The Rock Off Next Week's Raw, In Panama

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WWE Champion The Rock isn't scheduled for next week's WWE Raw in Dallas. Instead, Brock Lesnar is being advertised as the current plan is to rotate their appearances in the shows leading up to Wrestlemania 29.

Rock wrote the following on Twitter:

Rock will be shooting his new reality show "The Hero" that will air on TNT.

  • Jason

    so..let me get this straight…after revealing the new wwe title this week…the champion yet again no shows…where is the logic in this? doesnt a new championship needs to be shown off on a weekly basis so people can get use to the new look?

  • H.M.

    Okay, a bit of a rant here in general…if you dislike what I’m saying you’re entitled to it, but these are just some thoughts and sentiments I’ve developed over the course of the last few weeks…

    My interest in the Rock is waning solely due to the fact that most of his promos are becoming repetitive and that’s really all he’s doing… cutting promos… making an appearance, milking up the crowd and then moving on. Every Raw or 2nd Raw they’ll promote him down our throats with all the ‘OH ROCKS HERE TONIGHT GUYS, WATCH OUT! HE’S GONNA TALK!’, and I sit there saying to myself ‘really?! No shiz he should be there, he’s the company’s damn champion!’ I come off as bitter here but I’m not; just quite annoyed with the direction of Rocky at this moment; but that’s only because I was and still consider myself mostly to be a huge Rock fan, yet I want to see that ‘oomph’ he had back when he was a full time star or even when at the stature he was when he cut that damn awesome promo in 2011 upon his epic return. Rock is essentially becoming a John Cena that uses ‘swear words’ to put it very bluntly. Not fun.

    Rant over.

  • vacano

    people stop complainig, we all used to wish and dream when the Rock be back or if he ever was going to come back to wrestling. Now we have him back and by the way more than i was expecting and we still not happy. The WWE roster is so thin that lets enjoy this few moments that we get of pure entertaiment from one of the best of all times. In the other hand if we have him back week in and week out in every Raw trust me we be bore of him really quick, so i don’t have a problem with him gone every other week. Also when the Miz was US Champion how many times did he defended the title. so is the same here.