The Rock Thanks Bruno Sammartino

WWE Champion The Rock posted the following on Twitter:

The Rock will headline Wrestlemania 29 and Bruno Sammartino will headline the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame.

  • Mark_Smark

    Two of the greatest – respect to both of them!

  • I’m happy that Bruno is getting in, but I’m getting sick of everyone claiming he’s the greatest WWE Champion of all time. It’s not something that should be handed to him. There are others who were just as great as he was. Why is John Cena not considered the greatest WWE Champion ever? If Bruno wrestled today with the character he had he wouldn’t have lasted more than 6 months as WWE Champion. He probably would have been discouraged from fans booing him which was taboo during the old days. And make no mistake: the fans today would have booed Bruno eventually if he wrestled today. John Cena is today’s version of Bruno. I’ve watched Bruno’s matches before and they were great considering the style he worked. But I’m not going to say that Bruno far exceeds John Cena as a better WWE champion because he doesn’t. If WWE ran the limited numbers of shows like they did in the past then John Cena would be selling out MSG every time as well. Cena has been overexposed which unfortunately hurts is value as it’s easy for fans to grow sick of him. Bruno was not overexposed. If he had been then his reign wouldn’t have last that long. If people want to say Bruno is the greatest WWE Champion ever that’s fine, but is this something that can never be argued? Once Cena’s hangs his sneakers up we might just say he was the best WWE Champion ever.

    • Nostaljack

      Bruno once wrestled with a broken arm if I’m not mistaken. Until someone else does that (foolish, I know, but still), there’s not much else to discuss, really. The rest of what you’re saying is, of course, correct, but this is a totally different time period. Converse to your statements, Cena would have been thought of as inappropriate and ridiculous and he wouldn’t have made it either. Apples and oranges.

    • John

      Completely different eras! Sammartino held the WWWF/WWF championship when it actually meant something. He only held the title twice.. Holding it for 11 years combined. Just to emphasize how much of an accomplishment that is.. In the last 11 years of the current era, there has been 42 WWE champions !

      Also John Cena is a 10x WWE champion.. 5 times more than Bret Hart held the title & Cena couldn’t lace Bret’s boots! These days The WWE championship is nothing more than a prop for storyline purposes.. Doesn’t mean what it used to mean.