The Shield Restoring Titles, McIntyre, Next Step For Curtis Axel, Lesnar Sponsored

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Do you think Dean Ambrose is the perfect wrestler to bring prestige back to the United States Championship? He has only had one loss so far and with that being to the Undertaker it's not going to harm his character. Ryback might be a more believable monster heel if he had been given a strong run as a secondary title holder.

Dean Ambrose is a great worker to help restore prestige to the United States Championship but it's up to WWE to credibly book the title for it to happen. This goes back to Adam Wacker's argument (See also - - Champions Defining Championships) that it's the champion that defines the title, not the title that defines the champion. With that being said, Ambrose still needs to defend the title successfully. Booking him in non-title matches is not effective. Thankfully, The Shield continues to be booked with confidence and hopefully that translates into the titles being booked with confidence.

Do you know of any future plans with Drew McIntyre? I feel like he's still such a good young in-ring talent at 27 but is wasting away jobbing with 3MB.

I do not know of any plans for Drew McIntyre beyond his work with 3MB. While 3MB is clearly a group of enhancement workers, at least they are getting on television. McIntyre has a very large fan base but as for now, it is what it is.

Do you see Curtis Axel being a candidate to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match given his hefty push?

Putting Curtis Axel over for one of the Money in the Bank briefcases would be effective although I'm not sure it's going to be needed. WWE has already booked him as the "winner" in matches against Triple H and John Cena, which already elevates him beyond several names currently working in the midcard. The Money in the Bank pay-per-view is in July so we should have a much better look at the new landscape of WWE by then.

Why is it that wrestlers (besides Brock Lesnar apparently) are not allowed to have sponsors?

A WWE performer's contract gives WWE complete control over their talent. It's ironic they are classified as independent contractors because WWE has the ability to control every aspect of their wrestlers. Brock Lesnar is a different case, working under a different kind of deal. His contract allows for him to keep sponsorships he acquired while working for UFC.  Lesnar is the first WWE wrestler that has been allowed to have third-party independent sponsors.

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  • Shaun

    Punk has a Pepsi sign tattooed, that is advertising.

    • Yes, in a way, but he is not receiving money from Pepsi to have their label on him. Lesnar does, as is the nature of sponsorship deals.

    • He has the Pepsi tattoo because when people ask him what soda he likes, he says Pepsi, since Coke is bad for you…. He talked about it on his DVD

  • King A shoole

    Dean Ambrose Should win the WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match! Then at SummerSlam Cash-In on Super-D**k.

    • JimmyDean


  • Stoney

    It would take a miracle for people to take McIntyre seriously again since hes been doing air guitar in the 3mb, at least its Not guitar hero guitars. He’s gone from the chosen one to the forgotten one then soon enough the future endeavoured one.

    • Chris

      McIntyre is horrible. See 2009 for an example. Drew should just be thankful he’s on the roster. He’s exactly were he should be on the card.

  • Chris

    The biggest deal with Lesnar, there’s really no “character” for WWE to control.

  • Kid

    If lesnar is getting money from his sponsors, does wwe get some type of compensation as well since its on wwe televisions shows and pay per views

  • Dave Barton

    Has it occurred to anyone else that they may be programming Curtis Axel (I still think Axel Curtis sounds better) to follow in his father’s footsteps? He’s been given two wins against two top names in a row, they could be thinking about giving him a “Perfect” streak just like his late great dad.

  • pow

    Curtis Axel only beat Cena and Triple H by count out in two pretty bad matches, how has this elevated him?.

  • Tim

    Am I the only one who isn’t impressed with Curtis axel

    • jack

      I’ve never cared for him….his push will be overpretty quick I’d imagine…cesaro deserves his push