The Rock Puts Over TNA Champion Bobby Roode

- TNA Champion Bobby Roode received a huge endorsement today as The Rock put him over on Twitter. The following is from Rock's official Twitter account:


  • jcud_theSaint

    Who's the face of TNA now?

  • Zach

    I wonder how Vince feels about him saying this..

    • Alex P

      I'm sure Vince doesn't care…he's inducting Ric Flair into the WWE Hall of Fame for a second time and he's in TNA. Anyway, I don't think there's any problem with this…the man is just praising a rising star that has paid his dues.

    • MrKevo

      Even if he does care…whats he gonna do about it? Absolutely nothing. The Rock can pretty much say or do whatever he wants. He's not an employee of the WWE and Vince needs him to sell the "biggest Wrestlemania match of all time". The Rock doesn't need to wrestle anymore. Hes doing it to put on a show for the fans.

      • Razmos01

        He is signed to a contract with wwe, he cant wrestle otherwise, dont know what kind of contract weather its a legends or short term but no contract no pay cheque

      • Stan smith

        You can’t even call him that any more Dewayne is doing Wrestlemania to promote his movies and thats all and if people can’t see that they are Dumb

  • ThatWWEGuy

    Pretty cool. Don't see the problem in this. There is nothing wrong with praising other talents. To hell if they are in different companies. It isn't the 90s anymore and there is no war. Ive seen Austin and alot of other WWE guys praise some TNA talent as well. Its all love, but Im sure people will try and make this into a bad thing. I lauhed at the Bubba part, history has shown that the Dudleys are very cool with The Rock. There is a video on Youtube where Bubba talks about The Rock.

  • Josh

    @Zach VKM doesn't care about TNA. Nice shot at Bubba Ray too

  • havoc525

    About as big a deal as when Austin said Vince needs to sign Joe and push him to the moon. When you’re good, you’re good. If nothing else, things like this should scare Dixie. When you get the praise of legit LEGENDS, there’s a good chance ol’ Vinnie Mac may listen and sign you away when the time comes. Roode and Joe are actually probably the only guys, without a WWE history, I could see walking in the door and immediately to TV.

    • JJ

      Look up bobby rood on YouTube he had a couple of matches on heat.

      • Jose

        You can find Joe on Heat as well

      • christopher525

        Let me clarify my "WWE history" statement for those who do not quite understand. I meant other than people like Anderson, Angle, Hogan, RVD, etc. Aside from any of those, Sting might as well.

    • AJG316

      What About James storm abyss both members of the motor city machine guns crimson Austin auries and AJ Styles that's just to name a few Of them

  • Plus bubba rock bottomed storm in London.

  • Terra Ryzing

    Thought that was pretty cool of Rocky. This should show Hogan, Bischoff, and Dixie that they NEED to continue pushing their homegrown talent. First Austin put Joe over, now Rocky puts over Roode. If they still strap Hardy then they are dumber than I thought. Storm should go over at Against All Odds.

    • XKonn247

      Joe isn’t home grown. Why do people persistently think this? He worked the indies, mainly ROH, for half a decade. He even held the ROH Title for 21 months.

      • Terra Ryzing

        I know Joe is from ROH, but he was one of the people that was with TNA early on and put the X Division on the map. So even though he isn't "home grown" talent he's still one of the many people TNA should be pushing. So instead of being a d*%#@e about my comment, maybe you should read into it more.

        • XKonn247

          Read into what!? There are no lines to read between. You just said “More home grown talent like Joe”. There is nothing more to read! TNA was on the map from guys like Styles, Rhoode, AMW, Williams with his Destroyer! Not bloody Samoa Joe.

  • H.M.

    Completely unrelated comment but I wish WWE would take Stone Cold endorsement of Joe into consideration and sign him to a contract and give him a nice push. Once his TNA contract expires of course….that'd just be ideal. Imagine him and Punk feuding considering their history.

    As for THIS article its nice to see the endorsement. I RARELY if ever watch TNA at ALL but from what I've seen of Roode he's got a hella lot of talent.

  • @ease9310

    I'm following the Rock on Twiiter,I'm one of the AWESOME people.Follow the Rock if you want to be AWESOME to.

    • XKonn247

      I was one of the first thousand followers. Doesn’t make me any better than anyone else.

  • Brad

    Joe would be a mid-card guy in wwe, that’s bout it. not saying he’s not talented as hell, just saying he wouldnt be used in a position where joe can flourish.

    • James

      You are looking at Joe from what he has been like in TNA.If he were to have a major push he could be a mega star.

      • christopher525

        If not for drugs, a good case would be one Umaga.

  • Jim

    Who cares what Vince thinks about Rock posting that about Roode? The Rock apparently doesn’t. I think it’s really cool of Rocky to say that. Shows he is still paying attention to the product. Even the competition.

  • Jim

    Bubba cracks me up with that “largest calves in the world” schtick. Good stuff…

  • stoney

    Roode is one of the best heels right now

  • Xaq

    Hulk Hogan is going to be a special guest on the animated show “American Dad” next friday on cartoon network.

    • XKonn247


    • Mr. Love

      He already was it aired last week watch it on Hulu or as

  • Louis

    Well we already know Cena will beat the Rock and with the owners of spike now doing the right thing could we see the Rock at first on Spike then TNA you never know it could happen.

    • Razmos01

      Hahahahahahahahaha what planet are you living on, he wouldnt go ruin his acting career for a mickey mouse wrestling company, the wwe is the only place he will wrestle!!

    • leigh

      Ummmmmm no…no way in hell would the rock jump ship and join TNA, guys like him austin, hbk, their loyal to the wwe and vince so whether the rock wins or loses at mania, he wouldn’t jump ship…… seeing the rock give props to a guy who’s working his butt off right now in TNA

    • XKonn247

      Yea and after that we’ll see Steven Hawkins admit he was wrong to publish a book disproving heaven.

      • Terra Ryzing

        It's Steven Hawking

        • XKonn247

          It’s also an iPhone auto correct. And you accuse me of being a d**k? You get called out for not knowing something and start acting like a spoiled child.

    • Jonnom

      I’ll strip naked and ride a wild boar down the high street if the rock appears in tna!

  • Paul

    Louis, the rock in TNA? U clearly know nothing. He’s just praising a young talent that’s all and wwe would do well to listen. I don’t watch TNA so I don’t know how good he is but if rock says he’s good then wwe should pay attention

  • Patrick_Peralta

    IT was good for Rock to put over Roode,, as for if Vince likes it or not. "Who cares.

    1: it's Rock's opinion and a good one.

    2: Vince even if he is upset can't anything to Rock because he gave a opinion on a Wrestler not in WWE.

    3: if it was a low to mid card WWE wrestler who worked for Vince and did the same thing if Vince wants to be petty about it….you would see that person be buried…..but even if Rock worked full time in WWE Vince wouldn't do that to him.

    4: Vince right now need Rock more then Rock needs Vince… do to Wrestlemania. and Vince knows this.

  • Thebigbowboskie

    Roode has the look
    Side note A double knows how to work the ring

  • Fernando

    I think Vinny Mac is the mastermind of TNA that’s why WWE is still PG and TNA is more TV14. He’s got the best of both worlds

  • Louis

    Ok it wad just an think about opinion, but remember viacom owns spike.

  • bigMike

    Roode and AJ both spent time in WWE before TNA AJ was even in WCW at its final days as part of a dumbass tag team known as Air Raid many people were in WWF/;E went somewhere else then became big or came back to WWe then went someehwere else like ANderson was there left went back then TNA CM Punk ws in WWE then TNa then ROH Nduring that time then back to WWF/;E