The Rock's WWE Title Shot, Thoughts On Raw 1000, Steve Austin Not Appearing, Taking Time Off

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With The Rock challenging for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble, does this mean he's back full time? If not, how can someone only part-time challenge for the most prestigious title in WWE?

The Rock isn't back full-time but the creative team has been exploring plans to get him a WWE Championship match. Originally thought to be for Wrestlemania, the plan all along has been for him to also work Royal Rumble. Believe it or not, I heard there was talk of him winning the Money in the Bank briefcase (that ultimately ended up going to John Cena) but they were unable to do it because Rock had a prior commitment. WWE has wanted to put Rock in the WWE title picture since he worked Wrestlemania XXVIII earlier this year.

What were your thoughts on the 1000th episode of Raw?

The show was fun with a lot of nostalgic moments where they still moved current storylines. The biggest disappointment was Steve Austin not appearing, however, WWE put together a very solid show. Some may have preferred more wrestling but there was no way they would have been able to get everyone on television with a wrestling-heavy broadcast. I am surprised that John Cena became the first person to cash in the Money in the Bank title shot and not win the title and feel like had it been anyone other than Cena, a lot of people would have been upset with the match outcome today.

Where was Steve Austin? Why wasn't he on the 1000th episode of WWE Raw?

I heard Steve Austin's schedule was clear for him to appear but obviously it didn't happen. WWE put together the Austin vs. Mr. McMahon vignette to pay tribute to the biggest program in the history of Raw but like I said above, I was disappointed Austin didn't appear. It will certainly be interesting to see if Austin did indeed have a prior engagement or couldn't agree to the terms of an appearance.

Do you ever take time off from your job? Like do you sleep at night?

This was a funny one but to answer, yes I get time off and I do sleep at night. I'm blessed to have a wonderful staff of writers and am very thankful for the work of Brooks Oglesby, Sean Hopkins, Kendra Bunyon, Alex Barie, Matt Andrews, Adam W and Guy Landau. My time off is limited as it's essential to provide readers with multiple updates per day so you are always in the know but I am very thankful for my dedicated staff of writers and all the loyal readers that visit daily.

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  • Logan_Walker

    The Last question was kind of a funny one because it reminded me when cole and Lawler where trying to work out the time that it was for the UK people i was meant to be watching the RAW 1000 but i had fell asleep at 11PM UK time and i woke up Just after RAW had Finished i was gutted that i never got to watch it live but i did watch a replay of it. and glad it was a solid show. no divas match what was up with that ? bit annoyed no Stone cold that was a segment that could of when well if played right and depending on who else was in it. about the john cena losing the mitb briefcase… kinda of excepted that one, you "Suprise" the oppoents not go and tell them ? but wwe wanted a main event and it was a solid ending.

    liked the new set & RAW logo but could this be the end of RAW Supershow ?

    • Randy

      I don’t think it matters anymore for RAW to be called a Supershow. It looks like they are finally done with the RAW roster and Smackdown roster bit. Looks like anyone can pop up at RAW now and Smackdown will have more of the same wrestlers on its show every week with an exception of a few wrestlers that you would normally see on RAW occasionally appear on Smackdown.

      • Logan_Walker

        I Just Think its Wrong.. They Just Fucked up the whole of the Brand extension the Titles have no branded link = defended on both shows with both sets of people.

        i think that they should re brand it and no Draft This year ? that was one of the best thing.

  • AB4

    I don't feel there's a problem with a part-timer simply CHALLENGING for a major belt, especially when that part-timer happens to be someone like The Rock. It becomes an issue if that person WINS the belt and continues to be a part-time performer.

    If The Rock could clear his schedule for a month or two, a brief reign wouldn't be completely out of the question in my opinion. If he doesn't win the belt, it should simply boost ratings and buyrates, while serving as another "passing of the torch" opportunity, putting over a current talent.

    Didn't Mick Foley get thrown into a WWE Championship match, circa 2006? Handled properly, having The Rock in the title picture for a brief run should hardly be a disaster.

    • The arbiter

      The Rock doesn't put people over, see part timer rock winning main event of WM vs the brands top star

      • StephenSnel23

        He doesn’t put people over? Did you see what Punk did to him last night?? Did you see him share the ring with DBryan and Punk? Alot of news sites praised The Rock saying that is giving guys a rub. I’m pretty sure The Rock will put someone over BIG at WM for the title in the main event.

  • Hillbilly Jim

    Great job with all you and your do, thank you Richard!

  • Brandon, South Africa

    I read Ask WNW every evening as it appears online! 🙂

  • Chad

    Well I think the "obvious" plan would be for Rock to beat the champion at the Rumble and then have Cena go on to win the rumble to set up Rock/Cena II for the title. The hitch in that plan is the two month span between the Rumble and Wrestlemania. How do you have a champion only appearing part time for 2 months?

    • Ant

      That is exactly what I was thinking. Rock wins the title at royal rumble then loses it at wrestlemania.

    • HugeRockStar

      I can see Rock winning the title off Cena at the Rumble, and then lose to Punk at Mania which would really put him over. I mean fine they had to do Rock and Cena but they gotta use him while they can to put over current talent

  • Paul C

    I read that Austin was busy filming Grown Ups 2 and couldn't get time away.

  • Tuma

    Logan_Walker needs to be apart of the staff. lol he always reports stuff

    • Yes if only he knew correct grammar.

      • Richard

        That guy is such a mark. Lol.

  • emanuel

    Maybe the board will allow cena to get his brief case back cuz of the out come of the match. then at the rumble when the rock win the title, cena come out n cash in the brief case n become champion. then at wrestlermania it will be cena vs rock vs cm punk for the title

  • Anand

    Today on commentary king said that he was sure that nobody in the history of MITB had given an up front notice to the champ before cashing it in. Wasn't RVD the first and wasn't it Cena the one he challenged? Why would king or rather the wwe mis-state the facts? Was it because RVD is no longer with the wwe and they can't use his name, and so they just made up the fact that Cena is the first guy to do this?

    • Me.

      Plain and simple, because the WWE thinks we're too stupid to remember it.

      They even gave us a nod with this about a month ago when Vickie Guerrero said in making a match (roughly, I don't have the exact quote, sorry) "Well, you guys haven't fought for about 2 years, so for the first time ever …".

  • Jashaun

    WWE can’t afford a Rock vs Cena ll. I see a triple threat match happening Cm punk vs cena vs the rock:

  • Jashaun

    I am also surprised seeing lita there and she looked good plus she still got it

    • wdr31

      Lita has had a couple of enhancements since she was seen last. Not a complaint!

  • will punk even be champion at RR. if he is then it would be a year and 2 months being champion. It's a long shot he is still champion by then. Rock might very well cost him that title. lets not forget randy orton, we don't know what is in store for him. it's not guaranteed punk will face rock.

    • Austin

      Judging how they ended Raw,Punk HAS to at least have a feud and a proper match with Rock. They just better not have Rock/Cena II because Rock/Cena I pissed me off enough.

  • mike

    Is it possible that Rocky wins at rumble only to turn cena heel at mania? It would work perfectly…

  • emanuel

    I don’t c the rock walking out the rumble as champion cuz that mean he would have to be in the eliminater chamber

    • Christ 4 Life

      He could defend it against someone one-on-one, like the miz did against Lawler in 2011, and then the chamber match determines the Number 1 contender

    • Andy

      not if you have a number 1 contenders one, i think they did that once

  • Evon Reese

    I don't care who is the next champion as long as its not Punk. This man has fought off 3 men at once and always retains the title. Super Punk is what he's turned into. After what Ziggler did it looks like Jericho may be turning into a face. I would love to see that happen and he takes the title off Punk.

  • British bulldog

    Maybe rock becomes champion at RR but due to his limited appearances somehow cena becomes interim champ, thus WM match set for an undisputed champ!!

    Here’s a thought, what if rock becomes champ at RR and in the run up to WM he injures himself bad enough that he can’t compete???

  • ghodis

    Logan. I woke up at 1 30am and managed to catch last two hours live. Cole got time difference wrong. St louis is 6hours behind uk not 5!. Was worth watching raw 1000 just to see the apa and punk turning heel

  • Alex P

    Honestly I'm not surprised they made Cena lose after cashing in money in the bank. I felt like it had to happen at somepoint, because then the gimmick was going to be to predictable in terms of the idea that "the winner will always win the title" let alone a match. Also, if it was going to happen at somepoint, who better than Cena? I mean he doesn't lose momentum anything by losing that match. I just felt that if it was ever gonna happen…Cena would be the one.

  • Chris

    So the rock takes yet another persons spot. He took the Miz's greatest achievement, headlining Wrestlemania and made it about him, he dismantled the awesome truth, he took the main event the next year at WM and now he's brushed Bryan aside and been handed a title shot. Punk isn't a heel, he's being crushed by the nostalgia that the Rock brings, he has to win this, has to keep his title for all the guys who the Rock eclipses simply by walking to the ring.

    Had to get that off my chest.
    Yay, the rock returns, always fun, I would never deny that but that nagging feeling just won't go away, how badly does he hurt the other guys each time he turns up. He boost ratings, there is no doubt, but he weakens the current main-eventers and up-and-comers every time he's turned up. You could and I expect will argue this, but has the Miz gained from the Rocks presence, did Byran when he took a verbal slap and then a rock bottom. He is the Rock, The People's Champion, The Brahma Bull, The Great One, The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment, he always comes out and looks strong, always looks super-human, that's why he's so entertaining, but he makes the others look weak and that will never be good for a wwe that needs new main event talent to pass the torch too.

    • Stephen

      How can you say he looks Super human? He put Punk over like a Champ at the end of RAW. He shared the ring with Punk and Bryan. He didnt have to, but thats giving guys a rub. Just like DX did with Sandow. They'll take being Rock bottomed or pedigreed by a legend any day of the week. Also The Rock will put over someone big time when he drops the title to them at WM 29. The Rock is not selfish like a ot of legends are claimed to be, It just has to be a big time thing so its worth it for the wrestler he will put over at WM.

      • Evon Reese

        Like the way he refused to pass the torch to Cena?

        • StephenSnel23

          There are no reports of him refusing to pass the torch.

  • joshua

    where was Adam Copeland? or rather Edge? he didnt appear on the 1000th ep of Raw, did he?

  • Craigscool88

    They can’t do “once in a lifetime” again that would be quite stupid unless they built it up that cena wins and they do it again after that like a best out of 3 thing! Richard do you know why edge was not at Raw1000 he was a very big part of raw he had a lot more than some of the legends who were there (aka rowdy piper)

  • Louis

    Letting the Rock come in and leave when he want to make Movies is Bush!!!!! Other wrestlers should hate that but the Rock uses the WWE and the WWE uses the Rock