The Rock Now Listed As WWE Alum; Toronto Sun Writer Says Loud-Mouth Lesnar Belongs In WWE

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- WWE has removed The Rock's bio from the Raw Superstars page and re-added it to the WWE Alumni page.

- Toronto Sun writer Jose Rodriguez has a new article online entitled "Loud-mouth Lesnar belongs in WWE." Just so you can get a ease of what Rodriguez meant by the title, here's an excerpt:

Now, not questioning Lesnar’s athleticism for a second, but it’s a little like the righting of the Earth’s axis to see him back where he belongs.

I, for one, can’t think of a better home for the loud-mouthed, brash and often times ignorant Lesnar. He did little to build the credibility of the sport and, if anything, cheapened it.

There is something seriously wrong when The Undertaker is one of the featured stars in the stands during a UFC pay-per-view.

Just doesn’t seem right.

Brock, I will NOT miss you though I wish you nothing but success in your return to an acting career.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Nails

    I think this sports writter is the ignorant loud mouth. Brock Lesnar help put MMA on the map. More people (casual fans) know who he is over Frank Mir or Ramage. FACT. Brock Lesnar is just what MMA needs – a colorful superstar with talent to back it up. It's a rotten shame his health problems ended his career early. The good news is that we can now enjoy him in WWE. I hope he has a good 5 years left.

    • 1vinny1

      Nails has hit the Nail on the head sorry about the pun, a lot of anti WWE, MMA fan hated Lesnar but what they didin't relise is that Lesnar did nothing but help the sport if he didn't get into MMA i personally wouldn't have watched the sport but as a result i have become a fan of MMA. Lesnar is such a big personality that he brings rating thats why he was UFCs top draw.

  • JFRS

    I'm a big mma fan, have been since before it became 'cool', but this Jose Rodriquez (whoever the hell he is, like we even care) is a complete and utter tool

    • Double reversing…

      Hater, clearly looking to sell a few more Toronto Suns……wait what aren’t newspapers like phone books there all going away. Maybe he can blog…..

    • Andrew

      5 years? No chance. He looked fat on Monday. Best get himself in shape quick

      • Andy

        he almost died from his second encounter with his disease, give him a chance to recover a bit, geez

      • 1vinny1

        you must be joking right his actually lost weight since he last was in the WWE he was well over 300 pounds. If you watched or read anything about lesnar you would have realised that he as been eating better and losing muscle mass as a result of his illness. Personally he looks like hes just put on one of his old WWE shirts without relising how much weight hes lost.

    • kevin

      Agreed he gives Canadians a bad name

      • Dunstan

        I don't understand why an article from Canada is featured on a US based site that it somehow represents all Canadians.

      • 1vinny1

        ironically with all the stuff he was saying about Canada he actually has a house there.

  • Deep

    Sportswriters seem to relish in bashing professional wrestling. I guess the thinking here is that they cover "real" sports, and that alone makes them better than these "fake" athletes. Ironic because most of the people who cover the "real" sports are middle-aged, out of shape men who have never laced it up up for any type of sport, fake or otherwise.

    What's the underlying cause for this hatred, I wonder? Is it because they see the sports they cover as somehow a more noble enterprise? You know, like football, where coaches put out bounties for injuring opposing players (if you think the Saints situation was an isolated incident, you're kidding yourself)? Or how about baseball, where steroid use was so rampant for over two decades that it would have made Scott Steiner blush? Don't even let me get started on basketball. So that couldn't possibly be it. Is it the "fake" factor alone? I suppose none of these people watch television or go to the movies then, either, preferring all of their entertainment to be "authentic". That doesn't sound right. Are they still not over the David Schultz incident? Come on, that was around 30 years ago. The industry and the attitude of the wrestlers is a lot different today.

    Whatever their reasoning is, let them have it. Maybe one day they'll decide to try their luck in the ring and Daniel Bryan can twist them into a pretzel. Probably never going to happen, but we can dream.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Untill loud mouth Jose Rodriguez can get into a UFC ring and do better then Lesner then he needs to keep quit and keep his mouth shut. Lesner did a lot for MMA.

  • Blazeking

    Jose Rodriguez isn't a journalist if he doesn't know pro-wrestling is more than "an acting career". He's the latest of internet bloggers who think they can get a little bit of credibility by trying to jump on the bandwagon of the "wrestling is fake" idiots.

    I don't see him jumping into a ring since it's so easy and nothing but acting. I bet after getting scoop slammed 7 times in a row he'll be coughing up blood. I bet he can't hit the ropes in the ring for more than 3 minutes nonstop.

  • CaliburUK

    I bet he has a lot of respect for Alistair Overeem though….

  • “The Nightmare”

    Acting career!!?? Acting career!!?? First and for-most these men and women who have chosen this career are athletes in top condition both physically and to a degree mentally. Yes, their moves are practiced and taught and are worked out before they walk out in front of thousands but the pain is real. I’d like to see this guy step into the ring with one of the women of the sport and see if even he doesn’t crap himself if they put him in a hold that he can’t get out of. As far as Lesnar being back, I think it’s great for business, this is a business, people do make money from it. On a personal note I tend to agree in a very slight way as to his ignorance but will lend that to the fact that he was very young when he first stepped into the wrestling business and was bullheaded. Anyone who ever says to me that wrestling is fake I always defend it with the same saying “The action is somewhat fake, but the pain is REAL”. Acting career? Dude, these people could probably “act” circles around you!

  • British bulldog

    Actors have stuntmen to do the dangerous and somewhat colourful manouvers, wrestlers feel all the pain themselves.

    Also, an actor isn’t on the road all year round, all around the world!! An actor will film a show in a few weeks then that’s done and take a break!!

    Rant over

  • The idiot

    I thought rock was going after the Wwe championship there stupid putting him in alumni.

    • Razmos01

      He is away from WWE for about 5-6 months filming why keep him on Raw page? Its not as if they have removed him fully!

      • The idiot

        Oh yeah I forgot he was doing another movie now I remember thanks.

        • James M>>>

          Yeah, remember something about never leaving, being ….. HOME! More like barely there and on vacation. See ya rock, thanks for teasing the fans to keep them in the palm of your hands while you do what you really love, making movies and buku bucks.

  • this guys an idiot

    this guy is an idiot these people travel 300 days a year and even though there moves are somewhat set up before hand doesnt mean they are not athletes. they are in the best physical and mental state out there and put their bodies through hell week in and week out. they also dont just come out on monday or tuesday they are out wrestling 4-6 nights a week being away from family friends and everyone that matters to them. i wish i could see this idiot get in the ring with anyone of these so called actors. they dont have stuntman do there manuevers. he needs to shut his mouth unless he knows what he is talking about. and brock lesnar he is very talented in ufc and wwe but i do agree he was inmature when first in wrestling but has also done alot for both the ufc and wwe. oh well there will always be ignorant people like this sports writer who is just trying to sell some of his newspapers.

  • Wwe4L76

    Bye bye rock

    • Wwe4L76


  • Mike

    See, this is the kinda thing that really pisses me off about people. They know little to nothing about wrestling, yet they’re always the first ones to bash it. They all say wrestling is fake, but they can’t accept the fact that there are some things in the business that you simply cannot fake. I’d like to see this goon get thrown off a 15 ft ladder and go through a table, finish the match, then go out and do it again night after night.

    • James M>>>

      I think we petition the church to include calling wrestling fake one of the 7 deadly sins, making it the 8th, what do you all think?

  • Cena Sucks

    IT’S REAL TO ME DAMMIT!! On a serious note though. LESNAR vs THE ROCK next year will be great!

  • Bmac

    The Rock is actually featured on the RAW and Alumni section. I just checked.

  • Razmos01

    Why are people saying bye bye Rock, he just signed a years contract similar to Brock Lesnar