The Rock Says He's Coming Back To WWE At The Beginning Of Next Year

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The Rock was asked by one of his Twitter followers when he would be back in WWE. He told them he would be returning at the beginning of next year. Below is the Tweet:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • Paul

    Wrestlemania appearance for the rock then?

    • Logan_Walker

      He Did Say Last Year at a Conference that he will be there at wm 29

      • Paul

        Will he be wrestling or just appearing though?

        • Logan_Walker

          Not Sure As Of Now But He Might

  • mathew30

    he comes back.. says he loves everyone,,,says its his home.. has a go and calls somebody out , or defends somebody with a run in for the save. storyline starts… or of course the storyline starts with random tweets between 2 parties

    • Don

      Yeah, he comes back to get fans again for his next movie role. Have you noticed the pattern? Every couple of years or so (when he disappears from the spotlight) He comes back (cause he *coughs* Cares about wwe) Then leaves…And it just so happens that he has a movie release right after he leaves! The guy cannot act or wrestle for beans…. Just go rock…. And come up with something new…. I was watching raw 1999 the other day and I swear close your eyes and ignore the visual (surgeries and roids or whatever he's on now, doesn't make sense that he's always had a hard time with his bulkiness, but now that he's old he 's all good? )Bullshit, age slows your metabolism not speeds it up.. You cannot tell the difference from the old material and the new material, same material over and over again. Bleh, just go for good rock.

      • XKonn247

        You’re foot lives in your mouth and you live in ignorance.

      • christopher525

        Awwww, go cry a river. The man is making a living, get over it. Seriously. Go ahead and whine and complain about him having a successful film career, and still being better than most of the people to have worked in the last decade. If you don't like it, boycott his movies and anytime he's in a WWE ring, pretty sure the little bit of money you might want to put in isn't going to hurt him one bit.

        • mathew30

          hey all i did was point out the obvious of what was bound to happen, and people didnt like it, so i dont care.

      • Hardy

        I don’t personally think that’s the case but even if it was, it works both ways. Wwe gets loads because the rock sells big, and of course rock most probably gets fans for his movies in the process.

      • tone

        your a hater and guess what? he is rich and WWE sucks balls so you’re lucky he comes back at all.

  • Jg

    Yeah!!! So excited that the guy who says he NEVER left n will NEVER leave us lol ha ha he is a joke.. Stay away rocky!!

    • Dude. U hav 2 b happy that the rock is gonna b a wwe superstar again?

  • Dan

    Returns and wins rumble. Wins wwe championship at mania from Cena or Brock.

    • christopher525

      Ding, ding, ding, we have our winner….

  • Crane

    HELL NO!

  • Royal rumble then he will go for wwe championship duh

  • Olld

    I love the Rock but this is getting old…. I think he should stay gone…..

  • Daniel Moreno WWE

    he comes, says he misses the WWE Universe, says he will never leave again. then he leaves.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Dwane Johnson makes me sick, the man could be wrestling right now, but he won’t because that’s not his love Hollywood is, wrestlemania was over and he disappeared faster than a roach when the lights are turned on and then he says he will be back next year, dwane just go away you are no longer a wrestler, but an actor go and win the Oscar like you said you would like to win, you are actually a good actor.

  • Jeremy

    He needs to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania already. C'mon WWE, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin had been with the company for like ever now and they had never fought Taker at the biggest stage of them all. Make it happen.

  • mathew30

    its sad that my comment got minused, but then again i guess thats what you get from kids these days not understanding what happens and not wanting to hear it. so i dont care. something when you grow up…you grasp reality and figure things out and im not staying in naive land just for the kids. lets face it when the rock is concerned, hes great entertainment when hes there , but his chatter is just that , theres no substance to what he says, as an example , its like me saying i love my house and im never going away, im back for good…but then after a number of days im gone for a year to somewhere else.

  • Joe

    Hahahhaa funny how just a couple of days ago the moved GI Joe 2 till 2013 and next year he comes backs…..Finally the rock has come back to promote a movie

  • Willie

    Y’all can say what yall wont about the rock but he can steal sell Ppv look how many buys he got for wrestlemania 28!!!!! 1,000,000,000+

    • drobertson

      ThAts likes 1 billion I think it was a little over 1 000 000. Thats 1 million.

  • ceedot

    I hope everyone who doesn’t like The Rock coming back because they assume that ‘he doesn’t love the business’ realises that The Undertaker does 1 match a year.
    At least The Rock actually works in the mean-time with another extremely difficult job.

  • Razmos01

    At least he came back, he dosent need the WWE he was making enough money from movies, few of you say he cant act yet he is one of the biggest stars on the big screen, he came back to push the WWE because the buyrates were down, he came back to help the company he loves, the company he grew up in, he came back and Wrestlemania hit the highest buyrate ever, You shoot off saying its the same material, yes because it is SCRIPTED, then you got someone going on about Rock taking steroids?? Im pretty sure his acting career would be over if that was the case, just because the guy works out you think he is on steds, maybe its just envy because your a girls size 6?

  • Bertie

    The Rock can do what he wants he is the rock! Come back when u want Rock

  • Eddie Edwards

    All you people who complain about the Rock sound like the jilted ex boyfriend who can’t get over it. No one wants to wrestle forever and he makes way more money then he ever would wrestling. You people would do the same exact thing, which makes you all hypocrites. Stop bitching and enjoy when he’s in the ring

  • Tna

    I hope he makes a appearance on the 1000th raw would be nice

  • mel

    yeah…i'll believe it when i see it…im not saying im a Rocky hater but if he's to busy then why return at all?

  • Ricky Valdez

    The Rock can do what he wants, that’s the problem, he is an actor now, and then when he decides to come back he steals the spotlight from those that work day in and day out, and the reason taker wrestles once a year is because his body is all beat up from all those years he has given, and for him he has done everything there is to do in this buisness. The rock says he wants to be champion again, you have to put in the time for that to happen, but something tells me he will just show up at a ppv and they will give him the title, BS if you ask me.

  • Yanman

    I don’t know why people are singling out The Rock. For one, it’s really hard for any of the popular Attitude Era stars to come back and wrestle full time. And against who? All of the newer guys can’t hold a candle to the last era of main eventers. To me Punk has brought Jericho down a notch. Don’t get me wrong, I like CM Punk, but this era of PG has made him seem that much greater, or cutting edge because the product had been so garbage. HBK and Nash have done shoots exposing ‘The Business’ and ‘Breaking Kayfabe’ long ago. WWE for the most part encourages joint ventures. Rock, Cena, HHH, Big Show, and list goes on in acting. Cena, R-Truth, Lillian, Jericho in music. Linda, Lawler, JBL, Kane in politics. Not to mention ‘Once A Year’ Undertaker, Jericho who comes and leaves, Triple H ‘Mr. Twice or Three times a year’. Austin, Foley, HBK. Even Brock now may now go back to UFC and cross promote. As much as we all hate it, MONEY is now the Undisputed Champion of what the WWE has become. Wrestling skills, talent, what the fans want, freedom of speech (without offending), hard work, those who deserve are all a distant second, way distant.

  • Da KiDD

    Yall are like a bunch of spoiled scorned b*tches i sware. You all exemplify the type of individual that will stay in one level your whole career because you are opposed to change. The Rock has transcended his profession, but still comes back to his old one. How many people you know do that? Do you? Just shut the hell up and enjoy the entertainment

  • Craig Sayers

    I say the rock for new gm of raw

  • Chowder

    One thing comes to mind reading these comments: Haters gonna hate. Seriously, it’s hilarious how spiteful you people are. But it’s true what they say, people hate to see other people succeed. Look no further than these comments for examples.

  • Trina

    The rock is going to come back for a little while start a rivalry,end it, then leave. Just like he did earlier this year.