The Rock Still Has Backstage Critics In WWE

The Rock wrote the following on Twitter over the weekend:

This is certainly a play on The Rock's detractors as he was criticized by some for his run last year which saw him make big money for a part-time run. The critics accused him of being "cold," doing his segments and not interacting with anyone backstage. The Rock responded by saying those people didn't understand the big picture.

I've never read too much into the criticism and felt it was more jealousy than anything else. This type of thing has followed Rock every time he's worked for WWE since having success as an actor, including when he returned to induct his father and grandfather into the Hall of Fame in 2008.

  • Pluto

    People hate just to hate. Do your thang Rock. Much respect.

  • Darko Maric

    Awesome that he replied 🙂

  • KingRell25

    The Rock replied…wow and guess he’s confirming its true, thanks to those idiots probably won’t see the rock back in wwe again after wrestlemania

  • Look at the crap the hardcore, IWC types are writing about The Rock. Rock is being criticized for being successful. Where have we heard that type of attitude before? It was from the media ridiculing Mitt Romney. Society right now is full of envy.

  • Simple as that

    Not envy, they are sick of the B.S. Anyone would be pissed that this guy comes and goes as he wants and takes home big money. Then you look at guys like Undertaker and Mick Foley, look at how much they gave and how badly their body’s are damaged. I would be pissed off too. He lacks respect towards the guys in the locker room, so he should expect the same thing back.

    • namine

      Undertaker has been coming and going part time for the last few years so that’s a terrible comparison. Rock was in wwe for a long time and accomplished alot then moved on while he was still young enough to do so. The wwe wanted him back the fans wanted him back and he wanted money perfectly legit situation considering He’s still a huge draw and is clearly considered main event talent by wwe and fans alike

  • Rise Above Hate! If you want to work part-time and get paid lots then first get off of your jabroni ass and go out and accomplish what he’s accomplished – or you’re gonna get got by Rikishi and Triple H.