The Rock Surprises Tamina With A Car, CM Punk Corrects Curtis Axel

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The Rock Surprises Tamina With A Car

The Rock surprised his cousin, WWE Diva Tamina Snuka, with a new Lexus SUV. The following photo is from Twitter:

CM Punk Corrects Curtis Axel

CM Punk corrected the grammar of the latest Paul Heyman Guy in Curtis Axel on a new post made on Twitter. Check it out below:

  • Xavier

    Really, so Punk correcting grammar is news now?

    Very nice gesture by the Rock.

    • Guest

      haha, punk’s just trying to make sure axel represents the group well. grammer sure is important!

      • So is spelling.

        • Guest

          good lookin’ out! i kept staring at my comment looking for the mistake, and it was just laughing in my face.

      • Xavier

        Lol I guess but I still don’t see how how Punk correcting a word on twitter is news. I’m really starting to think that a good majority of people on here think CM Punk really is the 2nd coming of Christ lol

        • Guest

          i’m not one of those guys, but i feel like you’d have to be blind to not see that punk draws reactions, and that he has a good set of skills in the ring. punk has always been opinionated, and that alienates him from some fans

          • Carlos is a dumbass

            Or maybe people feel alienated by Punk because he is in fact a douche

        • TheBigKing1

          Hmm. I’m starting to think that too.

      • Kris Mystery


      • Jamie


  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Damn! I wish The Rock was MY cousin! Lol

  • Smart Mark

    Thats a sick picture. and i just realized that Heyman’s clients are like Past, Present & Future.

  • TheRawTruth

    It’s sad how people hang on every word that Punk speaks/types.

  • pro

    the rock is cocking

  • Lol,,,lol again..