The Rock: "On A Personal Note, There Is No Greater Opponent For Me For This WrestleMania Than John Cena"

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The Rock recently took part in an interactive chat on ESPN Sportsnation to talk about his upcoming match at WrestleMania XXVIII against John Cena, as well as to promote his movie, Journey 2. When asked which he finds more demanding, being in the ring or in front of the camera, he responded:

"Being in front of the camera is more demanding in terms of the time. My movies take anywhere from 10-16 weeks to film. Months to promote. Almost a year of editing and 12-14 hour days. There is nothing like the thrill and emotional connection with the fans that's like being in the ring that can never be duplicated. I love making movies, but there's nothing like being in the middle of the ring with a microphone in my hand or competing with my fellow wrestlers."

He was then asked about his busy schedule working as an actor and preparing for his WrestleMania match, and about his predictions for the match, to which he responded:

My schedule has never been busier. It's a daily challenge to balance all of the endeavors that the brand is extending into, film, TV, producing, and the continuous physical prep for my WrestleMania return. I'm fortunate in that as busy as I am and as my team and brand continue to build out and up, that I have incredible support group around me. I have surrounded myself with brilliant people that are much smarter than I am with what they do that have allowed me to achieve my goals.

You're only as good as the people you have around you and I've got incredible go getters, doers, proud members of #TeamBootsToAsses that bring it every day.

My prediction for WrestleMania: I have three goals. To put on the biggest match the world has ever seen and will ever see again. To put on the greatest WrestleMania of all time. And with the WWE superstars who are on the card, from CM Punk to the Undertaker to Triple H just to name a few, I'm confident in saying that this will be the greatest WrestleMania of all time. Last, and most important, if we accomplish the first two than the third one will come true is to entertain the fans like they've never been before.

On a personal note, there is no greater opponent for me for this WrestleMania than John Cena.

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  • WNW Fan

    I think Rock really complimented Cena with his last statement. I'm sure their really is a true mutual respect for each other between those two.

  • Dan

    Does anyone think like I do that Cena is going to win then Rock will shake his hand then raise it?

    • Jeff Ono

      Of course, that's what will happen. I've said it for the last year. And that's what should happen, despite what Cena haters think. I'm confident that this match will have everything. And people will have no reason to complain about the "technical wrasslin'" … let these guys entertain.

    • Kash

      That alone would be a pretty lame ending imo!

      The only thing that would legitimate a Cena win, would be a Cena heel turn afterwards, f.e. with him winning dirty at WrestleMania or attacking Rock after the match, insulting the fans or smth like that…..

      • Goat

        Jesus, a Cena heel turn is not going to happen, just stop it. Cena is going to win cleanly over the rock, with the rock applauding Cena after the match. if you are expecting other things, you will set your self up for failure and get dissapointed.

        • Kash

          Well, what would a clean Cena win do?
          Will that make the people who are booing him now, start to cheer him then, like "Oh look, Rock applauded Cena, I guess we'll have to start liking him now!"

          No, it will make people either boo him even harder or they'll simply stop watching the WWE.

          A clean Cena win will just preserve the status quo and it also wouldn't be a "passing of the torch", because Cena already got the torch A LONG TIME ago, this man is constantly in the main event picture for like 7-8 years!!!

          So Cena doesn't really need this win as much as The Rock doesn't need it… the WWE should decide the winner solely based on what's good for their product and I, again, highly doubt that that would be a clean Cena win!

          • HATER

            I agree with you Kash

          • bruno

            stop watching wwe?? people have been saying this for too many years..It will not happen

          • BigMike

            problem is people just dont like Cena and its not his fault he works hard and does all the right things if it is the PERSONA u dont like thats fine but stop hating on Cena I agree that he could use a refresh on his persona seems like the only time he has gotten "over" type of cheering in the last few years was whenever he is in a I Quit match or doing something hardcore- style match when he AA Batista on the car and dropped the chirs on Barrett and the whole angle with Kane which is him going more harder edge is actually working in his advantage

  • Paul

    I hope for a cena heel turn but who knows?!

  • Dave

    Well, no disrespect to the Rock, as he said last year would be the most "memorable" Wrestlemania of all time, which was quite false, but hoping this year would be one of the "greatest" since the card look's to be really good.

  • ted

    wwe is NEVER going to turn cena heel because he is the biggest star in wwe and wwe is targetting kids and families so why would they turn the only big star into a heel.

    hogan turned heel in wcw because the old hogan character of the 1980's was played out especially after he was exposed as a steroid abuser in 1994. he was telling kids to take vitamins and he built his body on steroids.

    rock should lose the match because he does not need the wrestling business and he should solidify john cena as the biggest star in the industry by jobbing clean to him in the middle of the ring.

    rock is going back to hollywood after mania and once he hits his 40's. he will likely never wreslte anymore.

    • HATER

      Thats what they have super Shemus for to become the next Cena

    • Razmos01

      Erm yea he is advertised for raw the night after

  • Rich119uk

    Why would the rock come back to lose cleanly to cena? This is different to hogan losing to the rock. Hogan was around permanently. Rock isn’t. The rock shouldn’t lose. Not at all.

  • Brooks Oglesby

    I think the Rock AKA:Dwayne Johnson is right.I do think this will be the best WrestleMania ever,and maybe the best there ever will be.Vote up if U want the Rock to win,vote down if U want John Cena to win.

    • Tomas

      The best Wrestlemania we will ever see has already been and that was XX or XXI. No future Mania is ever going to raise to that standard again.

  • Synyster

    I want Rock to beat a heel Cena and use that to get Cena over as the top heel in WWE but I doubt that will ever happen

  • A2H

    Rock was granted the win over hogan. Its very unlikely that would happen again against cena. And thats just sad!

  • Bertie

    Rock has to win! Cena is a boring marine wannabe who’s character hasn’t evolved since the marine movie! It’s super cena! Super boring cena more like!

  • Matt

    I'm hoping that kayfabe will be put aside after their match and they shake hands. Just like when Rock and Hogan did, sent chills down your body as it was just a special moment and you get to watch it live.