WWE Editing Crowd Reactions On Smackdown & One Superstar They Have Reservations About Putting On Live TV, One Plan Pitched For The Rock To Challenge For The WWE Championship At Wrestlemania XXIX, Kurt Angle Pushing For TNA To Hire A Former WWE Tag Team, MITB Ladder Match Participant In The WWE Doghouse?

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- I mentioned in today's Premium Mailbag about WWE editing the crowd reactions of Ryback on Smackdown. I'm told there have been reservations about putting him on live TV because there is concern over the "Goldberg" chants from the crowd. Last week WWE was left no choice with Smackdown airing live and the determination of Vince McMahon to keep him on TV.

- At one point there was talk of putting The Rock in Sunday's WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match, putting him over and having him announce on the 1000th Raw he would be "cashing in" at Wrestlemania XXIX. While Vince McMahon "loved" the idea, it was unable to come to fruition. The storyline for The Rock leading into Wrestlemania is that he is coming for the WWE Championship so he is expected to be challenging for the strap at the pay-per-view next year.

- Despite securing a spot in the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match, I'm told Sin Cara is still believed to be in the doghouse with WWE officials. I haven't heard any more details about why he has heat but he is not looked upon as he once was.

- In a small TNA-related note, I'm told Kurt Angle is once again pushing for the company to sign Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin to help bolster their tag team division.

  • Fetcher

    WWE is starting to get a little edit crazy when it comes to crowd reactions it seems like. I caught a Raw rerun a few weeks ago. During the live broadcast, there was a fan yelling to Jericho, "How dare you give Fozzy a bad name! He's the best Muppet!". Low and behold it was edited out on the rerun. Personally I thought it was hilarious.

  • Chris

    On an episode of Smackdown a while back, as the crowd were getting behind Bryan's 'YES,YES,YES' , I noticed everyone in the crowd doing the arms, so clearly chanting along, and the audio was changed to boos….just looked ridiculous when everyone was clearly chanting for him.

  • Robbie

    Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas would be great for TNA!

  • Jamie

    I'd love the see The Rock in the MITB laddy match..