The Rock Pokes Fun At The Publications That Took Michael Bay's Quote Out Of Context (Updated With Statement From Bay)

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The Rock used Twitter to poke fun at the publications that took director Michael Bay's quote about him out of context. Rock Tweeted the following on Wednesday:

As we noted here on, Bay wished Johnson well on the red carpet of the "Pain and Gain" premiere on Tuesday night and had a little fun at his expense. One of the themes throughout the night was constant jokes about Rock's injuries.

Rock had to miss the premiere in Los Angeles as he recovers from emergency hernial surgery.

5:05 PM EDT Update - Michael Bay actually had to issue a statement (here on his official website) because of wrestling fans taking his joke seriously.  Below is his statement in its entirety:

Wrestling fans, it was a joke said on Entertainment Tonight–with a laugh. You can see the clip for yourselves. The most important person to see the on air joke was Dwayne. I love seeing The Rock wrestle. I hope he wrestles 10 more years. I joked on air because Dwayne was not at our LA premiere due to his injury.


End update

Richard Reacts: Did you see the sites that passed it off like Bay had a legitimate gripe with Rock? If so, feel free to post so we can all have a good laugh.  The amount of jealousy in this business when it comes to The Rock is mind numbing. People will do anything they can to try and bury him.  In this case, they got worked... bad.  

  • HK-47

    It’s too… bad(?) that Rock is on the shelf so this will never materialize into Mr. Bay getting stomped into the ground.

  • Was ridiculous, if you read the full thing that Michael Bay said it was so obviously a joke. So many people on Twitter couldn’t believe he’d say such a thing. It thought it was a clear joke from the minute i read it.

  • Win

    It must’ve been a slow news day for professional wrestling LOL!

  • Nate

    So is The Rock gonna start wrestling 300 pound women now? I don’t think that’s gonna do his body much good either.

    • Good luck finding a WWE diva even half that weight most likely.

      • Johnp

        i know shes not in wwe now but didnt Kharma way like 250 LBs?

  • Matt

    @Mather Lossett. Saying “this was my tweet to him” makes you sound like a child whdefending dad with the “my dads better than your dad” schtick. So what you tweeted him? He probably never saw it. You’re not fighting a battle with celebrities. Merely acting out like a spoiled child. Sorry of I got any words wrong. This comment system is still very poor on smart phones.

  • Hamir84

    My god people have a sense of humor he was freaking joking for the love of god people always tend to make sumthin out of nothing!

  • The rock may be is electrify to the crowd..but from the game over the past few times, we can see, the rock did not make a very good performance, it coule be cause by injury..