The Rock Says He Tore His Hamstring During WrestleMania XXVIII Match With John Cena

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-The Rock posted the following on his official Twitter account last night, claiming he suffered an injury during his match with John Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII:

  • Crysknife

    And he announced this now? Lol

    • Joe Jefree

      Because you know what would have happened if he announced it right after the match? All of you would come with your banter saying "That's why the match was so crappy" "That explains his botched moves" "That's why he looked like that"…and all this other bull crap, then ya'll would say he's making excuses.

  • Autista

    I pulled my left nipple making breakfast..

    • Did you suck it up and finish making the breakfast? Thats all that matters.

  • Comu

    There are varying degrees of tears, so he can still walk with a low grade tear. Also when it’s low, the pain would be at it’s worse when you have cooled down.

  • William Shatner

    Umm… Rocky… Dwayne… dude… since when has your right hamstring been in your neck?

  • Ace

    …..Why does it matter? He was meant to go over and he did. Why would he bother posting this now? Just wondering.

  • AsN8s

    I call bs on this. If he really tore his hamstring we would have heard about before now.

    • Sam

      Exactly, just a way to burry Cena again.

  • Sjenttivensventa

    Good go away

  • havoc525

    Could help explain a lot, seeing how people said he was “blown up” so quickly.

  • Chris

    Kinda late isn’t it rock?

  • Yes Yes Yes Yes!

  • Don

    And only now we hear about it? B.S. I think the rock needs attention again lol. The type of guy he seems to be, if this HAD happened, we would have heard about it right after WM. I call B.S.

  • KVB

    Rock your getting old!!! Lol lol

    • Joe Jefree

      Riiiiight, because he got injured during a match? Because that never happens to wrestlers in their 20s

  • Matt

    They're tellig now probably because of the broadcast of their match on NBC last night I think it was

  • William

    That explains why his Rockbottom Sucked to end the match!!!!

  • Arnaud PEZERIL

    It should be about the insurance for his movies, they won't let it be on WWE last month if the production knew he'd 've been hurt.
    He is shooting 3 movies right now : Fast and the Furious 6, Ciudad, Arabian Nights, and is in talks for 10 more (Protection, Take My Wife, Tomorrowland, Snitch , Goliath, etc)

  • Jg

    No one cares rocky.. Come back or stay away ur worse then roger Clemens!!

  • Sjenttivensventa

    Good go away rock

  • Yanman

    Cena tore his ENTIRE BODY at Wrestlemania… which explains his less than stellar wrestling skills. Before Wrestlemania, I have not a clue…

  • snap

    Of course Rock haters/Cena sheep would immediately “call BS.” Is it legit? Who knows, but Cena isn’t perfect (nor is The Rock) and the move could have been botched somewhat.

  • nWo 4 Life

    “i CANT smell what your cooking” with this comment mr rock…
    8months later with the news…
    and the neck and hamstring are opposite ends of the body…
    Now can you dig that Suckaaaaaaaaaaa


    For all you are fools I will Explain this slowly so because he was leaning forward while standing when he got leg dropped by Cena he probably wasnt ready for it and didnt absorb the impact correctly cause things happen and when he fell forward he probably stretched it then or wait that cant happen or could it trolls

    • You failed to explain it slowly. But you succeeded in explaining it with horrible grammar.

  • Kevin

    Actually, The Rock has decided not to wrestle anymore, and this is his way of getting written out of wrestling.