The Rock - "The Only Film I've Enjoyed Starring A Wrestler Was Mickey Rourke In The Wrestler. That's It."

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The Guardian out of the United Kingdom has a new interview online with The Rock. While he discusses his new movie, he has an interesting comment regarding wrestlers in movies. This could also be construed as a dig at John Cena who has starred in his fair share of WWE Studios productions. Below is an excerpt:

Wrestlers don't traditionally have the best reputation when it comes to film-making. Are there any other films starring wrestlers that you've enjoyed?

[Long pause] The only film I've enjoyed starring a wrestler was Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. That's it.

Click here to read the interview int is entirety.

  • Shawn

    And that was a brilliant movie.

  • WNW Fan

    Interesting considering Rourke isn't an actual "wrestler".

    • Chad

      Thats kind of the entire point of the statement…..

    • Ranveer

      exactly what i was thinking!! either he misunderstood the question or just tried to avoid directly saying wrestlers in movies generally suck! the latter is more likely!

  • Abe

    Explains why most of the crocks movies and so bad

    • Razmos01

      Erm yea he is now more of an actpr than he is a wrestler now so bang goes ur stoopid opinion, plus the fact his movies gross millions and millions, i doubt he gives a rats ass what u think of his movies

      • Abe

        #1. Learn grammar

        #2. Why you mad?

  • Joe

    The point of his comment was deeper than what you’re looking at. He knows who’d get word of this, I.e. John Cena, and he knew this would be a good shot at him to continue the off WWE-TV feud going leading to Wrestlemania. Hence the long pause. The Rock knows how to use his words.

    • RockySUCKS!

      He better know how to use something, cause he can't use his body- or any of its parts 😉

      Seriously, I Like REPO MAN more than the rock! At least REPO MAN was Funny! The rock is just dull!

  • @RatedMKD

    Wonder if he's including his own movies in that broad, sweeping statement…

  • Howard Stern

    What about "They Live"? I'm sure that punk Rock likes that movie.

  • Sergeant Conley

    …Wonder if he’s including The Princess Bride.


    It was just supposed to be an insult towards Cena not any one else.

  • H.M.

    He's right though.

  • Blazeking

    To be fair, Rock did say one of his movies sucked publicly. That movie? Doom.
    I could name another one but we all know this is kayfabe at it's finest right here.

    It's the Road to Wrestlemania!!!

  • Hulk

    Rock, listen up brother. You must be spending too much time making crappy movies in Hollywood brother, that you forgot to mention my 1989 mega hit, No Holds Barred. I know it, the academy should have known it, all the Hulkamaniacs know it and you better know it brother, it's greatest wrestling movie, no the greatest movie, period.

    • Jay

      Best movie ever???? Have u ever seen die hard?

  • Jeremy

    What The Rock didn't know about The Princess Bride and Spider-Man. I thought I seen Andre the Giant or Randy Macho Man Savage on one of them.

  • K.E

    whatever Rock. You talk too much and act childishly. You moved on to explore other of interest and you are doing fine so pls just keep quiet and grow up. Some of us don’t care what ‘the rock’ is cooking.

  • Kevin

    So the rock hasn’t enjoyed any of his films?