The Rock's Title Reign, Ryback's Push, Bo Dallas, What's Next For CM Punk

How long do you think The Rock will hold the WWE Championship?

I would be very surprised if The Rock held the WWE Championship past Wrestlemania 29 in April. Vince McMahon has wanted to do Rock vs. John Cena II for the WWE Championship and that certainly appears to be the direction they are going. The obvious prediction is for Cena to avenge his loss from last year and win the WWE Championship in a public "passing of the torch." A lot can happen between now and then but Rock vs. Cena is the plan barring a major change in direction or injury.

Is Ryback's push over due to him not winning the 30-man Royal Rumble?

Quite the opposite as Ryback is still considered a main event talent, hence being the 29th and final elimination from the 2013 30-man Royal Rumble match. There are plans for him to have a top level match at Wrestlemania 29 and it certainly appeared a message was sent when he eliminated Randy Orton from the Rumble match.

How did you feel about Bo Dallas in the WWE Royal Rumble Match? Do you think he will be called up and feud with Wade Barrett?

I liked how Bo Dallas was scripted to look like he had a shot and not quickly forgotten like a typical enhancement talent. Notice his elimination was from Wade Barrett, who he had already eliminated. Clearly a feud is in place should WWE decide to call Bo Dallas up and I wouldn't be surprised if he got the nod. Dallas has been considered a top developmental prospect for nearly a year now.

What's next for CM Punk following the end to his historic reign as WWE Champion?

We can all rest assure CM Punk will address his WWE Championship loss to The Rock on this week's Raw. A rematch is likely and then it's on to sort out a Wrestlemania program. No one believes Punk will win it back as the plan, as mentioned above, is for Rock to defend against Cena. One of the favorites to face Punk is Undertaker and I'll have more on this shortly.

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  • that_one_guy

    Thanks for answering my question Richard i hope ryback has a huge road to wrestlemania and beyond ima be torn 3 different ways if cm punk face undertaker im a huge cm punk and undertaker fan i want cm punk to win but i don’t want the streak to end by him

    • that_one_guy

      Kane should be the one to do it

      • Liam

        Personnaly I think Kane should be undertakers last match, I don’t think he should end it though

        • Winnipeg

          I think Vince should be Undertakers last match. Build that fight for a year or for a few months. Kinda like a story line of “The Emperor” vs “Darth” booking would be debatable

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    For John Cena there’s no torch to pass anymore. It’s a complete waste for the so called “Once In A Lifetime”. I’d prefer Wade Barrett or even Dolph Ziggler over The Rock at ‘Mania 29 *sigh*

    • Barrett won’t be in the spotlight anytime soon because he can’t draw enough emotion from the fans. His gimmick just isn’t the right one. Dolph still has MITB so it seems like Smackdown is for him.

    • Alex P

      Yeah that’s the part that throws me off…I mean I get the idea of “passing the torch” in terms of a generational thing…but I mean the torch was past onto Cena years ago really. I just hate how predictable this entire thing is. I don’t mind Rock winning the title one bit, but I’d just rather not see Rock/Cena again. It was a great match don’t get me wrong, but there’s no way Cena loses twice to the Rock.

  • Nicki

    Screw ryback. Damn nobody and a Goldberg wanna be. He hasn’t earned crap in wwe. He’s boring and his finishing move is lame as hell and Richard go ahead and smart off and I promise you next time I run into you I will slap your bitch ass

    • Loren Goldstein

      Wow, how disrespectful. It’s absolutely fine to have a different opinion than someone else, but to come on their site and threaten them?


      • thebops

        That [i]is[/i] weak. I was gonna agree with the guy, as I’m not a Ryback fan, until he acted like an ass.

        • Loren Goldstein

          Exactly, I agree with what he says about Ryback being boring and his finishing move, but way to kill any support at the end 🙂

    • that_one_guy

      Somebodies mad this morning allow me to enlighten you for just a moment in the words of great man “would you please shut the hell up” 🙂 your welcome

    • Preacher Boogie

      Your gonna slap him over professional wrestling? Take a step back and think about what’s really important in your life. I worried for you.

    • GODSENT68

      You had me until became an online tough guy lol

    • Chris

      Hello Trolly Trollerson.

    • Chris Jericho

      @Nicki: “Would you shut the Hell up!

  • Winnipeg

    The best days of Randy Orton are over and forever will now be a mid card tallent.

  • Matt

    I am so against bringing in a part timer and letting them have a title run for any reason. This to me is the same as David Arquette winning the WCW title.

    • Chris

      Except that this one is a legitimately star, and actually can work matches.

  • Thomas

    I’m not wild about Cena/Rock II specially with the “Once in a lifetime thing”. What I would like to happen, but I don’t think it will is that at wrestlemania if it is Rock vs Cena, they put Cena over BUT Dolph comes in cashes in his briefcase and wins at wrestlemania with the WWE champion. Which allows for a feud to continue with Cena and Ziggler and I’m not sure what will happen with the rock after WM29. But we’ll see.

  • Nick

    Passiing of the torch is annoying. he already has everything there is to accomplish. should split rock and cena to make two bouts people actually want to see

  • FactionZer0

    Punk vs Undertaker would be really cool, but I think Punk needs to go over Rock at least once. That way he can use something along the lines of, “I’ve beaten all your heroes, John Cena, Ryback, Chris Jericho and even The Rock! I’m on the top of the mountain and there’s nobody else around.” And then the gong should hit. That would be epic. Or as mentioned in a previous post, The Rock vs John Cena vs CM Punk would be a great match too.

    • KingOfTheNorth01

      CM Punk has already beaten Undertaker I agree with your premise but he thinks he already beat rock anyways I think punk should say I’ve beaten all your heros Ect. Ect. And then the Glass Breaks and out come Stone Cold Steve Austin