The Rock Works Out Today At Philadelphia Eagles Complex

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I answered a question in today's Ask WNW regarding WWE stars finding gyms in cities where the company holds shows. While not everyone has the status of The Rock, he worked out today at the Philadelphia Eagles complex. The team posted the following photo of The Rock with offensive lineman Evan Mathis today on their Facebook page:

  • Moose666

    Love him or hate him, he looks to be in the best shape of his life. Perhaps it's due to a relaxed schedule compared to when he was on the road every week.

    • Scotty

      I’m sorry but he did not look this big back in 2007 when he did Toothfairy! And hed

      Already been out of wrestling for 4 years. Let’s just call it like it is, The Rock did some juicing. I’m not gonna condemn the guy for it but just saying in 2007 and before that he looked really smaller. As long as he doesn’t get addicted to juicing I say whatever but

      I needed to point out that fact and go ahead and thumb me

      Down IDGAF.

  • Noah



    WOW!!The Rock has a lot of strong musscles,I think Cena,and Rock have both of the same musscles,their almost like one person:-}