The Rock's Promo Notes, Heat On John Cena/Rock?, How WWE Stars Are Paid, Big Show At Wrestlemania

Do you think The Rock’s “promo notes” were on his hand on purpose on last night's WWE Raw Supershow? He is the master of cutting promo’s off the cuff it doesn’t seem right for him to have notes pre-written down.

This is probably something we'll never know but I have a hard time believing The Rock would OK John Cena calling him out if he was trying to be secretive. We can make as big of a deal about the notes as we want but the bottom line is - The Rock is one of the best talkers in the history of the wrestling business. As a result, John Cena elevated his game and cut an outstanding promo to argue Rock's claims. I Tweeted last night that the undercard workers that are sending out anonymous texts need to put their phones away and pull out their notepads. Seriously, this is a great opportunity for up and coming talent to learn from one of the best. Do you see what happens when the quality is elevated? John Cena came with his A game and we saw an outstanding segment close last night's show.

I love the way The Rock and John Cena go back and forth as we build towards their match at Wrestlemania XXVIII. It reminds me of the Attitude Era with all their remarks. Do those two get any backstage heat?

Neither The Rock nor John Cena are going to get heat for putting on entertaining television! While The Rock clearly has free reign, last night was WWE at its best. My wife just told me her Facebook feed was blowing up last night from non-regulars talking about the stellar promo work. The best angles are angles backed with legitimate claims and when the line between work and shoot is blurred. Last night the line was blurred and entertaining programming was the result.

Do workers get paid if they are written off television as part of a storyline like in Zack Ryder's case?

WWE workers are paid downside guarantees - money they get as long as they are not suspended. This money is paid based on a percentage of a yearly amount. When a worker appears on television or works a match, they are paid a $500 show bonus. When they do not appear, they do not collect the bonus. Workers are also paid bonuses for merchandise sales, PPV buys, etc. Therefore to answer your question, someone like Ryder is still paid their downside but not the show bonus.

Are there any plans to have Big Show in a match against Mark Henry
at Wrestlemania XXVIII?

My first reaction when I read this was "I hope not." Based on the way Big Show is currently being booked, it looks like WWE is teasing something with WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania XXVIII. Shaquille O'Neal is likely out and you can read why in my exclusive article posted yesterday at this link.

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  • Curtis

    I still like Triple H/Taker over Rock/Cena and it's more of a 2 months build to a year long build, but I guess to each their own, kindof disappointing they didn't do anything with Taker and Trips last night, but hope Shawn can make up for it next week.

  • Ant

    Marlin Brando wrote his lines on his wrist and I never hear people call him a bad actor or hold that against him.

    • AJG316


      • TIm

        I don't know who either one of those guys are, But Marlon Brando was one hell of an Actor.

  • kyle

    It seemed for the Rock vs. Cena promo they threw out all PG stuff last night.
    Did anyone else hear John Cena say something about the rocks p*nis (strudel)

  • Scottyo614

    Richard really got to ask a follow up question… Many readers have touched on it and I felt the same way; do you think Cena completely through the Rock off his game after the promo? He didn't appear the same, or is the Rock that good of an actor he was trying to portray that?

    • wnwdotcom2

      It seemed like Cena caught Rock off guard but whatever the case, I enjoyed the segment.

  • The 59 Sound

    Hope Cody Rhodes beats Big Show at Mania and defends the title in doing so. A win for Big Show would do nothing. Could be a good 2nd or 3rd match.

  • KaiRMD1

    Yeah, I felt weird about the Rock having notes on his wrist. If that whole thing was all planned then this will most likely be one of the most awesome builds to this feud.

  • MVP

    It did seem like Cena's comment about notes on the hand rattled Rock a little bit.

  • Dig Baddy

    I have actually grown tired of the banter back and forth between Rock/Cena. While they are both great on the mic obviously, it's the same old stuff. Throw some violence in there!

    • Mike

      Patience, Grasshopper.

      There's weeks left yet before Wrestlemania.
      If they start the violence too early then they have a long time to go to WM, and they have to either stretch it out over that time.
      If they have Rock and Cena fight repeatedly before the big match they risk weakening the impact of the match because we've already seen them trade blows.
      If they have them trade blows and then pull back to promos alone, they risk weakening the impact of the match by suggesting that Rock and Cena don't have their hearts in it enough to want to kick the **** out of each other at any cost.

      I think we'll see a bit of violent exchange in the last two Raws before WM.
      Cena will lose it first and hit the Attitude Adjustment on Rocky in the middle of an interview, then next week the Rock will interfere in one of Cena's matches causing him much embarrassment and anger.
      The show will close with them fighting into the crowd or something.
      Recap on Smackdown with some taped promos as the final ingredient, and then the fun begins.

      Good things come to he who waits, as someone said.
      Heinz, tomato sauce?

      • Mike

        Delete either from the third line down. That makes no sense…

    • Maze

      They dont need violence they are doing exactly what they need to. adding physical altercations would down play the match at Wrestlemania. I have been in this business for 13 years and I marked out for the promos on Raw.

  • craig

    So with Cena raising his game the last few weeks does that show how lazy/bored his is working with others? Besides Punk and the match with Kane at elimination chamber it seems like Cena went through the motions with the miz, the kane build, and del rio.

    • Mike

      He's got no choice but to go through the motions. The WWE style doesn't allow for much variation in a performer's moveset, and the PG direction doesn't allow for a lot of variety in promos, so it would seem like he's been going through the motions in comparison to times when those shackles are lifted.

    • Wainwright

      That’s a Very good point…

    • Ellen

      Miz? Who? who cares about the Miz, did you see that sign last night? planted or not…Remember when you mattered Miz? LOVED IT!

      • Coopapalooza

        I wonder if Vince has commissioned any reports into whether the PG era is actually making him more money than the attitude era. I may be marking out but I think I know which would draw more….

  • Jaryd

    I'm probably going to gewt heated in the comments for this but to be totally honest I didn't enjoy Rock's promo last night. It was probably good for the fans in attendance with all the atmosphere and such… but to me it just seemed like he spent 20 minutes trying to get stuff to trend on twitter with a couple pieces of actual promo thrown in.

  • Andrew

    Rock wasn’t at his best last night. While I am going for Cena in this feud because I feel its the right thing to do, I felt up until last night, when both of them are in the ring, Rock seems so much superior. Last night John Cena looked to be on the Rocks level, even better.

  • Emmanster

    They are getting big show in a feud with cody rhodes so that big show will won the IC title and finally becoming a Grand Slam Champion

    • Alex

      Until Cody mentioned it a few weeks ago I actually didn't know Big Show had such a terrible record at Wrestlemania. I had to go back and see just to be sure. Him and HHH hold the record for most losses at Wrestlemania.

  • Batch-pz101

    I thought in cena’s 3 minute promo there where more wow moments then the rock had in his 15 min. To me cena got the best of it. I can only take so much of the rock talking about lady parts fruity pebbles and trending it’s starting to get old

  • @jblack424

    first off rock segment alone wasn’t really that great. I feel it was to make rock get a lil heat. Idk why by rock was off though still entertaining enough to not change channel but not enough to leave me feeling happyt with rocks solo promo. Cena came out and killed it. I think it was intentional. I feel the rock last night was coming back for a match. Now after cena dropped mic and left I think it won’t be as much name calling promo skits to a deeper rivalry. It felt like rock finally had to taste a lil reality. This match might be greatest hyped match ever. Maybe above sting hogan starcade or brock goldberg but I feel their match will tell end of story unlike other two matches I announced.hope either way finish is clean. Of course unless cena has a heel stable and screw rock. I still feel if done right punk and jericho could be greatest match of all time.

  • Aly

    I'm pretty sure we're going to see Big Show vs Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania. At least thats what Cody's little promos seem to be building towards. I predict that we'll see Big Show's first one on one Wrestlemania win, although this would be another good chance to push Cody foward.

  • John

    Outstanding Segment? Stellar Promo? REALLY? I thought Cena did a great job both this week & last week, but The Rock's promo was extremely lame. We've already heard him make fun of Cena & get things trending worldwide on twitter, we don't need to hear it again. Seriously if this is all Dwayne is going to come up with between now & WrestleMania then the build up is going to suck.

    All the other workers should've been paying close attention to the opening segment because Chris Jericho & CM Punk stole the show with an excellent promo.

    • WWE NERD

      That my friend with the Chris Jericho and CM Punk promo,might even be one of the best promos of 2012 so far.

  • Super Stinky Feet

    Yawn. Too many Attitude Era stars heading WM. I'm done living in the past.

  • Judy

    I did not like the Rock's promo last night. He was not exciting like John Cena has been. He used the B word to much and for the person concerned about PG ratings that was over their line. However, the word penis is not PG it is the correct name for a male body part. Both my husband and I thought the Rock's rant was boring and turned it off, We decided not to watch Wrestlemania this year as most likely Rock will go over Cena and the rest of what they are offering so far is very boring. The only exciting match is CM Punk and Jericho. Sheamus against Bryan will only be good if Sheamus wins and I really don't see that happening. I hate this tease of Laurinitis being GM of both RAW and Smackdown and truly hope not. Some one needs to tell Vince his ideas are going down hill fast.

  • Keith

    Anyone else hear cena swear during the promo. Just after cena says about being called Kung pow chicken. He says ‘the rock comes out does his shit’

    • Dee[

      The word he used was "shtick", not the four-letter word for excrement.