The Rock - Update On His Health, Pic With Reigns, Box Office Success

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The Rock posted a health update on Saturday on Twitter. You can view it below:

Additionally, while Tweeting his cousin Romain Reigns a happy birthday, Rock posted this photo:

Rock is currently feeling the love with Fast & Furious 6 raking in $38,200,000 on Friday. Click here for more.

  • sir-rusty82

    how is this the 1st time I have found out that Roman Reigns is the Rocks cousin

    • TheBigKing1

      Where you been? Lol

      • Farhan

        What happened Roman Reigns
        grandfather thought of the Rock’s Grandfather a godson and considered
        him a blood brother.

        So the families are a tribal family not genetic related family.
        Similar to when Worf Star Trek server on a Klingon vessel, in the Deep Space
        Nine episode “Soldiers of the Empire”. Worf challenges General Martok call him
        coward for refusing to fight the enemy and not rescuing the Klingon ship
        B’Moth. Worf fights the General he loose on purpose to the General when the
        General regains, his guts. The General gets his guts back destroys the enemy
        ship and save the B’Moth . Worf’s family had been excommunicated because he
        chose the Federation over Klingons during a small war between the two groups.

        So the General
        recognises family crest “I see you still wear the crest of the House of

        Worf says “Yes. Jadzia(his girlfriend) calls it a… sentimental gesture”

        The General says” Perhaps you would consider replacing
        sentiment with… the symbol of a new beginning.

        The general says “The House of Martok would be honored to
        welcome the Son of Mogh

        into our family… as a warrior…and a brother”. Worf joins the General family they are not genetically
        related .

        • Nox Stephano

          I couldn’t stop laughing after reading that. Rock and Reigns do look like Klingons.

    • Whether they are blood-related or related through marriage, I’m not positive, but the Samoan people consider each other family regardless.

  • Well, fancy that…Roman Reigns has the same birthday as my mother (although with a few decades difference). Happy birthday, big guy!