The Rock Stops An Attempted Burglary On The Set Of "Fast And Furious 6"

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The Sun is reporting that The Rock foiled an attempted burglary in Hackney, East London while on the set of the upcoming movie, Fast and Furious 6. The Rock, who was in costume for his role, spotted the would-be burglars as they attempted to break into vans, which held expensive equipment. He then left a scene that was being filmed to chase the burglars off before any equipment could be stolen.

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  • Charles

    They should put that in the film.

  • oh boi

    I bet they will "highlight" this on Raw tonight, lol

  • JakShowtime

    So before anything was stolen, eh? That sounds about right. If the Rock was sprinting at me with an angry look, I'd drop whatever I was doing and get out of Dodge

  • PFElton

    Way to go, Rock. Shows he's not a phony hero.

  • Bertie

    Rocky is a legend

    • Hillbilly Jim

      Wait, 3 months from now we will hear how he tore a peck muscule in the process

      • Dzdx

        LMAO!!!! yeah, and it magically heals 100% in a short time lmao. What a joke. He must have been high on adrenaline. I bet he set it up lmao!

  • Kleck

    They must have been thinking, of all the people we could run into…this guy…damn!

  • Jamesrampage

    Rock seen those guys and smelt what was cooking.

  • Xxhowie1973xx

    Could you imagine him giving them a “Rock Bottom” if he caught them? Lol

    • Hillbilly Jim

      Ahh, dufus, he the guy would set up
      for it….

      • just a fan

        cause a guy as jacked as the rock couldnt pick up and slam an average sized guy

  • William Shatner

    Is there anything the Rock CAN'T do? Seriously, the man is a walking, talking, breathing, living god in human form.

    I'm straight, but I'm close to having a serious man-crush.

    • Shy Guest

      Yes; no, he's not.

  • mjledesma

    The rock and LL Cool J for tag team of the year

  • christopher525

    Not sure which I would hate worse as a criminal. Sheriff Shaq, The Rock chasing me down, or LL Cool J kicking my ass for breaking into his house.

  • Philip Thompson

    If he'd have caught them trying to get into a van with a crowbar then he would have certainly laid the smack down on them. He'd probably have taken that crowbar, shined it up real nice, turned it sideways and uhhhhh…. ummmm…..

  • Justinw0748

    those poor guys. if The Rock did catch them, first he'd beat the hell out of them, then he'd stick the crowbar up their asses. and to add insult to injury, based on how much weight he uses when he works out, he'd probably use them for power squats while they're still stuck on the crowbar. after that, Riko, Orlando Jordan, the Boogeyman can have them