The Rock On Leno, Sin Cara Injured, The Miz Hosting DVD, HHH Training

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- WWE Champion The Rock will be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday night. Click here for more.

- Sin Cara is out after recently suffering a concussion.

- The Miz will be hosting the Money in the Bank Anthology DVD set.

- Triple H Tweeted the following photo of himself training:


  • isaac

    Again sin cara is injured

  • isaac

    Wow sin cara should just stop wrestling wth

  • Kenneth

    No Sin Cara, no Rey Misterio, what are they going to do now?

    • Nostaljack

      I hear Mr. Ryder’s not too busy these days.

      • Win

        There’s a reason for that!

        • Nostaljack

          LOL! Well played!

  • Dangerous Lee

    Looks like Triple H forgot to workout his legs….

    • Amsterdam

      Nobody goes on leg day duh

    • Wasn’t just me then that thought that.

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    They need to just dismiss Sin Cara and call El Generico up from NXT.

  • BIG M

    People It’s only a concussion sin cara’s had one before at TLC he was back in a week even if it’s a bad one I don’t think he will miss much ring time.

  • -|AZ|-

    So the WWE champ is appearing on other TV shows, but not RAW/SD…

    Well played Vince…

  • H.M.

    Lol @ people hating on Sin Cara. Concussions are a different story; what if it wasn’t even his fault. Look at the entire story before making judgments fellow IWC’ers.