the internet darlings. I make a satirical comment about the WWE on here once and got loads of thumbs down for it… but maybe it just wasn't funny 🙂

    • Whammaster

      MATH! whats 244 + 15? -.-

      • XKonn247

        Oh oh oh! 269!!! Do I get a cookie!?

  • Retired?

    I Don’t remember The Rock ever officially Retiring…

  • Dwayne J.

    Say what you will, but if you take even the minimum total buys of 280,000, that's 36,000 more buys than the year prior. Assuming $40 to purchase the PPV (could have been more I don't recall) you're looking at increased revenue of $1.4 million. And this is on the low end since the buys could have gone as high as 300,000.

    I have no idea what The Rock is being paid for these performances but I can assure you he wasn't paid $1.4m for his Survivor Series performance so it's certainly a boost for the WWE no matter what any of the sites are reporting.

    It may not have been enough of a boost in Vince's eyes, but it's certainly enough to say The Rock's appearances make a difference.

    That's just my take…