The Rock To Undergo Surgery Next Week Due To Injuries Suffered At Wrestlemania

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The Rock will indeed have to undergo from his injuries suffered in the WWE title match against John Cena at Wrestlemania 29 a couple weeks ago. Rock wrote the following on Twitter:

The injury occurred early on in the main event bout against John Cena as it’s estimated The Rock worked 15 minutes in intense pain. He ended up suffering torn abdomen and adductor muscles that he tore off his pelvis as well as a hernia.

Dr. Lee Kaplan of the University of Miami examined Rock on April 8, 2013 and it was believed he would be able to rehab the injuries without surgery. Rock immediately resumed training and began physical therapy last week.

Time is of the essence as The Rock is scheduled to begin filming "Hercules" in less than six weeks in Budapest.

  • Kleck

    The same people who said, well he just wants to go back to Hollywood so he faked an injury and bailed on the WWE now will say, well he SAID he didn’t need surgery, what a liar!

  • Kelly

    cue the madness…

  • Wow he wrestles a total of three matches within 4 months and gets injured? Think about the guys who wrestles every single night within the same four months. I know I know, they are used to it while Dwayne isn’t. This just goes to show that his body has become more for show than to go. And let me just clear something, I had no problem with him coming back or even wrestling for the wwe title. What I had a major problem with was him winning the damn thing and only showing up whenever he wanted and never wrestling on MNR. Anyway unless he comes back to put somebody over that isn’t John Cena, I hope he stays in Hollywood cuz this “run” he had was an absolute disappointment.

    • Pauluk

      His run was supposed to be longer until the nught of wrestlemania and yeah he is built for show and he isn’t a young man anymore so injuries will happen, and I agree about your point with him being champion and not wrestling a single match on raw but it’s still a pleasure to see him in a wwe ring. A lot of us attitude era fans have to accept these guys will all be gone soon and appreciate when we do get to see the rock or triple h or undertaker.

      • I appreciate the hell outta Taker and Trips because they never really left. Taker is more of an exception because he’s up there in his age. If he wants to come at every WM I’m really fine with that because he’s earned that right. My only problem is if Taker becomes champion and rarely making appearances and only wrestling once or twice. I think a lot of ppl know that trips is doing a lot of positive things behind the scene and him coming back on air is just awesome because we know he’s at every raw and Smackdown event. Again I appreciated Dwayne coming back and he gave us a few entertaining moments but again I just didn’t like that he became the champion. He represented the company but he was only representing it on a few occasions. Very few!

        • Razmos

          If The Rock didnt come back and have a chanpionship run then WWE may never have changed that stupid spinner belt (that didnt spin for a good few years) The Rock = money for all of the roster to benefit from, people who sit here moaning obviously cant see this from a business point of view, you say Taker earned the right to come and go as he pleases? Well i think The Rock also earned that right for what he did in the attitude era for WWE, he is one of the bigger reasons that WWE beat WCW in the ratings which lead to the crash of WCW, look back at your hiatory before making wise a$$ comments!!

  • I am a huge Rock fan, but due to the disrespect and utter stupidity of some fans, I don’t think he should return to the WWE again. He will always be in a lose-lose situation with the fans of this generation who expect him to be wholly and solely committed to the WWE just as much as he was back in the Attitude Era. People fail to realize that the WWE is no longer the center of the Rock’s world anymore. He has other obligations and is doing well in Hollywood. It was creative’s call mostly to alternate the appearances of Rock and Lesnar on the Road to Wrestlemania, that is they had Rock on one week and Lesnar on the next. The Rock has nothing to prove to anyone anymore. I appreciated his recent run in the WWE, because it brought a spark back that the WWE was lacking at the time. If he chooses to return again I would appreciate him for however long he remains around. But if I were him I would continue making movies in Hollywood rather than returning and having to deal with the ingratitude and stupidity of some of these fans

    • Joe Dee

      Agreed. It’s not popular to say, but these wrestlers put up with considerably disrespect among some fans. And to those who fall into this category, you may be entitled to say what you want as a paying customer, but it shows a lack of decency. I wouldn’t blame any of the top wrestlers for acting a bit selfish about their personal health. It’s not worth it. If Cena had a career-threatening injury (like Edge or Austin or Hart), it doesn’t make sense to risk it on account of fans who don’t reciprocate the respect. Granted, we’re talking about a small faction of wrestling fans, but they’re annoying and pathetic to be around nonetheless.