The Rock Training Injured, Walking The Red Carpet Tonight

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The Rock Back Training

The Rock isn't allowing torn abdominals slow him down as he was back in the gym Thursday morning.

Pain & Gain Premiere

The Rock will walk the red carpet at the Pain & Gain premiere Thursday evening in South Beach at 6:30 PM with Mark Wahlberg, Ed Harris, Rob Croddry, Ken Jeong, Tony Shalhoub and Michael Bay. Click here for more.

  • Liam

    Yet he can’t bother his ass to show his face at raw

    • Maybe because he had to get the injury diagnosed? I’m tired of people like you bitching about this. How about you try and wrestle a match for 15 or 20 minutes with his injuries? That’s right I didn’t think you could do it so shut your ignorant mouth.

      • Liam

        And he couldnt get it diagnosed by the wwe medical staff? Maybe not treated but simply diagnosed? I find it unlikely that this wouldnt fall within their remit. And finally Ill wrestle when i get the money he gets for doing it,god knows i could probably perform better and without injuring myself everytime, and ill even do it on free tv.

        • Whether it’s wrestling in WWE or playing football in the NFL, its fairly common for players to have their own personal doctor that will also look at them. Multiple opinions are always better and most franchises encourage seeing more doctors. So that point of your argument is invalid. Second, there are very few wrestlers that make the kind of money The Rock does for performing. No matter how good or safe a wrestler you think you could be, it won’t matter because you can’t draw due to being an unknown. Plus Vince’s philosiphy has never been best workers get the top spot. Lastly, it takes 2 to tango, so it’s not just The Rock’s fault he got hurt. Besides, he’s only wrestled 5 matches since he initially came back, so he’s more likely to get hurt simply by not doing it all the time. And he only got hurt in his 2 matches with Cena. Not against Punk or the tag match vs Miz & Truth. I look forward to your response.

          • Don

            Doubt the rock was even hurt.

      • Don

        He probably isn’t even injured. The guy is full of shit. As Liam says on the lower post, he should have been looked at by WWE medical staff..It’s BULLSHIT! Hogan number 2 = ROCK

        • And with what facts are you basing this opinion? Why would he pretend to be injured?