The Rock Reveals Reason For Crazy Diet

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WWE Champion The Rock is in the process of "beefing up" for his latest movie role as Greek hero Hercules. Rock recently stated he's eating a crazy diet where he eats six to seven times a day.

He proclaimed:

"A lot of it is fish or carbohydrates. It's so boring!"

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  • Kleck

    Because he doesn’t already look like Hercules…

    • Kenneth

      Ok how do I post pictures on this thing?

      • Just post the link, Disqus does the rest.

    • Chris

      Please tell me that’s from Pain and Gain…seriously, zebra print Zubaz and a fanny pack?

  • Dangerous Lee

    It’s not really a “crazy” diet. Eating 7 meals a day is the norm for bodybuilders.

    • Its crazy compared to a person like me that is not a body builder

  • Should’ve just hired Ry(an Reeves, the Silver)back…

  • Don

    How the hell is he going to be Hercules? He is SAMOAN!!!

    • Razmos

      Yea and Hercules was greek, look it up you will see that some greeks are also tanned in colour!!!! Is that a problem to you?

      • lee

        You’re missing the point all Greeks thought gods as white skin with blue eye’s and blonde hair

        • Don

          You are absolutely right lol. This is almost as bad as the time they were thinking about casting him as Duke Nukem a while ago lmao.

      • Don

        You need to research a little more. I am a local resident of Hawaii and I know a lot about Samoans, they could NEVER be Greek lol. And Lee hit it right on the dot.