The Shield/Punk, What Vince Thinks Of Us, Batista & Wrestlemania, Undertaker's Future, Lesnar's WWE Deal

Do you think, or believe, the creative writing team will reveal that The Shield is actually working for The Rock and only helping out CM Punk so The Rock could face him at the Royal Rumble, as payback for Raw 1000?

I appreciate your attention to detail and logic in using a past storyline into a new one but I can tell you this was not the plan as of last week. The Shield is pseudo-aligned with CM Punk but long-term future plans are unknown. When The Shield debuted at Survivor Series there was no plan past the pay-per-view as this has been something booked on the fly. Their first big test will be at WWE TLC on Sunday as to whether or not they are over enough to hold their own in a pay-per-view match.

What is Vince McMahon's opinion on sites such as Wrestling News World? Does he hold it in higher regard in comparison to NEWZ sites, or are they all the same to him?

It's all the same to Vince McMahon. They don't like this website because they want everyone to visit where they can monetize what they consider their traffic. Further, Vince doesn't like storylines and spoilers leaking and tries his best to keep things under wraps. Vince [and others in the WWE office] will claim they pay no attention to Wrestling News World yet they do not hesitate to email when they need something. And just to clarify, Vince has never emailed personally.

Is there any interest in Dave Batista working Wrestlemania next year?

The feeling has been since Batista left WWE that he'll be back one day. He's been a strong critic of WWE PG yet has had informal discussions about returning. Batista said he wouldn't be returning this year and he won't be. 2013 is a new year although I'm not sure WWE needs Batista given Wrestlemania 29 is already stacked with top talent.

Will Undertaker ever come back for anything more than Wrestlemania?

Anything is possible but there are no plans for Undertaker to be any more than a part-time star at this stage in his career. Undertaker realizes he only has a handful of matches left in his career and wants to make them count. I published an article on our sister website,, about possible Wrestlemania opponents for Undertaker with a new update on his status at this link.

Wasn't Brock Lesnar's deal with WWE to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 next year?

Brock Lesnar signed a one year part-time contract with WWE believed to be worth somewhere in the range of $5 million. The assumption is he'll do whatever they ask him to collect his paycheck. That said, Undertaker and The Rock both want to face him at the pay-per-view next year.

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  • Ridiculous

    They should make a triple threat with the three part timers, that would be very exciting

  • William Shatner

    Rock, Brock, and Taker, triple threat, Taker still wins, after beating two legends in the same match he hangs it up for good.

  • Frenchfry

    i think id rather see taker vs brock personally, would be awesome

    • izblack

      Me too

  • Angel Psymon

    I kinda dig the idea of the Shield working with the Rock to keep CM Punk as champion. The psudo-alliance with Punk could all be part of the ploy. I'm not saying it'll happen, like, at all, but I like that idea.

  • AzarRising

    As soon as the Shield debuted I thought it was Heyman securing his asset without Punk's knowledge. This way when the reveal is made, Punk legitimately didn't know about it and they can use the angle to separate Punk from Heyman

  • Shawn Murphy

    I cannot see the streak being ended by anyone, ever. Taker is my fave of all time, but his match has become the most predictable on the card. Great stand up, 5 or 6 finishers combined, kick outs, and ultimately he wins. It has been this way since the first HBK matchup. For me, I wouldnt be that much upset if he doesnt return. He‘s been wrestling like forever. It‘s got to the point where he literally has a match every year. Anyone who thinks the streak will ever end knows nothing about the business. It is the most valued streak in the industry. What‘s the point of even having a match when you know the result? His time was up years ago. We just now have to accept that.

  • Chris

    I can see The Rock being The Shield's next target. If they keep the story going, they'll consider Rocky's title match an injustice, and cost him the match. I think its much more likely Rock be screwed by The Shield and then enter and win the Rumble match, putting him in the Wrestlemania picture, and keeping him on a part time schedule.

  • Kleck

    I like any match that takes Rock away from facing Cena a second time.

  • Ryô

    The Shield works for Heyman and even Punk doesn't know about it.

  • jambo masai from kenya

    I knw wat vince has planned for wrestlemania..

    the undertaker vs ryback

    • The Awesome James

      That would have worked if they'd kept Ryback away from the WWE title picture, but undefeated. Unbeaten for nearly a year, but has to go through a real legend to prove himself and move up. Maybe gets screwed out of title shots by the GM(s) during that time. Looks great in defeat to Taker, gets his title shot a couple of PPVs later. Now I don't think Taker/Ryback would work, what would the angle be?

  • H.M.

    I'd personally prefer that the Shield simply be aligned with Punk under Heyman's eyes as he'd be the manager. I miss legit stables and this could possibly be the first great stable since Evolution (the Nexus started strong but faded into nothingness, the Legacy was always booked to look like chumps and don't even get me started on the Korre).

    I don't know if I want to see the Rock vs Brock at Mania…and Rock vs Cena II doesn't seem very appealing either.

  • _JIM_

    I think it's going to come out that The Shield is working for Heyman and protecting Punk without him knowing about it. Kind of like in the Rocky movies when Rocky found out that Mickie had been hand-picking Rocky's opponents and only giving fights to guys that he can easily beat. I think that's a much more interesting way to book this instead of making it Punk is just lying about being involved with them and setting things up all along. That's been done so many times it's pretty much assumed by everyone that it's what's happening. So throwing a bit of a twist in there like that would be a cool thing to do IMO.

    • GODSENT83

      Then the IWC would be in an uproar that they think we’re dumb how could punk not know what Paul was up to this whole time lol

  • David

    Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar, The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar or Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar does nothing for the future of the WWE. Why not book Brock Lesnar against someone like Wade Barrett or Ryback were a win would help them out.

    • H.M.

      Agreed. At the end of the day Brock's simply collecting his paycheck.

  • Matt

    With The Shield being booked on the fly all the logical things that have been brought up wont happen. This is WWE creative we are talking about here, since about 2000 they have not been known for the most logical of storylines. I am waiting for them to really do a 180 and have The Shield working for Vicki or some unnamed talent that is going to take over as the new RAW GM, or have them aligned with Cena or AJ, or even Ryback for some unlogical reasons.

  • Jeff Ono

    WWE could easily swap Taker/Lesnar and Rock/Cena with Rock/Lesnar and Taker/Cena (Rock being WWE Champ and Cena being World Champ). It creates nice possibilities for suspense. I wouldn't assume that Triple H will insert himself into the picture out of ego — at this stage in his personal/professional life, I'm sure that he would bow out (or find another angle for him) if it meant booking two top-tier matches. Despite what the Punkaholics think, CM Punk has little chance of main eventing at Mania, unless he gets booked with Taker (which seems increasingly less likely now).

  • thevoiceofreasoning

    Honestly, undertaker needs to face brock lesnar(if not sting) because they already dont like eachother and previous rivalries between them have been pretty entertaining. Cm punk needs to face stone cold, and cena needs to face the rock. If anything, a fatal four way between rock, cena, punk, and stone cold for punks title WOULD BE EPIC. And that particular match would show that the creative writing team is actually flipping creative for once. Maybe triple H shouldnt compete, given the fact hes spposed to be seen as running the show and not competing. This whole lineup would be logical and incredible at the same time. Cm punk shouldn’t faceTaker btw because I dont believe he’d want the title as much as rock or austin. Hence my fantasy lineup for them.

  • The Big Organ

    The Rock vs Brock Lesnar makes a lot of sense because the scenario I see is at The Royal Rumble CM Punk faces The Rock, then Paul Heyman brings out Lesnar and costs The Rock the match. Rock becomes livid and challenges Brock at WM. I donot want to see Taker at another WM, he’s 20-0 that’s a nice round number to retire on. Why the hell did they call his match against Trips “End of an era” match when it’s not really the end of nothing if Taker will just keep returning? I would pay for Brock vs Rock II!

    • thevoiceofreasoning

      I agree about not having taker come back, but thats just not the case since he wants to come back and is healthy enough to do so. And I think they meant the end of an era as in the last time they hype two wrestlers from attitude that face eachother especially since shawn michales guest refferied and is also a bug part of the attitude era. I also think sheamus and dolph would be a great match for the world heavyweight championship. Their gimmicks contrast and theyre both great. Dont you agree?

  • Razmos

    The shield will bring the sword at TLC, i think the sword is referencing a person, the mastermind, it turns out to be Kevin Nash, Nxt World Order begins. New NWO, i only think this due to the promo on smackdown, the static at the beggining had the old NWO feel to it!!

    • Dean Ambrose: "If you want the nWo, go buy the DVD."

      • Razmos

        Could of been to throw us off, if they came straight out with we are the NWO it would of killed the storyline dead, everyone would know Punk was involved and would have some alliance with Nash, im not saying its 100% NWO just an avenue they could take

  • Tim

    Ryback vs. Brock

  • Topherrulez

    The shield works for heymen, punk finds out, gives the one finger salute to heyman, lesner comes out, snaps punk like a twigg. All this happens after punk loses to the rock at RR. Setting up punk vs lesner at WM.

  • Jake

    Both these guys are professionals and Taker probably realizes Rock vs Brock would make more money (though I personally want Taker vs Lesnar), but could you imagine if both Rock and Taker tried to use their backstage influence/power to get Brock? I really don't know who would come out on top there.

  • philg

    I wouldnt mind seeing Batista take on Undertaker in his return and make him fight really dirty hopefully bringing him in as a heel..

    also the other thing Ive been thinking is I wonder why the shield continuously seem to tareget Kane or Bryan.. maybe one of the "injustices" is having a tag team that is humorous in the backstage interviews and disfunctional in the ring.. the exact opposite of the all business and very teamwork based shield.

  • philg

    also I dont think anyone should take the title off punk unless they are 1) a very talented face that can put punk through his paces and 2) going to get a massive popularity boost from holding the belt.. someome I feel fits that description could be Jeff Hardy.. plus it fits into a revenge scheme for punk ending his career in storyline.. is there any updates of whether Hardy might come back to wwe with his TNA contract sigining stalling????