The Rock's WWE Future, Cena Returning Early, Battleground Debacle, Loading Up Hell In A Cell

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What's the latest on the potential return of The Rock? Do you think he will return to wrestle at Wrestlemania next year?

WWE has been operating under the assumption that The Rock is not working Wrestlemania XXX next year. Rock made it clear following this year's pay-per-view that he had fulfilled his commitment and wasn't obligating himself to any further dates. At one point there were plans for him to appear on television to promote WWE 2K14, in which he graces the cover, but I haven't heard if that will happen. When WWE released the promotional information for Wrestlemania XXX it did not include Rock, which only helped confirm what we've been hearing behind-the-scenes. Should The Rock change his mind and decide to wrestle, WWE will look for a main event level program for him.

There is no way that John Cena is even close to 100%, so why does WWE risk John's long-term health by bringing him back way too soon?

The only people that truly know the health of John Cena are the people in John's inner circle and his doctors. A lot of people were surprised to hear Cena was coming back for WWE Hell in a Cell and I'm sure I'll have more information as I have more time to work the phones. Cena is returning two months early from the 4-6 month timetable that was laid out for his return from a torn triceps. From the outside, it appears WWE is getting Cena back early in the midst of a horrendous viewership slide. I worry about Cena's long-term health as he's clearly been overworked the past five years but it's tough to keep him away. Cena wants to be working and WWE needs him to be working. If he gets medical clearance, he's working.

As inappropriate and uncalled for as was Battleground's ending, do you think its intentions were to direct viewers attention to the fallout on Raw and this way to raise their abysmal audience from the past few weeks?

WWE can't use a pay-per-view to promote free television. For one, far-less people watch pay-per-views than weekly TVs, even with viewership down. The ending of WWE Battleground was done to bridge to Hell in a Cell but it was poorly executed and resulted in the worst show of the year.

What are your thoughts on the Hell in a Cell lineup? Is WWE trying to make up for the loss of ratings by bringing back these big names like John Cena and Shawn Michaels?

Last week's episode of Monday Night Raw posted an abysmal viewership and we saw a strong reaction this week. There has been talk about bringing Shawn Michaels in for an angle with Daniel Bryan since early August and it was recently eluded too on a public platform, so this was happening despite the abysmal numbers. However, it is likely the bad numbers caused the plans to be moved up. It certainly looks like John Cena is returning early because of the slide  and WWE wanted to make sure they had as much time as possible to promote him. I also want to make sure people understand that Michaels is under WWE contract and is used when needed. Every time Shawn returns I get tons of questions about him returning to the ring. While anything in this business is possible, this isn't the case here. He's answering the call for his contract and is delivering WWE a bump when they need it.

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  • K!NG

    I don’t think any of what happened last night is a reaction from rating’s. HBK has been rumored to enter this feud for sometime and john cena always come back from the injury early, i dont believe for one second that vince would want to put cena in a position injury him self for even longer considering we are 6 months away from wrestlemania.

    • David Jr.

      I agree, the 4-6 months is probably what it takes a normal person to recover, but I think we’ve learned, these past 10 years, when it comes to recovering from an injury, John Cena is not normal.

      • smark calloway

        it make me laugh that you guys are so naive , and believe that cena has some kind of ” super natural healing and recovery power ” , especially at his age . i shall repost what i said in another post about the possible “help”( e.g HGH ) that cena may have had to aid his recovery

        “Do you honestly believe that if cena tested positive for HGH we would know about it ? It would be hushed up and swept under the carpet . Besides he’s hardly gonna be punished for it is he?.he is vinces cash cow, he is the top dog on vinces bearskin rug . ratings are dwindling , the company is losing money and vince needs him back and healthy as quickly as he can! if that means taking ” something ” to help speed up recovery , then I’m sure Vince would turn a blind eye . I’ve known people that have gone for WWE tryout matches and they get a list of things that can’t be in their system . There’s so many loopholes there ( some steroids are ok , some aren’t , some controlled substances are ok and some aren’t ) Richard himself has said he feels like the wellness policy is a joke sometimes . And as somebody who has heard stories from the people that have gone for tryouts, and were told by management to bulk up and then given a list by one of the agents of certain illegal substances that they don’t look for in the program that they can use to achieve this look ,.then I’m inclined to agree with him . Also if you know the symptoms of HGH abuse you would know the signs of a user and cena does display some of those signs . Benoit who was also an HGH user before his death ( this has been confirmed ) is an example of how someone looks when they use it . They grow a protruding brow , they grow abnormally proportioned arms or other body parts . The body’s healing process is sped up exceptionally as well when using it ( hence why the muscles grow so big , so quickly ,..and why his injuries heal so soon ) Cena says he doesn’t take steriods and maybe he doesn’t , but I question his HGH usage”

        • Xavier

          Do you have any proof that he is on HGH? Because if you don’t that is a very strong accusation. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the injury wasn’t as severe as WWE officials were letting on or that maybe his elbow wasn’t as hurt as originally reported? Oh and what symptoms of HGH does Cena show?

          • smark calloway

            well theres the fact he is able to recover so quickly from injuries and surgeries. as i stated, one of the signs is super quick healing abilities. theres also the look . look at his profile from the side and see the protruding brow. benoit who was a user also had the same thing. look at the arm size ( and again look at benoit ). look up HGH usage and you will see these are all not making these things up..and i respect cena a whole lot, i know he works hard and workout hard in the gym too..i respect that, but you and other members cant honestly be so naive to thing that a top star of a billion dollar industry wouldnt have some kind of help to come back early and make the company and himself more money.. if you think that then you are just being silly. drugs and other enhancements are still rife in all forms of sports and other entertainment ,no matter how many wellness policies and tests there are..theres just simply too much money to be made for them to be abolished completely

          • K!NG

            So any athlete that returns from injury early is now on steroids or HGH ? so Adrian Peterson was using HGH when he came back from a torn mcl and acl ?

          • Xavier

            According to Smark Calloway I guess so. I guess Kobe Bryant is on HGH as well because he’s returning to the Lakers a lot sooner as well lol

          • Dan

            Well yea, LeBron is the only player who doesn’t need help. All Hail King James.

            queue HHH theme

          • Ben

            Kobe should stop hogging all the HGH and let Derrick Rose get some!

          • smark calloway

            well you said yourself in your last post..doctors prescribe these things after surgeries to to heal …if they find the right ” doctor ” anything is possible

          • Xavier

            So do you think that Cesaro is on the juice as well because he dead lift The Great Khali? Come on bro. Cena is a former body builder so of course he’s going to have huge arms. You can’t be so naive to assume that when someone comes back from an injury that they are on HGH. If that’s the logic you are going to use then I guess Kobe Bryant is on HGH as well because he’ll be returning to the Lakers from his ankle injury about 6 months earlier then expected. Guys like John Morrison got suspended for the use of HGH and his arms weren’t all that big at all, my point is that it is damn near impossible to really tell who’s on what. It’s very possible to come back early from injuries when you rehab two or three times a day. It happens all the time in sports, Adrian Peterson is a perfect example of that, or do you think he’s on HGH as well?

          • gunshot225

            Cena is on the deer spray…

          • Xavier

            Is that where you bought your bottle from?

          • Pluto

            that made no sense, but it’s nice to see how much you defend your boyfriend cena .. If only he knew that you even existed .. “Just Saying”

          • Xavier

            YAWN…………..How’s the weather down there in Miami?

          • Cena SUX

            The weather is 82 degrees, & partly cloudy .. “TEACH”

          • smark calloway

            no cesaro is obviously natural by looking at his physique…but how do you know these other athletes didnt get prescribed HGH by a ” doctor ” ..theres a documentary about steroids, bodybuliding etc called ” bigger , stronger, faster ” ( its on youtube ) and there is a part where a regular normal guy goes to a shading doctor and said he has ” a hormone defincancy ” the doc does some half hearted tests then gives him a prescription for was as easy as that im not competely up with the whole HGH law but i know its a grey area and is frowned upon because syvester stallone got in trouble a few years back for possession of it . so i would assume it is on the wwe wellness policy list. but as ive stated before have you ever been in a locker room or behind the curtain and seen what goes on ? i have been in the business in the uk since 1996 and seen all kind of things. i know how rife drugs and other things are in the business still , no matter how much they try to clean it up..i wish that people that had never set foot in the business werent so naive to think that the wrestling world is now drug free

          • Xavier

            I know these other athletes aren’t on HGH because there testing proved they weren’t. Pretty simple stuff right there

          • smark calloway

            theres the famous testings at the 1988 olympics . when they did testing and said athletes were clean . but then it was found out a lot of them werent ,and some of the competitors were stripped of their medals. ( i think ben johnson was the most famous example ) the athletes themselves admitted afterwards that they did use enhancements and did test positive, but the commission simply pushed it under the rug and didnt let slip the real results .. until it was exposed a while afterwards.. im not saying that the athletes you mentioned are hardcore steriod or HGH users , but if they come back from an injury super early they may have had some ” help “. you and i will never know 100 percent for sure , so i dont know why you are so certain they havent .. you have to remember the athletics field is big big money .millions of dollars at stake . they want these athletes back , healthy , quickly and competing as soon as possible and continue to make them more money

          • Xavier
          • Xavier, please no outside links to NEWZ sites. Thanks

          • Xavier

            Sorry bout that bro, won’t happen again.

          • Justin

            Xavier, the four major pro sports do not test for HGH. Right now, HGH can only be found via blood tests, not urine tests. For over a year, the NFL has been trying to get the players to agree on a blood test. Only the Olympics and people who fight Floyd Mayweather are known to mandate blood tests.

          • Dan

            You think the truth is always supplied to the media or world?

          • Snap

            If you look at John Cena when he entered WWE and faced Kurt Angle and compared him to when he was being pushed in the main event to the present, you will notice quite a difference in his size. It’s comparable to the Hunter Hearst-Helmsley to Triple H transformation.

            Now, there’s no way any of us can state with 100% accuracy one way or another whether Cena has used steroids or HGH while Cena himself hasn’t provided any substantial proof that he hasn’t used those substances other than to say “I don’t” and any one of us could make all sorts of unsupported claims which nobody else could disprove without evidence of their own.

            So, IS he on steroids or HGH? I don’t know, but his increase in size, especially at a time when his schedule would become more demanding, resulting in less available time to spend in the gym certainly suggests he’s on something. It’s like claiming Stephanie hasn’t had “help” when it comes to her breast size.

          • Xavier

            It’s nowhere close to the Triple H or Rock transformation in anyway. I’ve read from various sources that Cena’s injury was no where near as serious as once thought. There has never been any substantial proof that Cena has ever taking anything illegal. Until there is any evidence of any wrong doing then I suggest people put all this HGH talk to rest because at this point it’s all rumors.

          • Snap

            But there IS a significant difference, and that was precisely my point. We’re never going to hear anything from WWE on the matter, just like we’d never hear anything in regards to Triple H or The Rock. They’re top guys so they’re protected.

            We can’t prove or deny that they are on any substances so, while I understand your position, I also understand the other side of the coin.

          • smark calloway

            you sound like an intelligent guy who has some knowledge of bodybuilding and muscle gain yourself. i know quite a bit myself too as i have been working out for over 10 years and seen firsthand the growths made by hgh and steroid usage ( im not a user , but ive seen others ) . and the tell tell signs of cena being an hgh user are all there as i think you know too..because to the people that are so certain he hasnt taken anything ..look at this example. look at the faces of someone who is obviously clean . a cm punk or daniel bryan for example ,and then look at the face of someone we know for sure had taken it -chris benoit. look at the out of proportion facial features that have grown from the usage of the hormone -the brow for example . now look at cenas face . look at the same huge brow growth , look at the huge jaw! looks like he has has gone backwards on the evolutionary scale for crying out loud ! ..this is a huge tell tell sign of hgh usage ..the giantism of features , face hands , muscles etc .. just type in john cena -hgh in google and you will see people from the bodybuilding community ( people that know what they are talking about ) agreeing that he must have taken something to look like that, and mentioning the same things i have

          • buff bagwell

            hornswaggle can out deadlift khali. that dude can barely walk!

          • buff bagwell

            there is no limit to the list of stuff that cena is on. after working out in lex lugers’ gym in the atl for many years, hearing lex always talk about chicken breast and tuna………while benching 405 for 15 reps

        • K!NG

          I’ll be the first to say that it is their own body’s i do not care if they use HGH or steroid’s. in fact when it comes to recovery from injuries most doctor’s prescribe these thing’s.

        • Dan

          You could be right, but I don’t believe Cena is using anything to help recover faster. The man has a passion for the business and works his ass off. I’m not a fan of his but I respect the hell outta him.

          • smark calloway

            ,ive never critised his work ethic , and i happen to respect him a lot too, but exactly.. he does have a big passion for the business. so if he could take something to speed up his recovery and come back to the business he loves so much that much sooner..would he take ?.

          • Dan

            Smart comments. I can’t believe people don’t believe he is taking substances when he has a hectic schedule without time to grow to recover. As you know, recovery is the biggest key to gaining size. How can they can size naturally when travelling 5 days a week and wrestling X amount then add on the gym sessions……………………

  • Joe Dee

    Plenty of ways to keep Cena on TV without having to wrestling much (or even at all) until he’s fully recovered. Not much of a surprise that ratings are down, even though the IWC seems to think that CM Punk and/or Daniel Bryan can create the same (or stronger) draw as John Cena. Vince knows that he doesn’t have his next icon yet, and it’s not going to come from the current roster. Guys like Punk, Bryan, and even Ambrose (eventually) are more equivalent to Mick Foley. Great performers, but not charismatic enough for the mainstream spotlight (like Cena, Rock, Stone Cold, Hogan). And rather than push unproven stars into the WM spotlight, it’s clear that Vince will stick with proven/older stars, just to reduce risk. It’s hard to blame him until someone really steps up and becomes more iconic with his character.

    • Snap

      In this case, it’s a matter of which wrestler if your particular cup of tea. There are those who cannot stand Punk, those who don’t think Bryan has “IT” and those who cannot stand Cena.

      I’m not gonna go on about Cena’s supposed lack of moves, what I hate most about Cena is how he insults the intelligence of the audience when he gets on the mic and how he refuses to actually SELL the events of things like losing the WWE championship. I mean, compare the night after SummerSlam when Cena came out he’s doing his usual “it’s the best night of my life” thing even though he just lost the biggest prize in the game, whereas Daniel Bryan came out and wasn’t doing “YES!” or “NO!” he was clearly not happy with what happened at SummerSlam and he was SELLING the fact. That’s not WWE creative telling Cena to keep what he does in the ring simple so as not to injure himself, that’s Cena refusing to deviate from the stale monotony of the last seven years.

      Which leads me to ask, if Cena couldn’t care less about losing the WWE championship, why should we give a damn about his countless attempts to regain it or believe that it means everything to him? He comes across as a giant mass of contradictions whose only priority is to make sure that John Cena and John Cena alone looks good. People can say what they want about Punk, but you could see Punk sell how much the WWE championship meant to him when it was just something like Ryback and Cena grabbing the belt between them.

      Anyway, those are reasons I cannot stand Cena. I don’t care if people have a completely different outlook and love him, he just compels me to change the channel and turn to TNA if I really need a wrestling fix.

  • Xavier

    Anyone who has followed the career of John Cena or been remotely paying attention to him knows that returning early from injuries is Cena’s MO. In late 2007 he got severely injured and was scheduled to be out for 9 to 12 months only to comeback in 3 months at the Royal Rumble in 08. Later in that same year he hurt his neck that required surgery, later on in that same day he showed up backstage at a Smackdown taping. This man breathes wrestling thru & thru and is dedicated to this business. I’ve never seen anyone (in all my years of watching wrestling) who works harder, puts in more hours and is more loyal to his fans and his job then Cena. People often ask me why I am Cena fan or what I see in him, well this is a prime example, the guy doesn’t milk anything. When he gets hurt he rehabs like crazy and bust his ass off to get back to 100%. Having said all of that, I really do hope he is close to 100 and really really hope Vince isn’t forcing this guy back sooner then he really should. But as Richard pointing out, only those in Cena’s circle, Vince, Triple H. Hayes, Dr. Andrews and those guys know the health of Cena. I’m assuming that they know more then we the fans.

    Bringing in HBK for HIAC could not have happened at a better time for Bryan/Orton because that feud was losing steam fast. And no I don’t think it had nothing to do with the finish from Battleground (the no contest was the right call IMHO) but had a lot to do with Bryan beating Orton only to be stripped of the title because of the fast count. That really killed a lot momentum, it really hurts the overall impact of Bryan’s eventually title victory (as Cubed56 first stated a few weeks back). This feud was also being negatively effected by how much momentum the Big Show/Triple H/Stephanie & the Rhodes/Shield/McMahon angles were gaining.

    I’m really hoping that Rock changes his mind and decides to work Mania. Having Rock on the card frees Taker up from Lesnar and would more then likely result in Cena facing Taker, which is a match I’ve been dying to see for a few years now.

    • TheBigKing1

      Yeah, but you can wait 1 more year for that match. After next year, I don’t want to see Taker vs Lesnar. He’s getting older. This is the perfect time to get this out the way…because it needs to be done. Period!

    • Lebron James

      There is no way in hell Cena is anywhere near 100%. He needs to take the full 4 to 6 months to heal properly. He’s going to regret all this superman bullshit when he’s older. I love the guy, but he’s gotta learn to take time off.

    • Dan

      I just want to add on to what you said about the “Bryan vs Orton feud.” Since the fast count at night of champions, I haven’t felt like Orton is in the “feud” at all IMO. It’s more like the Corporation vs Daniel Bryan. Orton really hasn’t done much. Bryan has wrestled The Shield who are heavily involved and had angles with Big Show as well. Orton is kinda like we don’t believe in anyone else to wrestle Daniel Bryan. I think a reason for this and a lot of people will disagree with me, but Orton has been putting people over a good bit lately. I know he’s winning matches, but he is letting them perform and show what they have in the process instead of just dominating and winning matches while everyone else is making him look dominant. I really feel that something is going to happen with Show coming back and being the TRUE Face of WWE and being champion. Maybe Survivor Series or last ppv of the year. But I feel something is going to happen to, pardon my french, piss off Orton and maybe aligning with Bryan. Or we will get the ever so popular John Cena saves the day and is WWE Champ once again. (I’ll make my pick now, Cena beats ADR and then Sandow cashes in. I’m sure may feel it’s going to happen as well.)

    • John

      Cena returned after 3 months from a 9 month injury.. Now he is returning after 2 months from a 6 month injury… I’m sorry but absolutely no amount of hard work makes that remotely possible, FACT! He is rebuilding his muscle tissue through steroids and it is obvious.. But hey let’s all pretend that Cena is just a machine and he can defy medical science!

      • Xavier

        I got a better idea, lets all accuse Cena of doing illegal substances even with no proof to back it up just because we don’t like the guy. Smh, haters gonna hate

        • smark calloway

          im not a cena hater..far from it. i respect him and what he does a lot . im just not naive , i have my own opinion and dont ” tow the company line ” i also have knowledge of body enhancing substances and recognize the signs . thats not to say cena doesnt workout hard and eat clean and do all the right things, as im sure he does . but let me ask you this. why are you so sure and so deadset that cena doesnt take anything? lots of people in the sports , bodybuilding and entertainment world have claimed to be clean , but then years later have ‘fessed up to not being so honest and were really using( hogan, arnold, countless baseball players and athletes ). and i know you will probably mention the wellness policy , but you know as well as i do that , that cant be taken 100 percent seriously . because if it was legit and cena got caught with something in his system do you really think they would make it public and risk losing millions of cena fans around the world , the kids especially . , by admitting that ” ok your hero has not been so honest, he had some help ” …it ruined hogan and the business for years in the early 90’s, they wouldnt want a repeat of that. so i guess we will never know if he uses or doesnt, because even if he does fail a test , it wont become public knowledge….he would be too protected..

        • John

          I don’t hate Cena at all, in fact i’m glad that he is coming back. However with that said, i’m also not naive! You don’t need proof to back anything up when it’s staring you right in the face! Go do some research. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to do what Cena is doing naturally.

        • Dan

          Stop with this “haters gonna hate”. No need to get on the defensive. The fact is, it doesn’t matter how big you are etc. The human body needs rest and with out a doubt after injury. I played Rugby 3 times a week and could not handle the sport more than that and I was a big athletic size with muscle and stamina. Playing a contact sport requires rest for muscle recovery. Do you think Rugby players that are looking at 9 months out return after 3? No way. If people recover, then people recover. But somebody that has been on the road all the time is not going to recover QUICKLY after an injury. He needs rest and with his muscles broken down, they need to be built back up. Now tell me how one can naturally return so quickly? Even with just a slight tear? I am one that carried on with damaged cruciate ligaments and a broken wrist but that was the biggest mistake and I needed time off, especially with all the travelling involved. And us Rugby players are the first to say we are “fine” when we are not. We would be covered in blood and bandages and stilll try to look at someone in the eye and say we are 100% whilst staggering like a drunk. I can’t see Cena coming back with natural recuperation . Certain substances could be prescribed for recovery. Those substances can not just help recovery but beneficial to the athletes career in appearance, but let me tell you. I would not want to be in Cenas body when he hits 55+.

        • Dan

          So for someone like me, not a hater, a sportsmen. My question is how can this guy seriously come back to fitness in a natural way drug free way?

        • buff bagwell

          do you even hoist?

  • craig

    HHH (with Steph) vs HBK (with Vince) for full “ownership” of the company Wrestlemania 30. One and only return match.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I think it is more likely we’ll get HHH vs Vince. I’ve been expecting it for a while now… though this latest storyline has me thinking Daniel Bryan vs HHH instead

    • Justin

      I like that idea better than seeing the Rock in WM for the third year in a row.

  • Tim

    I didn’t see a problem with the ending

  • Charlie

    They should have done the classic “open challenge” at HIAC with Del Rio. Despite the haters, the pop would be humongous and even the haters would mark. Didn’t anyone watch Royal Ruble 08?

  • David

    Someone mentioned last night in RAW discuss forum that ADR v Cena can set up for Sandow cash in at HIAC. Cena wins the title but Del Rio snaps and re injures Cena setting up for Sandow to cash in the briefcase. Cena wont save WWE’s ratings especially against Monday Night Football. WWE needs to go back to two hours because it is obvious that the writers cant handle a 3 hour show and make it entertaining

    • monty

      actually cena will make a differnce, i don’t know if he can make a big enough difference but ratings will go up, i don’t think we the IWC realize how big cane is with casuals for all the work he does when not wrestling

  • Jamie

    I was more surprised that he didn’t turn up at Battleground.

  • Malboja

    Am I the only one that thinks it’s wrong that , assuming he dose come back cena is walking into another title shot it won’t be long and he will have more titles than ric flair and when that happens I will pass pro wrestling off as compleatly ridiculous and stop watching
    I’m not a cena hater he can wrestle a bit and has the best work ethic possible but I just can’t stand that he has a better title record than taker who lets face it is a wrestling god

    • monty

      you do know he didn’t win the WWE title for over a year and haven’t won the WHC since 2009 right?

      cena’s title reign was cut short because of his injury, for once i was happy to see him the champ because towards the end punk became a boring champ and rock was only holding the title till WM29

      WHC is the only title that has a champ unlike wwe title, also if cena wins the WHC than it will bring back a lot of prestige to WHC

      • Malboja

        I know cena has gone a little time without lot a title of late but it kinda seems they are gonna strap cena with the whc because they can’t think what else to do with it I like cena but seriously I am not going to be watching when they introduce him as the 20 time champion .
        As for the whc there are a few others whom you could strap other than cena
        How about giving kane a decent run while he is still there
        How about pushing cesaro

      • Snap

        Let me asks this, what difference does the TIME SCALE of when Cena has won championships make in the discussion? Shawn Michaels NEVER won the WWE championship after losing it to Steve Austin and he only had a three week World Heavyweight championship run after he made his comeback and never held a World title after that.

        By your logic, it sounds like you’re suggesting Cena is entitled to a World championship because he went without a championship for an extended period despite having been the one to hold the WWE championship the most ever since winning it from JBL.

        That’s like saying The Great Khali is due a World Heavyweight championship run because he hasn’t held it since September 2007. It’s an illogical argument and doesn’t make any sense at all.

        To be perfectly honest, Cena is at a point in his career where having a championship does nothing for him. He’s not going to magically become more over with the crowd because he has a belt, nor will his established fanbase turn against him if he doesn’t have a championship. Though it DOES feel like the Hogan-esque politicking to make sure Cena is always at the top.

    • simze

      actually JBL is a wrrrreeeessstling God

  • monty

    i hate cena as much as the next IWC fan, but i also see the business side and it makes sense to bring him back if he is healthy, also if he wins the WHC it will give some younger wrestlers a chance to face him to elevate their game

  • JJ

    The worst part is him coming back and BOOM title shot right away, this is a debacle. And an even bigger slap in the face to everyone on the roster who has been working hard for a spot.