The Rock's Low Blow On John Cena During "Rock Concert" Segement Much Lower In Light Of Him Filing For Divorce

One of the shots The Rock took at John Cena on the March 12th edition of WWE Raw Supershow during the "Rock Concert" segment hit closer to home than anyone realized with the news of Cena filing for divorce. The following lyrics were "sung" by Rock during the segment:

"Rock saw Cena makin' out with Eve, Grabbin' on her thigh, tuggin' on her weave. Cena was havin' the time of his life, I guess he didn't tell her that he's got a wife. Let's rock. Everybody let's rock. Divorce lawyer's right up the block, but we're dancing because Cleveland Rocks."

  • caitlyn

    Wow… That's kinda sad :/
    poor john.

    • hurrigame

      Poor John nothing. It's still absolutely hilarious. Though the irony of it coming to pass kind of sucks for Cena.

      • Octavio

        thera can be nothing hilarious about a divorce think before making a comment lika that

      • Nichole

        Let me guess there has never been a divorce in your family. Wel there has been in mine and it's nothing to joke about. John the Cenation is always behind you <3

    • GODSENT68

      Yea poor John he cheated on his wife. Seriously poor John??? Lol

  • Dangerous Lee

    Wasn't that the whole point of the rock and rap "battle"?… insult the other guy. Well, that's what he did.

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Funny. As much as none wants to see the divorce but, guess nobody see that coming huh?

  • Dave Barton

    But do we know that Cena & Eve are a legit couple? Or did everyone forget the storyline with Eve, Ryder, Kane, and Cena where Cena saved Eve from Kane & she kissed him (and he kissed her back)?? Really, Rock could've just been trying to be edgy & not known a damn thing.

    • Dave Barton

      Just want to apologize to Richard. I wasn't aware that such a mild swear word would be censored. I promise not to use it (or any others) again.

      • Dave Barton

        Not sure why ppl think I shouldn't have apologized…just trying to make it clear that I wasn't trying to be vulgar.

  • The Breaker

    I doubt The Rock knew anything.

  • Jim

    I thought he was referring to when Eve kissed Cena when he saved her from Kane.

  • wwf-wcw-nwa-ecw

    Sometimes you take a shot in the dark and it hits a bullseye…

    • anon

      seriously? When has that ever happened?

      • Dave Barton

        When Bret had a hunch he was gonna get screwed in Montreal.

      • Matt Scott

        All the damn time!

  • mel

    let the bashing begin…i don’t know why ppl can’t leave Cena alone and let him deal with this

  • leonard

    Wow like The Rock never been divorce

  • Adam O'Brien

    Oh my god. The Rock can tell the future.

  • Matt

    I guarantee you that if right now The Rock went up to Cena and apologized (because no doubt they respect each other) Cena would tell him not to because it was great TV. Cena will ALWAYS put the business before anything else in his life

  • Bops

    Relax – Rock used a pretty good dig and, unfortunately, there was a little truth to it. I'm sure he didn't know, and wouldn't have used it had he known there were 'real-life' marital problems for Cena.

  • YES! YES! YES!

    It’s all kayfabe

  • Tomas

    Simply awesome, Rock!

  • Penny Man

    There is a rumor that Cena discussed his issues with few backstage. If so there is a fair chance that Rock would have known.